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– Hey, Loud Crowd!
– Hey, Casa Crew! We have some big news. Really big news! The biggest news ever. The Loud House and the Casagrandes
are getting their own YouTube channel. No way. Tell me more. You should subscribe for… You ready to do this, partner? Laugh out loud moments. [screaming] This is awesome! Hey Abuela, we can chop
the onions for you. Bobby’s got everything under control. [sobbing] Abra kadabra! Mom, it’s locked! Your favorite hits. ♪ Play it loud, play it loud ♪ ♪ Agradecido means
I’m grateful for it all ♪ ♪ You got tricked ♪ And so much more. ♪ In the Pug House
In the Pug House ♪ We created the Loud House
Vanzilla Seating Guide. Let’s get into gear. – Most gnarly!
– We gotta update your slang. This is totally gonna go viral! – How excited are you?
– So excited! I don’t get it. Do we clap now? So if you’re looking for all things
the Loud House and the Casagrandes, subscribe today. I can’t wait! Is it time yet? Yeah, right now. Woo! Yes! [screaming] I blinked. What happened? ♪ Loud House ♪ ♪ Loud, Loud House ♪

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