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Studio Apartment Tour and Remodel – Renovation Inspiration Episode 5 Lamps Plus

Welcome to Renovation Inspiration
sponsored by Lamps Plus. I’m Lori Dennis and today we will be checking out the
progress on the Green Monster. We just bought this Green Monster 3,600 square
foot, five bedroom home we’re gonna turn into a three unit rental. It has
wall-to-wall carpeting somebody dropped their towel onto the tub seriously. The studio space is about 40 by 30 and
it’s its own rental unit in back of the main house and it’s probably going to be
the most challenging part of our renovation because we need to add a
bathroom and a kitchen to an area that has no plumbing. We have an exterior wall.
Concrete slab everything that will challenge your plumbing or electrical
it’s all gonna be a challenge. So in the real world of renovation it’s not always
happy joy joy. The studio is so delayed and we kept discovering things that we
needed to fix and we kept losing our crew. Our plan is we’re going to do the
bathroom in the kitchen here because they have water sources and drainage and
we’ll back them up to that first floor powder room. So the biggest tip that I
have for you in home renovation when you have to include electrical and plumbing
like we did in this space is if you have two rooms, have them share one wall of
electrical and plumbing. It’ll save you a lot of time and a lot of money. We’ll
make a little bedroom area here and our living area will be here. So stay tuned
for the craziness that is about to ensue when we open things up and find out
what’s there. We’re gonna jackhammer these bricks right out of here. Originally, the studio was connected to
the main house by an opening. So the first thing we decided to do was close
up the wall and make two very separate spaces. We ripped off the wood planking
from the walls and when we did that we discovered two windows that were letting
so much light flood into the space. This room really had a lot going on with the
massive fireplace, the river rocks, the wood with the cattle branding and this
really massive amount of red brick surrounding the fireplace. What I’m gonna
do here is paint the bricks white we’re gonna keep the river rock. So there’s a
tip for you if you have a lot of things that don’t really seem to relate to each
other call it global and start picking accessories from all over the world and
you will be surprised how it all ties in together. After we closed up the wall we
needed to start to rip up the concrete so that we could lay down plumbing. Pedro
just came in the first day broke down all the concrete showed good spirit and
then left. They took all this dirt out to make room for the plumbing and the
plumber is sick. So it was really super frustrating because I just kept seeing
piles of rubble every time I would show up at the job site and it didn’t seem
like it was ever progressing. And it’s a big problem because all of the contents
for the studio are being stored in the four car garage and I have people moving
into the front unit in four days and they need to put all their things into
the garage. I had a whipping conversation with him
this afternoon I got Pedro promising me today that they’re gonna be able to
finish this bathroom, all the electrical on the drywall by the end of next week
so we can move everything from the garage into here because this is where
it goes. I’m already lining up back up trades in
case you can’t do the whole thing, I’m gonna have the drywall already lined up to
happen with it with his help. Finally they got the plumbing done they got the
electrical done and they started to close up the drywall and then we
to the bathroom. So this little small space was just such a pain in the rear
because it just went on and on and on. Plan ahead and have layers and layers of
backups. I have a confession and a little secret,
I’m always afraid of how rooms are going to turn out and of course I can’t say
that to my customers, but I really do understand how they feel and this room
was no exception. I was terrified because it’s a big space it has a lot of white
walls and ceiling. We are so excited because these bad boys are going in today. Finally we’re gonna see some transformation happening into
the studio. The entire mood for this space was set by this cool Moroccan tile
it has a real global vibe to it. I think I’m going to repeat it in my
drapery, maybe in some of the bedside lighting and the pillows, the bed’s gonna
be a blue. Here we are in our completed global studio and even though it’s only
one room, we carved out individual spaces to have the effect of multiple rooms. So
over here is our bedroom and we did a high upholstered bed with some pendant
lighting hanging down for some drama. Next to the bedroom we walk into the
full kitchen. We installed cabinetry washer/dryer full
stove also in the kitchen we installed some recessed cans and a ceiling fan. And
this right here is our lovely little dining room for two. Now or move into our
living room space which is so cozy and one of the things I was very concerned
about in a vacation rental was having a wood-burning fireplace, so we put a TV in
front of the fireplace. Now we’ll scoot over into our dressing
area, we have a wardrobe that opens for hanging storage and that was something
that we didn’t want to build a closet so we just bought a closet and it has
mirrors on it so it doubles the space. And last, but not least is our beautiful
bathroom. We ripped out the floor and the rubble
and everything and we installed this beautiful tile, a hand shower, the toilet
and this gorgeous freestanding sink a mirror, and a pendant to reflect light
back. And I’m just so thrilled with the way that this space looks.It was a pile
of mess for a long time but if you look around and you see this space now you
would really want to be in it it’s so warm, welcoming and inviting and we
definitely killed it with our global inspiration style. Thank you for watching
this episode of Renovation Inspiration brought to you by Lamps Plus please stay
tuned for more episodes, like and subscribe.



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