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Station Square Clarendon | 1201 N Garfield St, Arlington, VA, 22201 | Arlington VA Real Estate

Hello my name is Matt Leighton Urban Igloo,
were out here in the heart of Clarendon checking out a property for rent today. I’m really excited to show it to you guys,
were going to be going to Station Square, we’re about a block and a half away from
the metro, close to grocery stores, new restaurants, steps from everything you need, so lets go
check it out. Welcome to Station Square, built in 2006 as
condos its got top notch amenities that condo owners and renters look for. We’re here
in the lobby we’re about to go check out the community room and the pool behind me
so let’s go have a look. Welcome to the game room, you can shoot some
pool, fix some drinks, hang out with some friends, it’s a good lounge area right as
you walk in. That leads us to the pool. Come out here,
go for a swim, get a tan, I’m not too good at either of those things personally but if
that’s your thing, there you go. We’re up here on the sixth floor, corner
unit, got a great spot to check out so come on in. We’re here in the second bedroom,
got a walk in closet and full bath right as you walk in. Got a desk area and huge windows,
lots of natural light. You look out right into Circa, I heard it’s a great date spot,
I personally haven’t been yet, I haven’t found a date but when I do that’s where
I’m taking her. We’re out here in the living room, got the
couch set up, the entertainment and gas fireplace behind me. Hardwood floors mirror lots of
natural light coming in through the big windows, really opens up the space. This leads us to the dining room, we have
the dining room table set up, lots of natural light again. We also have the dry bar set
up, we got room for your liquors, liqueurs, mixers, wine rack. Adjustable shelving really helps out because
I know you’re wondering where you can store your malt liquor and colt 45s so we got you
back there. Don’t worry we got you covered. Were here in the kitchen we have the nice
cabinets with the granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, gas range, really high quality
stuff. What you’ll notice is that really open layout
so whether you’re hanging out with your family, talking with your roommate, or in
my case yelling at the television when the game is on, open floor plan really adds versatility
to the kitchen. We’re here in the master bedroom, we have
the king size bed with the king frame, walk in closet, entertainment system in the corner,
huge window natural light coming in. Corner unit means no neighbors and plenty
of privacy. As we finish up here I want to thank you for
checking out this property with me. My contact info can be found below and for Urban Igloo
at Station Square my name is Matt Leighton and thanks for watching. So as we finish up here I want to thank you
for joining f***. Thank you for watching this, ummm. The description can be found umm f***. Jesus. For Urban Igloo at. Alright, we got it, we got it. Let’s do



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Yeah, Mr. Leighton!

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You rocked it, a natural

Loved the retakes

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