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Starving Cat Wanders Around Precariously On Top Of An Apartment Railing | Animal in Crisis EP71

Walking on the rail is a cat?! Informant: If you look at her condition, she looks so skinny She looks too skinny so I really worry She looks gaunt even from far away She looks too weary to be even standing up The apartment is 25 meters high Before there is a big accident The cat must be saved But PD: The cat’s not there Not there? The cat disappeared She was definitely here Where did she go While looking at the rooftop PD: It’s open An open door PD: Is she there? No, she isn’t The only place to hide is here But the cat is nowhere to be found Because the rooftop piping is connected from here to there The pipe is inside the bunker Where could the cat be Before the rescue Decided to figure out her location first At the end of a long wait The cat appeared An extremely gaunt body The place that she was heading is the entrance where the door was open The cat looked around outside and then jumped on the rail Such a dangerous situation How did she come to roaming around on that high railing She looked down for a long time and went inside again to the bunker Many residents live in this apartment Could there be anyone here who knows the cat Resident 1: This is the cat? Oh no no I haven’t seen her Resident 2: There is no such cat here doesn’t go by here I’ve never seen her But Guard: The 7th floor. On the rail One week ago from a resident’s report she was discovered On top of there on top of there The cat was on the 12th-floor rail PD: Did you by chance see a cat here several days ago? Resident 3: Yes I saw her At first she was here in front of the house PD: Here? This place Resident 3: She was here but when I came she ran and went over there because a person was coming Surprised by the sound the cat jumped onto a rail beside a window Avoiding people’s eyes and looking for a place to hide Could that be how she went up to the rooftop But The cat got stuck on the rooftop On top of the dangerous railing What could she be looking for Vet: She seems very scared and terrified Even though no one is there she always has her tail down She also walks unnaturally in a completely crawling position Her vigilance is greater than other street cats Seeing her sense of fear, extreme stress You can tell that she has almost never lived outside To put it in simpler terms, she’s a house cat How scared must she have been alone If delayed any longer She’s in danger If a cat coming for food comes steps on the foothold the trap will close The cat is extremely vigilant Far from the place they watched She must have been awfully hungry The cat appears right away After looking momentarily of her surroundings She goes inside the trap She steps on the foothold! But the trap doesn’t close Vet: Because the cat’s too thin she doesn’t weigh enough for the weight that’s needed for the trap so the trap didn’t close She really seems very thin So thin that the trap won’t close The vet brought another trap If the installed food is pulled The trap is made to close The cat has re-appeared This time She goes inside the trap right away The food is bitten! After two attempts the cat has been caught She must have also waited a long for this moment What’s most worrisome is her extremely thin body Vet: She only has bones PD: How long has she not eaten? Vet: She hasn’t eaten properly for more than a month In addition to starving for a long time She also had the disease, panleukopenia Vet: She’s good-natured, very good Even in an unfamiliar environment She doesn’t resist even once Vet: The ovary and the uterus were not seen on the ultrasound I confirmed that the cat has already been neutered The only possibility is that a guardian had her neutered Someone might be looking for her It’s been 5 days since asking around Someone got in touch A woman came to the hospital She said she lost her cat a month ago This is Ya-ong now? PD: Did you know that she goes around like that? No, I… She cries without saying anything I opened the door for a moment and she went out I went around the apartment while knocking on can I also went around the neighbourhood and called her but I couldn’t find her She had no idea that the cat was in the same apartment Could the cat from the rooftop be the cat that the woman lost Ya-ong Ya-ong As the woman calls the name She cries as if she’s answering Ya-ong / Is she the right cat? / Yes she is After being rescued Ya-ong never even cried once After hearing the woman’s voice she kept crying Why did you go out Ya-ong acting like a baby Vet: She does seem to be the cat’s guardian It’s my first time seeing her so welcoming To meet each other again Ya-ong endured a month all alone We hope you never part with your owner ever again

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