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Stargazer S01E01 “That one time when Trazscher trashed their apartment.”

Stargazer and Balljuggler attend the
prestigious Super Hero Academy. In this series, we get to see their lives as (not yet fully trained) Superheroes. . . . . .lol Thanks so fucking much Lizzy. I’d never done this if it wasn’t for you. No problem Stargazer, I love to help! I said Thank you. What the fuck. Stargazer. Why are you on my side? Because the light is better here. Why didn’t you clean up? I did clean up. No. I cleaned so fucking much It looks like crap Quit you shit! I did clean up. Anyway, I wrote a grocery list. So you get to go grocery shopping now. “Okey” This is a fucking mental institution. Fucking shit This one as well. Thanks I’ll pay you later? Did it go well? Yeah, it wasn’t so fucking hard, now was it? 40 eggs? Yeah? Why did you buy 40 eggs? What the fuck else would I had bought? The things on the grocery list! Yeah, 40 eggs! Detergent, food, hair treatment? But wait a second. This is not what it said a minute ago Why did you put 40 eggs on the edge of the table? But I didn’t! Are you kidding me? No. But, wait, you know Supersnax costs thousands of melonas! Just leave. And leave the Supersnax! What’s this, a little diva laying on the ground? Starblazer! WHAT What the fuck is the matter with you? Feeling down or what? Me and Balljuggler had an argument Balljuggler? Fuck that bitch You know what? No. Do you know who ordered a bunchload of Supersnax? This bitch here Okey Ha, you wanna join or what? Fuck off, come on Are you in? Yeah, whatever. Let’s go And we don’t talk about it with anyone else? Right. Fuck you! What are you doing? It’s the swede. I can’t really see where I’m going. Let’s feel our way. Here’s something that’s different. That we have to take away, we don’t want that.


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Finns sugar rush-låten någonstans eller?? ? golvad

Alma Jungner

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