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Stambolovo, Bulgaria. Land with lake for sale.

Republic of Bulgaria
Village of Stambolovo
Region of Haskovo Industrial area of 37 000 m2; The purpose: construction of wine factory based on a project for implementation of construction and installation activities. Technological capacity of the project – 5 000 000 kilograms of grapes. On the territory can build a hotel complex, detached houses, a SPA – center, halls with entertainment purposes, a casino on the shore of the pond, a restaurant. The village of Stambolovo is located at 80 km from Greece and 70 km – from Turkey. The infrastructure: electricity, water, sewerage, own transformer – 400 kw. Industrial building – 590 m2 single floor plan. The project plot is located on an area which has been associated with winemaking ever since the time of Orpheus and Dionysus. Many historical facts, such as Perperikon, evident for that -http: //www.perperikon.bg/ Opportunities: sale, cooperation
Price of the plot: € 60 000 The idea of wine production is a result of the long term established needs of the
Bulgarian of quality, safe and licensed wine. The idea of this production is also based on the availability of goods raw material in the surroundings of the city of Haskovo and in particular the village of Satmbolovo – a famous wine region. An additional advantage regarding production and trade with wine is its capability for a long term storage. There is a saying that the older wine gets, the better in quality it becomes and it’s more drinkable. The temperate continental climate in the region is combined with black and grayforest soils, which favor grapes growing, an important material base for the development of the wine production in the area. Grapes growing and orcharding are important sectors in the region’s agroculture. Contacts: +359876757548

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Is this still available and what is the asking price?

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