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Staircase and railing design with price and flooring, wall tiles design

Hello Guys, Welcome to my channel “Marble Guruji JItendra Sharma” in this video, I will give you much information related to the staircase, railing, wall tiles if you are new to this channel then please like and subscribe to it. As you can see this cream-colored marble is named Crema Marfil. It is a fine marble and is not of India. dark amerdo Italian marble strip at the center. 2 X 2 size tiles. this are the rough tiles. sprayed on tiles for the shining. this video is for your idea of crema Marfil staircase design. crema Marfil marble’s price is between 250 to 350 rupees. the price depends on the quality and thickness. its thickness is 20 mm. molding design is continues followed in marble. you can also get the ceiling design idea from this video. Glass railing. now let look at its flooring. you can not see any joint in this flooring. duplex house staircase design. top view of the staircase wall tiles design. 2 X 2 size wall tiles installed on the whole wall. these tiles have been pasted on wood. for pasting tiles on wood we use aerolite and silicon. The shape of the wood changes according to the season and silicon accommodates this change. these all tiles have been pasted on wood. Here we use a wooden strip on the corner to strengthen the corner. If we use 45-degree cut tiles here, it is likely to break. because the thickness of tiles is only 10 mm. wall tiles look if you are new to this channel then please like and subscribe to it. top view of the staircase. comment me and tell me that how is the quality of work. the minimum cost of these glass railing is 2200 rupees per feet. these wall tiles price is 40 rupees. these all work has done before 3 years. these prices which I told you about in this video are also older. thanks guys for watching this video please like and subscribe to my channel.

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