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St. Lucia Directory Apartments For Rent

Welcome to Bookings St. Lucia. We are just launching the new directory for
apartments and villas. In this new version, we have all of the apartments
and villas listed in this one page, and you’ll see it’s divided up to those people that were
working with us and have some of our technology where we can feature them and allow you to
have quotes, save things and add them to your wish list. Now, it’s a very easy system to navigate around. It’s BookingsStLucia.com. Once you go to BookingsStLucia.com, you only
need to click on the Directory and you would get or automatically go to the Accommodation
Directory, and as you see right underneath your Accommodation Directory is apartments
and villas directory, which gives you a shorter list of the villas and apartments. You can look at them by name, size, by facilities,
and by location, and even go by rates which will give you the rates for specific times,
and you can change your dates and the number of people in your party to see the difference
in prices. Bookings St. Lucia is one of the very first
direct booking centers for St. Lucia. You can click on the name of the hotel and
go and have a look at its facilities, its website. You’ll also notice that we have a quote for
those people that are set up for that service with us and that will allow you to get availability
and prices for a particular room and for particular dates. So you see that we’re giving you quite a bit
of information here and you can actually look at more information, more details, choose
the breakdown of the costing, choose their facilities and amenities, and when you’re
ready, you click on the next button of the unit that you might want to reserve. There are quite a number of options in here. You may also go directly into a search, fill
in any of the information by keywords or go into our various hot lists at the top, which
will give you a couple of other options which is get information on the WebInfo, or in some
cases you’ll be able to compare it again. That depends on the hotel whether they are
set up with that service or not. And then, you would put in your dates and
go directly into a listing of the hotels and there, they have their price and opportunity
to get a quote or make a reservation. This is all part of Bookings St. Lucia. So the site is BookingsStLucia.com and to
get to the directory, just click on the Directory at the top menu, and if I go back to Bookings
St. Lucia you’ll see I have options to go to hotels and villas and apartments by the
search engine, that’s not the directory, these are the search engines. Vacation themes are again another search engine. So what this is doing is taking you through
a series of pre-defined themes or holiday themes, and you can click on this to go to
a short list of properties that fit that particular theme description. You can also go to packages and specials. So it’s good to see what kind of specials
people have. This is a direct booking engine or a booking
surface. It’s a booking center for direct bookings. There are no agents involved in it. The hotels give you their best rates that
you’re dealing directly with the hotel. Now, we do have some hotels that are working
through online agents. We are facing that out and we pay for all
direct bookings. So, thank you very much for watching and I
hope this had been helpful.

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