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Spectacular Suites by BCA Furnished Apartments #ComeStayWithUs

(Chill background music playing) So I just arrived at my Spectacular Suite with BCA Furnished Apartments I’m already in love with this kitchen I mean check-out the size of this refrigerator It’s going to suit all of your needs Beautiful granite counter-tops fully-stocked Anything you have in your kitchen back home they’re going to have here You have your living room which features a 50″ Smart TV amazing place to relax unwind after a long day and everything is just a really nice beautiful modern design We can move into the bedroom Again another TV here So you can relax here The main room but its always going to be cleaned something that should be of note It’s going to be bi-weekly cleaning service that’s kind of nice Welcome to the bathroom my favorite amenity the double vanity If you’re going to be staying with another person I don’t know about you but I definitely need two sinks in my bathroom This shower walk-in huge way nicer than my shower back home to be honest and then we have the you have your walk-in closet huge more than enough space and washer and drier are located conveniently right here So en-suite makes it much easier and for the grand finale Follow me You have an amazing terrace when you come out here what you’re going to notice is there’s no street sound you’re not going to be hearing any cars We’re actually in the heart of Midtown but this beautiful space really quite all the peace that you’re going to be needing and a beautiful view of the pool I’m really loving it here

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