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SOLD! – River Heights Home For Sale – Jesse Peters – RE/MAX Executives

STOP I’ve got a question for you are you looking to buy a home? In a neighbourhood that is desirable and awesome well if you are.. I’ve got a Social Savvy Listing for you That is now hitting the market in River Height Check it out 791 Renfew Street is waiting for you Turn key, modern, open concept and seriously you are going to fall in love with it So enough of this.. Get in there and enjoy So what do you think so far? open concept, bet you weren’t expecting that it’s modern, meets warm meets character everything you’re going to fall in love with this home so listen.. get exploring So what do you think so far check it out.. loads of counter space in this modern kitchen and it over looks the backyard that’s perfect especially if you have little ones Entertaining here is your dinning area another thing you are going to love about a bungalow of this size.. is the size of the basement so why don’t you go check it out Got a load of laundry for me to do? Listen.. one of the most common things that are under appreciated .. is the size of the laundry room check it out though.. sink, area to let them hang and dry even if you want to get some ironing going.. you’ve got the space now let’s talk about space.. when you have a bungalow the basement almost mirrors the same square footage as upstairs and thats almost 1,100 square feet now why don’t you explore the other half of the basement now I know you’re probably thinking.. I was not expecting a king size bed in the basement well let’s put our thinking brain together and think how can this be used have a teenager that you just want to lock up in the basement or they just want their own space or many a friends suite .. this is perfect or if you have little ones now and you want more for entertaining and a bigger play area BOOM.. knock down that wall back down and let’s open this baby up but you will love this home .. from the bottom to the top now .. guess what.. it’s BBQ season, i’ll meet you outside can you smell the flower, can you hear the birds, can you imagine relaxing back here it really is beautiful folks, how are you going to utilize this outdoor space cause really that’s what its about.. when you’re buying a home you’re also buying a yard the space to entertain, the space to get away, you even have a garage right there west sunset in a beautiful neighbourhood folks, this home at 791 Renfrew Street really offers it all now let’s talk a little bit about the neighbourhood in case you weren’t familiar with it .. this area is family friendly, also newlywed friendly, also first time home buyer friendly but if you’ve got kids.. here is something you’re going to want to know there are load of schools in the area Hebrew School, Abrusuran School, Middle School, Elementary School High schools just down the road this area promotes, and your family will love to call this time theirs now perhaps you aren’t a family and you are a newlywed.. you’re probably going to still do a little wine and dinning well you’re close to restaurants being in River and South River Heights it’s a quick drive to North River Heights and Academy Road.. where there are so many flavours for you to enjoy but also if you’re looking for a really tasty quick sandwich.. hop down the street to Meyers Deli Tasty, tasty, tasty.. and if this home doesn’t have your mouth watering already get the heck out of here this home at 791 Renfrew Street you are going to fall in love with if you haven’t already and if you want more information on this house and you know the drill again.. stay social

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