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SOLD – Oceanfront Home – Castillos del Mar by Darrell Graham & Andrew Kenesie

– Hey everyone! Daryl Graham here at Baja123 I’m here enjoying this beautiful day with my good friend and co worker Andrew.
– Hobachagotcha! – We’re sitting here enjoin these beautiful waves, the
great sunshine working on December Sun Tan. I wanted to share with you one
of my favorite listings here in Castillos del Mar. this beautiful charming
2 bedroom, 2 bath house and right here, some beautiful view of the beach,the hotel.
– Awesome! – what else can you say? – What more can you say about this folks! it’s December 16th in Rosarito. We’re in flip flops and
shorts, I’m sorry if your’re offended by our unprofessionalism if that’s a word
but this Castillos del Mar is off the hook! how do you get a place on the ocean with all of everything that Rosarito has to
offer for the price that we’re asking? – The view here is priceless millions of
dollars for the mere price of three hundred and sixty five thousand dollar_
– I mean in this whole front row on this private Cove here, I mean in Malibu,
in Malibu well let’s not even speak about Malibu because you can’t touch
what you can afford right here in beautiful Rosarito and
Darrell’s awesome listing, I love it! – And you can have your own personal party, fiestas we like to call it here in Mexico or down to the beach you can
enjoy your own beverages right here at the hotel which is right in front of
this listing. Go down here, you get food, beverages everything you
ever want the hotel if you want to live resort style or just enjoy it up here on
your balcony with this incredible view. – No 10 foot, no no no sign, bring your dog!
run on the beach, have your beer on the beach, get a pond fire, have a good time
because here in Rosarito it’s available and at this prize, how
can you beat it? – I’m Andrew with Darrell from
Baja123 and we would love to share this lifestyle with all you
guys! eventually you’re all gonna be here a anyway
come on down and get us up!

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