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SNEAKiNG iNTO MY COLLEGE APARTMENT Don’t Get Caught Challenge / AllAroundAudrey

(playful music) – Hi guys, it’s Audrey
and today I’m gonna be sneaking into my apartment
without my roommates knowing. Okay, so right now it’s dark outside. The camera keeps
unfocusing, but my roommates are home and I told them
that I was gonna be over at a sleepover, that’s why I’m in my PJ’s, but I wanna sneak back in and
see if they notice at all. So, let’s see if they’re
there through the window. Okay so, I don’t know if
I can see them or not. I don’t see anyone from the blinds. I don’t know, let’s go inside. Here we go. Oh no, I hear people. (door creaking) Okay guys, I closed the door. It was surprisingly unlocked. I was not expecting that but I hear people outside so I wanna hurry. The lights are off in here. No one’s in the kitchen. And maybe they’re all asleep. I have to open up this door to get into the bedrooms. I have to be so quiet. (door creaking) The lights are on. Someone’s in the bathroom. How am I gonna get past? I think I’m just gonna run. I think they’re in the room right there. Ready, set. Okay. No one’s over here. I’ve made it to my bedroom. I left it unlocked so
I’d be able to get in. Yes. Okay. Let’s go inside. I think the first thing I
should do, I hear them outside. I think we should see
what is in my mini fridge, if there’s any snacks I can eat. Let’s check. I’ve got water bottles. I’ve got ranch. Alright, yep, nothing. I think I left some snacks in
my desk drawer, though, so, let’s see. Yes, I came prepared. Got my sour snacks. I’m gonna eat that first. Gotta get some energy. Do you know this is hard stuff? Hard work. Hmm. I don’t know what to do
in here that’s quiet. Okay, so I think the first
activity I’m gonna do is watch some YouTube videos on my tablet because that’s pretty quiet,
I’m gonna put in my headphones and, whoa, I look scary. I’m gonna sit on my bed. I feel like that’ll be a pretty good thing to do to start off so. Here we go. (playful music) (Audrey laughing) (Audrey laughing) Shh. Alright, so I finished the video. That was so hard to not laugh, you guys. Green Thumbers are always my favorite. They’re my favorite videos to film. Alright, up next, I think
we should have the ultimate water bottle flipping challenge. Let’s see how many surfaces
I can water bottle flip. Alright, I got a water bottle. I think it’s the right amount. Not sure. Let’s see if I can do it. Level one, basics on a desk. Oh no. So far not good. I haven’t done this in like ages. Ty is a pro at this. I don’t know how he does this. (light music) Okay guys, I don’t think
I can do it on a desk. Let’s see if I can do it on my nightstand. This is going to be more challenging since it’s on a smaller surface. But I believe in myself, we can do this. Ready. Okay, maybe not. Okay, maybe it’s the water,
it’s the water bottle. It’s not me, it’s the water bottle. I’m getting a new water bottle. Okay, I’m back with a
different brand of water bottle but now I have to chug the
water because it’s full. Okay, ready. Chug, chug, chug. Okay, chugging things,
first of all, is hard to do. Second of all, this is
freezing cold water. How am I supposed to do this? Ah. Okay, I have a brain freeze, literally. How do you cure brain freezes? Okay, let’s try it now. I think I got enough. I hope this not too much. Ready. This is causing a lot of noise. So close. I think I lost it underneath my bed. One minute. Okay, that was a fail. I even tried a different water bottle. Let’s see if I can do it on the floor. Maybe the floor is the
best surface to do it. I have no idea. (light music) (Audrey clapping) I wanna scream so bad. Ah, yay, I finally got it. The floor is the best surface, I guess. I thought a desk would
be the best surface. Okay, now for the ultimate
and final challenge. Let’s try it on my bed,
which is probably gonna be impossible but, I mean,
one of three so far. Let’s see if I can make
it two out of four. Okay, ready. What? You guys saw that yourself. No way. Oh my goodness. I think we’ve learned
something new here today. So I can apparently water
bottle flip on the floor and my bed but not on the easiest surfaces like the desk or my nightstand. What? What? That does not make sense. Okay, so I think (Audrey gasping) guys, my roommate is coming. Let’s hide in the closet. Oh my gosh. (suspenseful music) Oh my goodness, I can’t believe we hid. I think they heard noises
in here and they wanna just make sure that it wasn’t
like some creeper in here because I said I was gonna
be gone but no one was here and they didn’t even check the closet, which is where I was at so, phew. I can’t believe I hid. Alright, well. That was a close call. Okay you guys, I kinda
want to leave my room ’cause I’m getting thirsty
and I’m craving orange juice. So I don’t know what my
roommates are doing right now. Let’s go see. (door creaking) The light’s on. (Audrey gasping) My roommate next door is in her room. She’s in her room. Okay. I can’t believe it. I don’t think she saw me. She was on her computer doing some work. But I made it to the fridge. Let’s grab some orange juice. Nothing like an unusual midnight snack. Okay, so, I just finished
drinking my orange juice. I had to sip that so quietly. I wanna watch TV but I don’t
think I’m gonna be able to watch it on this one because
that’s gonna be so loud. And I have to, like, this
is the quietest whisper I can do so you guys can
still hear me, but like, they can’t ’cause I have to
be loud enough that you guys can hear me but soft enough
that they won’t hear me. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m gonna leave the kitchen
and head back to my room. I made it, okay. Let’s go in my room. (Audrey sighing) Okay, so, I haven’t practiced
my hand puppet skills in so long but it gave
me the brilliant idea since we’re already in the
dark and my flashlight phone casts a lot of shadows, I
think it’s time we practice our hand puppet things. So I searched for some
easy hand puppet things online and maybe you guys
can learn along with me. So I remember there’s
one that’s like a dog that’s really easy but I
don’t remember how it goes. So let’s look ’em up and learn. Okay, so the first one is a butterfly. So I think you just put your
two hands together and, yeah, I’m gonna try to position it
so that you can see the shadow and there’s a butterfly. So this one is probably
like the easiest one. You stick your hands like
this and then it flies away. That is super fun. This is actually really hard to do, position my camera so
you can see my butterfly. But yeah, let’s see some more animals. Okay, the next one up is called a snail. So you just go like this and
it looks like a little snail. I’m not the best at hand
puppets because once again, I never try and practice
them, but, I mean, I’m looking up the easiest ones and this one seems like it’s a winner. Have you guys ever tried escargot? I think it tastes disgusting
but a lot of people like it and it’s actually like a novelty food. So, I mean, snails are cool
but I would not eat them. Alright, let’s go onto the next one. Okay, so this is the next one. It is called the crab. And you can probably see why. It looks like a little crab, oh my gosh. This is actually my favorite one so far. This one is good. Only if I was in my beach
room, it would match because crabs and the beach. Okay, this you can
impress your friends with. So definitely try the crab one. I like this one. Okay, so this one is called the crocodile. I’m not sure if I’m doing
it right but all my fingers are supposed to be the
teeth and so it’s coming, it’s gonna eat a fish. Doing shadow hands is actually pretty hard because you have to
position it all just right and if I’m not looking
directly at the camera, I’m trying to look in the
viewfinder to see if my hands are aimed right but, yeah,
this one is the crocodile. Okay, this next one is called the moose and actually, to me, it
kinda looks like a turkey. But yeah, this is supposed to be a moose with like it’s antlers. Maybe if you like curve ’em. I have no idea. But, yeah, if you’ve never
seen a moose, it’s basically like a deer but they
have long antlers on them and that is supposed to be what this is. Okay, for the last one, I’m
gonna try to do an elephant. This looks hard. So what you do is you kinda
just like put your other hand on top of the other and how do you do this? That’s what the picture looks like. Um. Talk about difficult. Okay, so what is this person doing? Does that look like an
elephant to you guys? That does not look like an elephant to me. Um, what? Okay, wait, wait, wait, maybe right there. (Audrey gasping) Does that look like an elephant? I’m not sure. Okay, you guys tell me in the comments. Does this like, I’m trying
to make the little eye ball, but I don’t know how close this is. See, I’m so bad at hand puppets, but maybe now is the time to practice. Yeah, it kinda looks like it but kinda doesn’t at the same time. Okay guys, the time has come. I really have to use the bathroom. I don’t know what I’m gonna do
but I have to use the toilet so I have to sneak out. Not again, let’s go. Stick this in my pocket so I can still have a tiny bit of light. Maybe they’ll just think
it’s a different roommate going to the bathroom. (door creaking) Okay. So far the coast is clear. I think my roommate is asleep ’cause the lights are turned off. (suspenseful music) I made it to the bathroom. I’m not gonna turn on the light but, how am I gonna flush the toilet? I don’t know. Okay you guys, so, finished using the bathroom,
now I have to leave and I have to wash my hands. I don’t know what I’m gonna do about the toilet thing though. I think I’m gonna not
flush it and then just wait until the morning and
then go and flush it. ‘Cause if I flush it,
they’ll definitely hear it. The walls are so thin. You can totally hear
everything inside each room. So, I think I’m gonna go wash my hands now because I can’t go to bed
with gross dirty hands. Okay. Coast is clear. Someone’s here. Someone’s here. Listen. Do you hear that? I’m back in my room. I can’t believe I made it fast enough. That is so crazy, you guys. But yeah, I did not think
anyone was going to be up. Okay you guys, it’s getting pretty late. I think I’m gonna go to sleep. But I’ve gotta still be really quiet so I’m gonna unmake my bed. This is what it looks like before. Okay, now I’m gonna put
all my stuff on the floor. I am so lucky I am not a snorer
in the middle of the night because that would definitely, that would have definitely
blown my cover, so. Okay. A little Minecraft piggy. Okay. Going to bed. Goodnight. Alright guys, so it is
morning time officially. Which means that my time
is now up, which is awesome So, now I don’t have to be super quiet which is great ’cause I can do
stuff and go out of my room. And I’m so surprised because
we didn’t get caught at all. (Audrey clapping) Claps around the world for that one. Alright guys, so I hope
you enjoyed this video and if you did, give it a big thumbs up. Also, leave me in the comments down below what other videos you want to
see and remember to subscribe, turn it from red to gray. And hit the bell icon to be notified whenever I post a video. Alright, I’m gonna go
get ready for the day and now my roommates will
finally know that I’m here. Okay, I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. Time to go out of my room. (light music)

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