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Smart Apartment Kitchen Demo for Spinal Cord Injury at Helen Hayes Hospital

Therapist: So Jackie, you just cooked in a regular
kitchen right, so this is pretty much like a setup that you would have at home.
The other thing that you can start thinking of if, if you ever want to do
put forth the, you know, change in, for a kitchen layout or anything like that,
is coming on to this side. If you take a look, we have a lower cabinet, we have a
little lower countertop and everything you’re able to roll underneath the stove,
or the stove top, right there’s no stove on this side. Jackie: Oh thats nice. Therapist: Right so this, you
can be right on top of what you’re cooking, you’re able to see and it’s not
going to fatigue your shoulders so much, right. If you take a look on this side
where the counter or where the counter meets the sink. You’re, you’re able to
reach you’re able to bring your legs underneath. Jackie: This is really nice. Therapist: Right, and
then it’s going to be much easier for you to wash your dishes and do whatever
you have to do, chuck that in there. And then, the uppers. Comparing to the
other side where the other side, I believe, I can’t remember how many
feet it is. These are much lower, at least by a foot, so they would be much easier
to reach even to the upper, upper pieces. Oh not so much up there, but the second
shelf and the first shelf. All three of these are at that height. Jackie: Its a nice setup. Therapist: Cool right
then come on over here. This is like a prep space right, because that side you
don’t have much prep. You do have like a little bit in the corner, but this could
be a prep space that you place everything on here, chop chop do whatever
you need to do and have everything set up before you bring it to your stove
over there all right. And the last piece is this lovely item here. It’s called
Rev-A-Shelf. It’s a pretty cool item, it’s expensive, but it’s it’s something
doable if you have like a, you’re gonna be, you know if there’s a lifetime
of being in a chair, much easier on your shoulders also getting up for that
higher shelf. You just pull it down. Keep on pulling, and it locks. Now you’re able to
reach. Jackie: Oh! Therapist: You can place this little, place it, take it, place it up there, good. And
then you’re going to just give a little slight tug and it goes right back up
into there. Jackie: Wow, that makes it a lot more convenient. Therapist: They make also other things for the lower cabinets. We
don’t have them here, but they come up and out. So we’ll come and bring the
lowest low shelf that’s on this Rev-A- Shelf up to about, a little lower than
this counter height. Jackie: Cool. I like this a lot. Therapist: Oh yeah yep yep yep. And then there’s a lot of other custom
cabinets that are done through Ikea and stuff like that. That have like, as you
can see, look a little holder right there yep. Jackie: Do people
do cutting down here to make it easier? Therapist: You can cut down there so that you’re not up
here, or you can just have that as an extra prep area right. Jackie: It’s a really nice
setup. Therapist: Its a really nice setup. And then also the height of the microwave.Take a look,
reach in there, open up, and reach all the way in the back of
that microwave. Jackie: Thats much more.Much easier to get into. Therapist: Nice accessible, right. Jackie; Yeah much easier to get into than mine at home that’s high right now. Therapist: Right because there’s other ones that have maybe above the stove that acts as an exhaust or something like that.
That’s gonna be pretty hard to get up into. So, if again, these are long term,
long term changes down the line, if you guys have enough money, if you ever
want to do any kind of change to kitchen, these are kind of the ideas that you
want to loo for. Jackie: This is a smart apartment? Therapist: Yes yep. Jackie: Like it. Therapist: Yep. Jackie: Thank you Therapist: You’re very welcome, all right. Cut!

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