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Hey guys! It’s Benny, welcome to my channel! I’m soooo excited to do this video! I haven’t make a video something like this before I’m going to film my bedroom makeover! I’m so excited to do this because I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time I’m glad that I can choose what products I want to buy I’ve turned 20 recently, I wanted to change my bedroom so I’ve been saving up I feel like my old bedroom didn’t match with my personality So I’ve decided to do a makeover to make it more like me I paid for everything I wanted to add in my bedroom, I’ve been saving up for months I’ve picked a black colour for the wall and the other 3 walls light grey I will show you guys what does my ”before” bedroom looks like I also will show you the after, the bedroom transformation Let’s get on the video, woo! Sorry about the mess! I’m going to paint white colour on the ceiling First coat After third coats and leave it to dry for the next day I’m going to paint the wall light grey Second coat Removing the tape I’m going to use a vacuum cleaner for the bedroom First coat Painting on the wall is done I’m going to build a IKEA wardrobe and drawer Time for bedding! Putting all my stuff in the ottoman bed shoutout to League of Legends That’s it for this video, I hope you enjoyed my bedroom journey I think I’m slow at it as this is my first time decorating the room Everybody was busy, my sister would help me out sometime to get it finish quicker So yeah, most of the time I’m painting it on my own I’m so happy about my bedroom transformation, this is exactly what I wanted! I’m glad that I made the right decision Make sure you like the video if you want to see room tour in the future!! I hope you enjoyed it, thank you so much for watching! Bye!

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