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“Sioux Falls Property Management” 3117 E 18th Street, Sioux Falls, SD “Sioux Falls Homes for Rent”

This is Dan Soper and I going to show you this charming
three-bedroom 1bathroom story and a half home at 3117 East 18th Street in Sioux Falls for
Real Property Management Express. Today is Wednesday altera second
2000 and 30 stake for a look around the
neighborhood bring us residential neighborhood on the east side of Sioux
Falls very close to shops clothes shops
restaurants and other amenities every school what to say house you can see that detached double
garage just a short walk to the side entrance perhaps this have a
fully fenced in backyard free features especially you have pets or small
children and that let them run around in the backyard of being secure and then it’s too see in your technician unit me do you
have a new high-efficiency furnace in here as
well as a great benefit if this happens as you walk the content else see the 14 from portray period
porch swing and ice feature too and I kasbrols through the enters the house I give an idea allow to
the party on main level have been nice layout kitchen me next that is the living room is also measurement and or bathroom
which has been you leaving model the sitting room as well up says you can
find two more bedrooms then there’s the basement which is on
finished there is actually a section of of its or
a his room down there as well let’s go
ahead and take a look at the kitchen you have your appliances and yep the refrigerator in dishwasher almost brand
new she’s 14 ok kitchen cabinets to go all the way to
the scene as well was a cabinet and can’t expects that the gas range which is very if the kid me can here’s
the living room you see throughout main level your wood floors in here and spectrum number
one Justice at New after if you have must be built in closet there as well me it see is because it in the hallway very storage you have bathroom I service been newly remodeled nights fancy that with medicine cabinet as alright and the
full size shower tub and shower combination K he reacts
living room be great uses well you have to apparent said his item number two pretty nice size room around the corner here to have built-in
closet as well you have better number three express his measures have you were winters me every help if the heat in the winter in the order and in the summer which have your cap it
off here as well as we walked back you may never again she’s gonna show you Iran system here the health security also helps um next for you if there is any smoke or
carbon monoxide in the house it’s not a great feature he walked into the basement said for sale finished its store space down here washer and
dryer utility sink your fairness very efficient it’s going to
help save money on inbuilt mostar spec here and threes French doors have extra room secretary uses nope it’s or I’m is a can you have your or if you need any more information on
this property going at the party we have available in go to our website at
http://www.expressrpm.com Or call us at 605.385.0405. thank you

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