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Show me your Flat 2.0 – Big changes coming up!

Welcome my friends nice to have you here! Its Show me your Flat 2.0 again. We are back at the new location Today we have a little bit more light so I thought lets check it out again So you can see its almost completely painted and clean All of the walls are smooth now. Before they had a lot of bumps in them It was damaged and stuff… Some new LAN cables right there. Of course we need power in the cellar aswell We are making progress One of the guys cleaned the floor. Work that noone of you sees but takes a lot of time He scraped all of the old stuff off So its smooth again and we can lay carpet in here Thats the next step We even have the carpet here already. So we will start with that soon Toilets. My friends. And we have some showers here aswell. Looks a bit chaotic right now. Why? Because first of all. Up there… We have the new vent system. So you have fresh air when you… pfff Also there will be a fireproof roof up there We have to say. We had one already… You see this alluminium system But the peopel who made this screwed up a little They said it will work. But it doesn’t because… It has to be perfectly aligned with wall that ends there We knew it had to be fireproof. But we somehow forgot that it has to align perfectly with the wall This wall right here. With the wall up there Here its finished already This isn’t a normal roof. Its a fireproof something something Its thicker and resists heat a lot longer. So still a lot of work to do here but looks alright We progressd with the network. We layed a lot of cables We orderd our audio system with like 8 speakers We layed the cables for those aswell Most of that is finished. But of course you can’t see that But as you can imagine. Most of these rooms are done almost The gaming room is almost finished aswell But it has to be scraped and smoothened one more time So soon we will throw the stuff out that doesn’t belong here and move the couches in We can hang up light there already Emergency exit, fireproof, TaKeTV. What do these words have in common? Work… You already know we will have the exit this way Here we put more fireproof walls there So some additional wall on top of the old wall F90 something wall again… Ah here you can see it better. The new wall on top of the old wall Red marker means fireproof or something So we will finish this wall aswell This wall on the other hand is completely finished It has to be painted still It had to align with the wall. Which it does As you can see… So a lot of progress when we are almost finished with the wall We already have the real door. But for now its the construction door Almost ready to put the real door in 2 more things I want to show you This is the new vent system for some fresh air Some giant pipes going through our building now It will go through the fire proof wall and have a big rotor in it blowing the air out Our vents going through the whole building of course As Marius said we have this Half-Life Vent system now you can move through Oli spent some time in there already These are the controls It has 5 levels controling the power of the vent system Im not sure of the details. But of course I will read about this The walls we showd already One last thing Its already fix! Nice! This gem arrived this week Eric already installed it So noone will fall down the stairs We will paint this So it will look decent. I mean it looks OK already. Better than I thought. I mean its just a railing. But when you have to buy it yourself. Its my railing… These are the fridges for our bar Becks fridges to be exact I told you already. A lot of things happening in two weeks. Rooms are painted. Cables are layed. Fridges arrived. New railing The officials already checked our power system and gave an OK They will check once more in the end but everything looks fine They measured all the values but everything seemed to be fine Ok we continue. About 4 more weeks now. It will be a close finish. Not much sleep, not many days left If you have 2 hands you can help us. Just come to the location Claudio also with us He created this selfmade fronpart for the vaccuum “I didn’t find the real one” He says he doesn’t have talent in craftmenship but then builds this sick part himself If you want to help. Just write to my Facebook.com/TaKeTVTaKeSeN Maybe we will have a beer. See ya!



Jun 6, 2015, 6:32 pm Reply

sehr Geil xD


Jun 6, 2015, 7:01 pm Reply

Das beste sind immernoch die Becks-Kühschränke im Pott 😀 Endlich haben sie eingesehen das kölsch zuviele ähnlichkeiten mit Wasser hat ^^

jacky lacky

Jun 6, 2015, 7:07 pm Reply

Wann kommt wieder Lotus im Focus?

Hayden Van Claire

Jun 6, 2015, 8:47 pm Reply

Hat sonst noch wer auch so ein komischen knacksen? Hört sich an als wenn da einer mit dem Fingernagel am Mikro rumspielt.

Michel Brand

Jun 6, 2015, 10:00 pm Reply

Wird Zeit das du mal ne Nacht schläfst ?


Jun 6, 2015, 10:41 pm Reply

Sehr dumme Frage: Was wird das ganze eigentlich wenn's fertig ist ?:D Weiß zwar, dass ihr schon ne ganze Weile an dem Projekt dran seid, aber nicht was drauß werden soll 😀


Jun 6, 2015, 7:28 am Reply

Kühne Gurkenscheiben kommen bei dem Amazon link. Ok!


Jun 6, 2015, 12:36 pm Reply

Also wenn Dennis nicht mit TakeTV ausgelastet wäre, könnte er doch nebenbei eine Baufirma gründen oder?


Jun 6, 2015, 3:31 pm Reply

so viel weisse Wände.. lasst da im Anschluss mal ein paar fähige Graffiti-Künstler rein!

Dingo Ling

Jun 6, 2015, 4:56 pm Reply

Wie sieht das überhaupt aus, braucht ihr in eurer Location auch Piktogramme (Fluchtwegsleuchten) und Not-Beleuchtung ? (Batterie-Anlage etc.)
Oder bleibt euch das Erspart ? 😮

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