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Shopping in Spanish (Essential Shopping Phrases, Vocabulary, and More)

Hi friends! Jim and May here from Spanish and Go, your
resource for learning real world travel Spanish. In this video we’re gonna teach you how
to go shopping in Spanish. And be sure you stick around until the end
because we’re gonna go over some important phrases so you don’t get stuck
in any sort of awkward situations. ¡Let’s get started! In this episode you’ll learn the following: How to ask if you can try something on, The most important phrases for making
a purchase, and How to handle confusing situations. Keep in mind that the conversations you’ll
hear are all in Spanish, don’t worry if there’s something you don’t understand,
there’s a break down section in English after each of the conversations, where we go
over the most important words and phrases. In this example you’re gonna learn how to
ask if you can try something on and phrases you can use afterwards. Hi, good afternoon. Good afternoon. Excuse me… Yes?… Do you have this blouse in a medium? Let me check… … only large. It’s only in large, right? This one is also large. That one too? Yeah… well… Try it on if you want. Yeah? Can I try it on? Yeah. Ok, I’ll try the large one on then.. Ok. Where do you have fitting rooms? Over here, go ahead. I’ll follow you. Over there towards the back. Ok, thanks. You’re welcome. When you go into a store just to look around
and the clerk asks if he or she can help you find something you can say “Sólo estoy
viendo, gracias.” This is a great phrase to use when you just
want to browse the store without the pressure of the clerk following you around. It means “I’m just looking, thanks.” “¿Tiene esta blusa en talla mediana?” “Do you have this blouse in a medium?” Say “¿Tienes esta blusa en talla mediana?
for the informal “you”. Other sizes you can use are “chica”: small,
“grande”: large, or “extra grande”: extra large. Say “¿Tiene éste en talla mediana?” for
masculine nouns, such as “abrigo”: coat. “Pruébatela si quieres.” Means “Try it on if you want.” “¿Me la puedo probar?” “Can I try it on?” say “¿Me lo puedo
probar?” for masculine nouns such as a dress: “vestido”. When you are referring to a plural noun say
“¿Me las puedo probar?” for feminine plural nouns, such as “pulseras”: bracelets,
or “¿Me los puedo probar?” for masculine plural nouns, like “zapatos”: shoes. “¿En dónde tiene probadores?” means “Where do you have fitting rooms?” Say “¿En dónde tienes probadores?” for
the informal “you.” “Ahí al fondo” “Over there towards
the back.” If what you tried on fits and you want to
buy it, you can say “Lo voy a comprar” for masculine nouns, such as a dress: “un
vestido”, or you can say “La voy a comprar” for feminine nouns such as a skirt: “una
falda.” If you don’t like it, you can say “No
me gusta.” “I don’t like it.”, or you can say “No me gusta cómo se me ve.” “I
don’t like how it looks on me.” If you want to keep looking, you can say “Voy
a seguir buscando, gracias.” “I’m gonna keep looking, thanks.” In this conversation you’ll hear the most
important phrases for making a purchase from start to finish. Excuse me, I’m looking for dresses like
this one, but for a one or two years old girl. This one is for a one year old… and this
one. What color do you want it? Whichever? I want… to see if you have two of the same. In white or like the beige one, or… just
that they are both the same. These ones are the same… Let’s see… there’s two green ones… …but… this one is smaller… Or let me see if there are some more of other
colors. Ok. I have it in white and green. How much are these? One hundred eighty. One hundred eighty. How pretty! I think… I’ll take the white ones, thanks. Do you want me to tke off the price tag, or not? Yes, please. Do you take cards or only cash? No, only cash. Only cash. I’d be $360, please. Here you go. That’s fine. Thanks! Yeah, you’re welcome. “Estoy buscando…” means “I’m looking
for…” This is a very useful phrase you can use no
matter what it is that you are looking for: flip-flops, backpacks, wallets, or even tomatoes. Another thing you could ask would be “¿Vende
…?” like “¿Vende vestidos?”, or “¿Vende carteras?” which means “Do you sell dresses?” “Do you sell wallets?” respectively. “¿En qué color lo quiere? ¿Del que sea?” “What color do you want it? Whichever?” “¿Qué precio tienen éstos?” “How much are these?” change “éstos” for “éstas” for feminine
plural nouns and say “¿Qué precio tienen estas?” “Me voy a llevar los blancos.” “I’ll take the white ones.” For a shortened version of this phrase say
“Me llevo ésta.” “I’ll take this one.” for singular feminine
nouns. “Me llevo éste.” “I’ll take this one.” for singular masculine nouns. Add an “s” to the end for plural nouns. “¿Acepta tarjetas o nada más efectivo?” “Do you take cards or only cash?” Say “¿Aceptas tarjetas o nada más efectivo?”
for the informal “you”. “Aquí tiene.” “Here you go.” Say “Aquí tienes.” for the informal “you”. This phrase can be used for anything you’re
handing the other person while paying for something. “Así está bien” means “That’s fine.” In this case the store clerk didn’t have
enough change for the $500, so she gave us $150 pesos instead of $140 pesos for change. We wanted to go over some common confusing
situations in this next section. I know when I was first learning Spanish a
few of these tripped me up, so I wanted to make sure that we included them so you don’t
get mixed up in the same situation. And the first one we have is: “¿Gustas
redondear?” which means, “Would you like to round up your total?” Now this is something that they may ask you at a bigger grocery store like Soriana or Walmart. SCAM! Oh, sorry… Bless you… You can say “no” if you don’t want to,
but if you don’t wanna carry around a bunch of change you can say “yes” too. The next one is: “¿Tienes un billete más
chico?” “Do you have a smaller bill?” You’ll hear this often if you have a bill
that’s $200 pesos or $500 pesos. A lot of smaller stores don’t carry change,
and if they don’t have change, or you don’t have change, they’ll take your bill and
take it to another store and change it. Don’t worry they’ll come back. They’re just getting change for you. So the next one is: “No manejo …” which
means “I don’t carry…” For example, when we were doing this video,
and I was going around looking for the dresses for kids, someone told me this at a store
“No manejo ropa de niños.” which means “I don’t carry clothes for children.” So if someone says that to you, you can just
keep looking at a different store. And remember, for any other situation where you may get stuck, you can always say “No entiendo.” “I don’t understand.” or “¿Me lo puedes repetir, por favor?”=“Would you repeat that, please?” Those are key phrases when you wanna get yourself out of a confusing situation. So friends, as usual we know there’s a lot
of information in this video, so make sure you head on over to our website at Spanishandgo.com
where we have created a resource section that accompanies this video. And if you wanna take your Spanish to the
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our channel for more travel and Spanish tips. Thank you for watching, see you later. See you soon.


Hadjer Hope

Mar 3, 2018, 4:23 pm Reply

Muchas gracias amigos me gusta mucho ese vídeo . Por favor pueden hacer un vídeo de la diferencia entre español de España y de México.corriga me por favor . estoy seguiendo su consejos para aprender eso maravilloso idoma


Mar 3, 2018, 5:49 pm Reply

Bolleta o factura? Número de DNI? I wish my Spanish teacher warned me about those questions in advance.
Otro preguntas:
¿Necesitas una bolsa?
¿Tienes cencillo? (I can't remember how it is spelt but it means "do you have change"

Rodney P

Mar 3, 2018, 7:33 pm Reply

Excelente video, muy útil, como siempre.

Para tallas a veces simplemente dicen "S" (chica), "M" (mediana") o "L" (large).

Y en algunas paises usan medirse como sinonimo de probar.

Floren Rivera

Mar 3, 2018, 8:33 pm Reply

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Mar 3, 2018, 4:01 am Reply

Este video me ayuda mucho, especialmente desde la perspectiva de los empleados. Trabajo en una tienda que a veces tiene clientes que no hablan inglés, pero normalmente estoy demasiado nerviosa para ofrecer ayuda en español. ¡Estoy empezando a obtener la confianza que necesito! Excelentes videos, gracias.

Colm Julian

Mar 3, 2018, 10:06 am Reply

Jim and May – come and stay with me and my spanish wife in Ireland .. if you can make it today ,
It is St Patrick’s day

bay goodwaters

Mar 3, 2018, 12:12 pm Reply

Its fun it keeps me away from the usual way of learning…I really hope pwedo aprender mas with a native speaker…what I have been learning from the net es todos en mi cabeza…I have no one to talk with.

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Maud Smith

May 5, 2018, 9:30 am Reply

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Spanish and Go

May 5, 2018, 1:28 pm Reply

Don't forget that we have an index in the description so that you can jump right to the part you want to practice. We also have subtitles available in Spanish and English. Head on over to http://spanishandgo.com to get our Spanish Phrase Power Pack ebook for free! Thanks for watching!


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Roberto Tejeda

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Roman Hernandez

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Nov 11, 2018, 3:39 pm Reply

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