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Shopping in Singapore: YSL, Balenciaga, & Gucci | #Vlogmas Day⑥

Good morning everybody. Today is my last day here in Singapore. And I spent like about an hour and a half just packing all of the gifts, and I managed to pack everything in my big suitcase, my carry-on as well as some of Cosrx’s um, luggages. There’s just so many gifts but thank you guys so much for showering me with all the snacks that- we enjoyed some yesterday and I think we’re gonna have some throughout the day. Um but yeah, we have to check out so that’s why I’m finishing up all the packing. Um and yeah, today is the last day. I feel like I’ve been here for a very long time cuz on the first day we did so much, but today, we are gonna go to Gardens by the Bay, which I’m very excited about. Um, but yeah, we got a check out. Um but I’m really excited to share another Singapore vlog and then our flight is around 11 o’clock at night, so I’m gonna be sleeping and then waking up in Seoul. So that should be a lot of fun. Um but I hope you guys have been enjoying the Singapore vlogs um but let’s head on out. We are at the Marina Bay Sands Mall. It’s so beautiful in here. So many luxury brands, but we’re gonna get lunch first and then we’re gonna check out the gardens. And I want to shop so we’ll see what they have here. This mall is sooo pretty. We’re waiting in line in front of Din Tai Fung for lunch. So excited. Look at that. Hard at work. Okay, we got our first one. Woah. Just had lunch, and I’ve been holding this bag of ruffles around, but that was so good. Uh but now we’re walking around and we’re gonna check out the garden and look at how pretty this is. So so pretty. Look at them. It’s really hot today, it was rainy earlier but um, it stopped so we’re gonna explore while it’s not raining. Wow, it’s sooo nice. So, we made it up to this far and now we have to go up this escalator but I have a huge fear of fi- heights like, I’m so scared so I feel really bad for the team but I like- I just can’t get myself to go on it and my um- Like I really want to check out the gardens, but I can’t because I’m so scared of heights. Oh my gosh. I managed to get down stairs. I just can’t do it. It’s so high. I should have known, but when I saw the escalator that’s when it hit me and there’s no elevator and- This is like something that I do have to overcome because there’s so many great like sightseeing like monuments and like places that I want to check out, but because of my fear of heights, I never get to go. Um but yeah, I’m just gonna- I guess walk around. They’re like chillin’, they’re just they’re just going up with no problem, but I really can’t get myself to do it. I was really looking forward to it, but I can’t do it. I’m so mad at myself right now, but like I was like sweating in this air-conditioned mall. I can’t do it. I’m at Saint Laurent right now, and I’m trying to like I don’t know if I need this bag, but it’s so pretty and it’s 30% off. I didn’t buy the bag. I just felt like it was too impulsive. I’m just gonna walk around, I wanna check Balenciaga to see if they have the shoes and the hat that says Balenciaga on it, I have been just eyeing that for so long. So, let’s go check. It’s actually right over there. And my ruffles. Walking around and I met a subscriber! I saw her yesterday, but I recognized her because of her her hair. Oh my gosh, check out this movie pawnshop So extra! I love it! The moment I saw these, I was like I have to walk in here. So let’s go to the store. This is just like a little- I don’t know what they call- what you would call this, it’s like a little museum I guess? I feel like carrying this bag of ruffles itself can be a content on its own because everyone just kind of looks at me kind of funny. But I just wanted to carry it around with me because I get hungry throughout the day, and I did it last time. Yeah. Okay, this is massive. I’ve never seen a store like this before. I did ask if I can film and they’re all very nice about it which is amazing because usually with luxury shops, they all like stop me. But wow, check this out you guys. And there’s like a view out there. Came to Balenciaga, tried this hat. They have this hat so I think I’m gonna pick this up because I’ve been eyeing this for some time now, but yay, I’m excited. I also wanted the shoes, but, they don’t have the black ones so it’s a sign for me to not get it. Thank you so much I- They gave me a big bag to put in my ruffles, thank you. Ahh now I’m just waiting for the staff to get here. I think they’re just like really enjoying the garden. I’m so jealous but I just- I just can’t. I just can’t do it. They’re back. How was the garden? It was huge and so cool inside like we’re like melting down outside like- Because it was hot?
– Yeah, so hot and humid because it started to rain. It got more humid. Mr. Dodo. But yeah, we’re gonna get toast now. So good to be back with the team. I was so alone. What is this called again?
– Toast Box Wait, I think I received this as a gift yesterday. How? From a subscriber. Remember the big box with the toast in it? Ahh.
– Yeahh. We’re finally eating the ruffles and kaya toast. We received a lot of kaya jam yesterday. But finally testing it out! It’s a peanut butter. Wow. Alright, that was real- that’s really good. It’s raining out. We’re back in the hotel. Mr. Dodo and Jimin they had to get some work done, so I’m here with Joyce actually, and we’re gonna eat dinner soon. What do you guys think of my new hat? I just decided to wear it because I don’t know, I l just like wearing hats. So, today’s vlog is basically a shopping vlog because after dinner, we’re gonna head over to the airport. And I heard amazing things about the duty-free shopping, so we shall see. But I love this hotel. Like look at the lighting. It’s like pink, like the floor, I love the pattern. I’m gonna miss this place because my loft room was so nice. I’m doing live. Joyce doesn’t want to be in the live. Hi Joyce. Right behind. She’s right next to me. Made it to the airport. We just need to look for Asiana. Check in our bags and then shop at the duty-free. I can’t believe I’m leaving. It feels like I’ve been here for a while though because each day has been packed. Row 9. Okay. But that’s not- oh it is in terminal three. This airport’s so cute. LiYana was waiting for me. Thank you for coming to say bye! Thank you guys for coming to the airport as well! Yeah, come back soon.
– Yes, come back soon. They’re seventeen. Look at how young they are. I wanted to drop my stuff off at the lounge, but, they don’t have lockers here. So I have to carry everything. So I really feel like um- I might just go to a cafe and sit there and wait for my flight. Just cuz I hate carrying things, but yeah, duty-free shopping has begun! I finally found a Gucci belt in my size. So I am picking this up and after this I won’t buy any more things today. Just too many things today. Shopping is so great in Singapore. It’s- I definitely want to come back for the food and the shopping. Yeah.
– Yeah, that’s true. She’s punching extra holes for me, just in case I lose weight in the future. Cool. So excited! We can do this. It’s just such a good statement pi- oh, yes
– Yes, okay. I love it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s just such a new whole. Yay! Thank you. Thank you so much. And also you can adjust it-
– Yeah, yeah. It’s okay right?
– Yeah. Alright guys, I am now at the lounge. I’m just gonna relax until my flight. We have 30 more minutes until we board. But yeah, I feel really good to actually buy this hat as well as this belt and for this hat it was nowhere to be found in Korea, and I don’t like supporting fake- fakes, so I’d much rather get the real deal. And for the belt, like every Gucci store that I went to in Korea, Japan, they just never had my size or they ran out of the design that I wanted so the moment I saw it in Singapore I just like had to purchase. So, no more shopping for me. I don’t buy myself things like this every week, it’s just once in a while, retail therapy helps so, yeah. And now I’m in the bathroom to wash off my makeup and get ready for the flight. So, I will see you all in Seoul. I hope you guys enjoyed watching today’s vlog. Here’s the shout out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed this vlog right here, and I’ll see you guys in Seoul. Bye!~


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