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Shopping for School Supplies in Tokyo [Student Vlog 04]

[ School Shopping in Japan ] Good morning, everyone! Today I’m off of school because of Golden Week. It is a Tuesday, a bright beautiful day, but now that I finally have a few days off I have a complete and utter mess of papers and things that need to be organized so today I’m going out to meet Taylor and hopefully buy some things to organize all my school stuff so I’m taking you to my favorite store to get some Japanese school supplies! Then we’ll talk more about how school has been going. Let’s go! Salad cheers! Loretta!! It’s like a censor bar over your mouth!! That was wonderful… OOPS! Oh, hello! Sorry to interrupt – but I failed! The only thing I managed to get done yesterday was eating salad, eating apple pie, I did discover that Japan is stocking Doritos Cool Ranch flavor now… but other than that, I forgot to get school supplies!! So we’re going back out today for Taylor’s birthday! So we’re going out for a quick brunch and then we’re going to try and get some school supplies today! Let’s do this! So we just made it to the restaurant for Taylor’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Taylor!! Hello everyone – I finally did it! I got all the things I needed to organize my life! It’s also mothers day at the end of this weekend So I’m packing a quick care package for my mom. I was fortunate enough to be on Japanese TV a good handful of times last year so I’m making her a nice DVD of everything that I did with some nice goodies as well. “Koi Matcha” – Kit Kats in Intense Green Tea Flavor and this is Haichu, but it’s the lemon flavor that has crunchy bits inside. My mom’s in love with pretzels so I thought she might like these “salad flavor” … which is basic normal flavor. Then my friend who stayed with me when we went to Sendai he got me some treats from Kyoto! One each, the rest are mine! I did a couple giveaways recently so I’m mailing out the prizes now. Just to let you know, you guys can actually mail me! I have a mailing address now so If you ever want to send me a message or postcard or anything other than a comment or tweet, you can snail-mail me! Congratulations to the winners!!! I’m excited to get these out. Sorry it took so long! It’s just so dirt cheap to send mail from Japan so I’m having a lot of fun doing mail. I’ll show you the rest of what I got from Sekaido after I get back from going to the post office because I really want to get these urgent things out first! Time to hit the post office! [ HAUL TIME ] What I got from Sekaido — 1st is all the mailing envelopes maybe a dollar each at most. I got like a campus notebook just because if I learn Japanese words in class, I can write them here and it’s preforated which is really nice. I also got this like, clear file This is like a ringed binder, it has rings in it so every one of my classes has a sleeve for the syllabus, the directions, notes on how to do the homework and then blank paper inside as well. I like having it all in just one (beautiful) thing. Then I have these really thick-sided envelopes All of my classes seem to not use textbooks? So I have way too much printed papers instead which I would bring home and just dump into different piles but now each and everyone of these is labeled on the side and also on the front with these really cool markers! I used to watch Live Action Sailor Moon and they also had these thick “Uni” markers like these matte colored gel markers, with really thick ink and it makes a really pretty blue color that matches my nails! I also got my favorite Frixion pens, because they’re pens but you can also erase them! I got one in black, and then one tricolored in black red and blue. I’m so happy with this! All papers are in their organized place I have a color-coding tricolored pen that is erasable so I can make as many mistakes as I want! I didn’t realize it until now when I did all this but I’m taking NINE classes… UGHH it didn’t dawn on me how many I was doing or why I was so stressed so I’m really weirdly excited that I got some good stationary. Plus, it’s a good thing that I did this because today is the last day of Golden Week.. NOOOO so I think I’m just going to get some work done remotely then make dinner because I haven’t eaten yet today! I had a coffee and that’s it. I really need to eat and get ready for the end of the week and the start of the rest of the semester. Here I goooo! Let’s get some work done and get ready for a good week! Now it’s time for me to get back to work… I feel like now I can approach my life with a bit more of intention and willpower. For Golden Week, I basically just did a staycation I didn’t stay, but I visited a hotel with Kelly and Ozzy Awesome you can see the video over on Kelly’s channel but we went to a hotel that’s run only by robots Let’s see how dinner turned out… One of my favorite recipes to make is Dak Boekkum Tang which is basically chicken wanggsss and gochujang and potatoes and you broil it down into this sweet, spicy sauce for hours. When I’m in a lazy mood I make something similar, With ground chicken and sweet potatoes… anything I can eat in a bowl with a spoon makes me happy. I have to write a paper tonight, do a presentation and do the reading for another class. Right now it is… UGHHH- 7:30!! I need to get started!! We’ll see how Part 2 of the semester goes. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in my next school vlog / video! I have some exciting stuff I can’t wait to share! Thanks so much for watching today!

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