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And we’re painting we’re looking for a long-term house today, we’re gonna be visiting three husbands we’re gonna take you guys on a tour Please subscriber and like skelt83 skel83 All right, let’s go Let’s go this my first Alright, this is I think this is what I’ve needed guest bedroom because we’re not gonna share a room Oh What are those Nice Wait outside the outside doors right there the kitchen vbbgbghghgmktgmhkmhmkghmkmkkkk If you want to pick this house house number one Dining room Right now we’re just behind the stairs. I guess living room right here Check that out over there that window actually I was like when you went through I was like what the heck what are you doing? Next week wait what’s here? I never what this ad cuz I just Yeah, that’s okay just some construction oh Look at it. It’s a glass floor with a bunch of rocks hi my name is amberly i am in 5th grade No, that’s supposed to be there. Oh my god that just scared me so bad Let’s go upstairs Alright, which we should go first left. We’re not left or right right he’s always right? There’s two sinks here What is that please don’t Spoil it yet please tell me I am NOT doing what it lacks is Alright got this oh my God look it’s huge its massive Look there’s a balcony it would fly get away from him It’s pretty close with me yes My hair is myself in the wind is going On this that’s for after this all right trust me probably Elevator okay, we’re not using elevator might break down Ok nursin never made a door to that. This is a shortcut to our room. Yeah, it is nice. Oh There’s no walking closer, but they have this thing Tell me Cheers that’s some house, there’s like No, it’s way smaller Let’s go check it out another bedroom. Oh wow look they have like it Oh Wait and even see this place all right whatever you can slow down later this room whether it has a second floor It’s a bedroom, and I have a second floor oh My god I want to claim it this is mine. This is no this is no. No this bed is not big enough for both And check out another walk-in closets No, this is my picture of Its Oh there’s a toilet and a shower I Found early there was a shower here in the shower that was like who needs two shots on one bedroom So it’s like okay now just a toilet With that thingy with me Well I guess they don’t have it in this room come on toast in what else But it makes more than entire thing I can do it wait. Here’s something over here Oh my god Yeah, just like split it this is our ass wait. It’s another thing. Let’s go check it out Okay And then abuse right over there my mom come on the stairs over here What’s this oh Wait, this is the thing on view browser. There’s gonna be jealous. Oh my god You like seeing upside down like Yeah, okay I’m just walking right into it, but look. Here’s the road they’ll be like hey people Yeah Yeah It’s good that’s on top of the message so it’s always windy and it’s me. It’s always really hot true I’m more hot than anyone cuz I have glasses no I like the hardest reason here my armpits are sweating one see that’s coming. You don’t want to know what’s in there Wait I realize there’s some closet here For hanging up things did gas room gets more than my bedroom at Canada. I know This bedroom is way bigger than my bedroom in Canada. It’s you know what it’s me mad Friends with us they come over you got a better right? Yeah, I’d like the size of my house, dude Why we didn’t come over to get that master bedroom, oh you’re much yes Yes Come on. Let’s go downstairs Or if you just fill on this master cabbage I call it the master code You get out Sorry, okay there, yeah Front door I Don’t think anyone. That’s big enough Like yeah, okay, you know I think when you get the idea. It’s like way too big And then I’m going what oh, I look at the camera and follow you is that a giant walk? No, just a very soon for a door What what do you? Look at Where’s the camera it’s a doorbell – Yeah, we had a doorbell you had to knock that’s like souls who I wanted or bow Wait elevator TV. Oh wow this is actually quite big it’s echoing so much Do you want to do you force me, I think store doesn’t have it replace Only has one dryer washer this could be dog I say no we need to This room okay All right, so how did we go up? This is it is this a this is a button? You want to do it and go Press one yeah, gonna move. Oh my god. We’re actually doing it. I’m never gonna. I’m out here. Oh, I’m nervous I don’t know why my lips are shaking oh My god. I feel like going. Oh my god. Huh he’s gonna bring down this way down on it All right the first one job. It’s almost. Oh yes, Matt Matt stop, okay Mercedes for me alive are we dead I mean heaven Ronald. I don’t know clip we’re alive Oh my god I’m so used to going to an elevator with parents oh You don’t apparently Exactly number one. Oh, yeah. Well you what dude? Here’s our – to know What’s wait? What wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait is there? Oh elevator to a number four or is this so so here and there I Don’t know. I’m not checking. That’s a very small in my life. I actually felt it moving Yeah, they will eventually don’t clean everything before we move in Because so many people actually I kind of Miss in a place Look at the table oh Wait it’s like separate tables. I just realized I can’t I can’t light. I was like I can’t let them in now again We’re like check out this couch oh my god, I got two couches all for myself two couches oh Yeah, not only did one oh No, that’s no that’s the basement Ronald Lucky I got a bunch of cushions Elevator Zero-force for zero weight okay? Here’s the outside okay? That’s the kitchens. That’s the dining room? It’s a tiny room slash living room Alright, so the elevator for us right here That’s why it took so long because there was off it going all the way to second foot, but yeah Planks in the basement. I’m telling you yeah Whatever Hello is there anyone up there On your site to stop them Ronald come on Now we’re playing stops We’re stalking down other thing the rocks a lot for challenge Much what does it exit to this place? Okay? No It’s perfect right here all right, so Everybody that Yeah, I really wanted, but we have Yeah, but we have to Look at the other houses, but guys this is house number one We’re gonna be going wait. Just look over there for a second We’re gonna be going to house number two very shortly or in two seconds Yeah, all right, so we’re at house number. Yeah, we’re ready to go Do you think probably will probably on those dogs don’t see movement in its house Thank you we couldn’t showed it inside the second house because there’s still people living inside there It was so very nice. Anyway the floors were like flint and Blanton. Yeah, yeah But let’s hope the second the third house actually will be everything yeah, the now house number two it’s awful It’s it’s just number one and three all right guys red house number three. Let’s check it out. I’m already liking this Because of this check it out just walk away I’m loving it There’s a lot of palm trees all around which I’m liking super cool and That’s not inside. Yeah. We can’t record it inside only outside sadly because there’s people in this house Wow lucky us And so guys we just figured out we can record anywhere he wants with that Yeah, they have a book Yep, this is the backyard they have a pool right here. I like this one way way better hundred percent Is this a little smaller house, but it’s pretty cool here is the the We got the living room here, which looks pretty cool look at those paintings they actually look really cool and in the living room This Explorer over here, where dekes doors are we allowed to open them? I’m nervous whatever this is I want to know here you open it Anyone in there they say we can record an yeah, but I Don’t want to court people all right. That’s a cool bet you’re right here, ooh Shout wait why is there a huge window in the shower you’re able to say this is just wrong This is a shower. There’s a door here a glass door, okay? Please Yeah, but check out this place is it cool definitely we end this right houses I think they’re fine dream is this here and say All right, but this is pretty cool the lamp and I like cool shadows around it. That’s this Decoration round the correction is I’m TV here this is Hello Anyone in here a lot open Okay, yeah, but I’m just nervous wait. No. We’ve been here Know where we’ve been oh, there’s two showers, then all right, let’s explore someone has no. I can’t stop oh There’s a toilet right here, and that’s toilet, let’s explore over here No entire downstairs, and he’s the Ward so cool check it out What I know I go, and I go on it No, I’m afraid it’s gonna break. It’s not our house. Okay. Let’s just stop all right Where has everybody gone Let’s go mitten Club All right see all right everybody is there We’re gonna go Here it’s kind of tiny entry room like these Whoa? the green area And I like how it’s green okay. Just twit it Can’t really see through it That’s good. There’s a shower. Yeah Mm-hmm, that’s um here. Here’s a mess the bedroom. Oh What’s going back there okay eat what he doesn’t want us. He clearly thinks groggily I’m just kidding uh Everyone’s upstairs when we check those upstairs already You know I don’t think it’s like talking a waste of time talking about Nothing really without funny things yeah, it’s like We’re talking and then I was like man It’s what happened that we have to sit down and wait Remember in the house number one and where there’s lots of doors and roof while we were explored everything But there’s just a few more doors and stuff. Yeah, it’s the same here. You know why? Right there We have like flu that door go open it oh Just so much, okay, okay custard over front before someone finds us yeah, because it closed oh No no how am I supposed to watch your movies we always um connect the phone to the TV to watch your movies and Wha I don’t have a TV here you look everywhere they don’t have a tape a We’re not picking. This house guys. It does not have a TV. What are we gonna? Do then let’s TV in the kids bedroom? But not until it boredom What good ass is this alright so we finish you’ll get the houses now. We’re gonna Go jump in it’s like the best thing in the world literally The bass Ronald are you ready to jump? Super high yeah, I could do about it. Can you? This is gonna be so fun Ronald. I’m so excited Now it’s my turn That was tiring So guys we shower should we get number one or number three tell us in the comment section down below? And tomorrow we’re gonna be visiting three more houses So maybe we’re gonna record that to have been lucky enough we hope you like this video if it is Shit about it, and we’ll see you all next time good. Bye

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