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Shopping at a Big Japanese Mall

Hello world. Where I’m from in Japan, this is what a big mall is like. What are these things? Zootopia Gacha gacha Inside Head. And a dinosaur. And this. And this. Shin, what do you think of those
clothes? I don’t know. Ohhhhhhhh! It’s just normal fast shoes. I don’t like them. I found my shirt. These are for cool kids. She’s #2 Aiko. Yep. That’s the #2 style. I have the #1. Ok, so this is a store, where you can get some school supplies, and some other cool stuff. These are water bottles. Are you actually allowed
to bring this to school? Yeah, well some of the, like,
normal pencils and stuff. Or like water bottles. I want those kitties.
All of them! No Kitties! What about the kitties that Shin has? No, you’re not allowed to. I find Yo-kai Watch. Yo-kai Warunyan And do you actually buy this
for school ? Yeah, it’s called renrakuchou. And, you write, like, you
write your schedule in it. Handkerchiefs. What do you use them for? Like washing your hands and stuff. So we see some nice pencil cases,
some nice pens, some nice pencils…
Are all those things you bring to school? Yeah, but the pencil cases
we’re not allowed to bring those kinds of pencil cases. Howcome? Well, I don’t really know, but
it’s the rule. Aiko, what is this guy? Hoppe chan. Who? Hoppe chan. What does he do? Nothing! Yo-kai medals. And crush the money. And what did I get? Oh, it’s this guy! Number 2! This is the Yo-Kai I got. So, number one that’s not good. It’s for little kids,
it’s a tiny one. Yeah, I can just see there. And number two. You, ah, wait. I will stand here and you stay there. I can see. Open the door, see how
tiny it is. It’s a baby toilet! Yep! Okay, and those are baby sinks. I’m not a baby. Have you seen these in bathrooms before? No. Have you seen this in a
bathroom before? Yes. Have you ever seen a small, little
one like that in the bathroom? No, I never saw it. I was really surprised. I don’t know why you need one
on the ground, but… They have one. Have you seen this in the
bathroom before? Yep. Have you tried sitting in one? No, I can’t. And this is the daddy toilet. Yeah. Have you used the toilet
seat cleaner before? Yep. My mummy says you have
to use it. (If you don’t) she’s going to be crazy. This one’s lucky, there’s actually
soap in there. Some of them don’t have soap, right? Oh yeah. How big is this Japanese mall? It’s 3 floors and 5 big buildings. Oh no! Oh, phew! How was the ice cream by the way? It’s yummy! I got green tea ice cream. And Shin got strawberry. You want to try it?
Ahhhh! It’s good! So how many sit down
restaurants were there? Do you remember? No, I don’t. They had a whole floor of
restaurants for you to sit down in. Wow, that’s a lot. And then they have a food court,
which we’ll go to at the end of the video. Did you get to play here? Nope. Oh, that’s so sad! Because daddy says no. Mummy thought the hat looked cool. Yeah, she thinks everything is cool. There are more brain fish there. Aiko, Shin, what is that? A brain fish, and they have a
fish is so, big eyes. I find this thing, I don’t know
how to say it in English. And we find Nemo! Junior Nemo, Nemo’s Dad,
and Nemo’s Kid. Ah, cute but fast. What is this place? This is a pet place. Wow, that’s an expensive cat? Yes. That’s like, umm… 8 or 9 thousand
Canadian dollars. Wow! Very expensive. But it’s so cute! Yeah. I don’t know how I feel about pet malls. They only have puppies and kitties.
Did you notice that? Yeah. So, I think I’d rather go to an
adoption agency and get a cat. So you can kind of save them. Yeah. This is pet treats. These are for doggies? And they have kitty one’s too! ¥3,400? This one has Mickey! That’s more expensive than a
cake you can buy in a store sometimes. Yeah! Would you try that food? No. Happy birthday to you! Looks kind of good though,
doesn’t it? Hmm… well, yeah. Do you think these cats had fun? I don’t know, because
Shin, like, touched tails and bugged the kitties, so I
don’t know if they like it. Were these kitties cute? Yep! Some kitties came to me and
they were so cute. And I like this kitty. He’s really
fluffy and I like the colour. How many people are allowed in?
Do you remember? Well, like, 2 families or something? I think there’s a maximum of
six people at a time. Oh. So we had to wait 2 and a half
hours just to see the kitties. Yeah. So what’s the cloth for? For our table. I’m like a waitress with my thing. Fast! So Shin’s buzzer beeped. And you give it to a lady? Yep. And then you get your food. Yeah! It’s so yummy! Can I eat some? Shin always likes doing this. Yeah, he does. It’s hot, so be careful. How was the burger by the way? It was yummy… but I wanted to eat washoku. And washoku means Japanese food. I wasn’t that hungry,
so I wanted to share. Okay, yeah, we shared it. Right? Yep. And so you clean the table?
Is that common? Yeah, well the food court,
they don’t actually clean it. Well, if the shop is done, well
they will like clean it, but… they usually don’t. So how many of these did we go
to and take pictures in front of? Like 17 or something, or 18? Yeah, I think 18. Shin is pretty funny in all of these,
if you look at him. Yep. You’re just standing normally,
and look at Shin. Haha. What time of night was this,
do you remember? Like, 7? No, I think it was like 9 o’clock at night. Wow. You guys were pretty tired. But I was like, oh, look at all these
restaurant pictures, they’re really cool. Let’s go take pictures in front of them all. Yep. Did you see Shin’s eyes? Yeah. I thought that ramen thing
is so cool. 17! Almost done. Thanks for watching! See you next time!
Bye! What are malls like where you’re from?

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