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Shopping Around Union Square, San Francisco ❤️

Good Morning Everyone! Today I’m starting off my day in San Francisco And I think there’s going to be like a parade here because theres a lot of people waiting And sitting by the steps and whatnot And they’re wearing green so I think it has to do with St. Patrick’s Day But today isn’t the 17th so i’m kind of confused but it’s okay! I’m going to try and look for coffee right now and something small to eat And then shop around And go and meet some of you guys for the casual meet and greet! Alright let’s go! oh… thank you! Alright thank you When in San Francisco I have to get my Bluebottle and Phil’s There’s definitely a parade going on today I’m now in front of the hearts to meet up with you guys! I’m back in the hotel And I just got a note saying that tomorrow is daylight savings so I gotta wake up earlier tomorrow um thank you guys for bringing all these gifts I thought I might just open them now um and for the boba guys I’ve been drinking so much boba because of you all so thank you so much for treating me to boba I actually really like boba guys… mmm… so good thank you so much! Alright um..lets open this You guys really don’t have to get me anything but I really appreciate it Um a letter is fine too I’m going to read these when I’m on the plane because that’s when I love reading the letters um… then I got a cup I think this is a cup But thank you all for coming um I know it was very last minute and in San Francisco but oh my gosh! thank you so much this is so cute And this bag over here… A cookie! oh my gosh. A lot of you guys were talking about how excited Sharon was for the cookie and I;m very excited for this one…thank you Got some tea… I love earl grey and tea because I try to avoid coffee except when I got here in San Francisco I’ve been drinking tea I mean coffee every day But I still love the tea And oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the carrot cake Oh yeah my favorite uh.. cakes ever I love carrot cake Finally we have lets see Pore pack, this is the…uh wafer stick I think this is the Indonesian snack thank you And finally there is a letter in here that I will read on the airplane this is from Livia Ugh you guys write such long notes I really really appreciate it thank you so so much Now its time to go shopping because the weather’s super nice And are some last minute things that my mom wants me to pick up for her and I also have to check if the figures that my brother has been wanting are available at the nearby Target and whatnot So let’s go shopping now! Since I have a mirror I thought I’ll do an Outfit of the day Im wearing this jacket from Aritzia This top is from Zara These pants are from Chiu I’ve been loving the Chiu Jeans and then I’m wearing my shoes from Zara Purse is from Rebecca Minkoff Alright let’s go get some shopping done! We are going to start at American Apparel because they are having a 50% off sale so Let’s go inside and see what they have Didn’t buy anything at American Apparel because I could always go to the one in Korea um… so I’m just waiting to cross the street for the Urban Outfitters because they are having a sale lets go I know they also carry some Korean Beauty Products so lets see which ones they have I know online they have Cosrx and Tony Moly I think so let’s see Here are the sheet masks They have Tony Moly I think this is Tony Moly as well… yep Tony Moly Look its my backpack brand Oh they have they have like more colors on this side see? I kinda want to get a new one this one I love this backpack I think that’s it for the beauty section I might just go to Anthropologie because they’re having a sale on the sale items So I might do that This place is huge there’s like 5 stories I think…. okay lets go Actually lets stop by a Mac because my mom wants me to get her another powder um because that one it was a creamy foundation this time she wants a powder so lets see if they have it So I’m here with (Hi! Joslyn) Joslyn. She works at Mac… look at her makeup its like perfect (Thank you) But she’s showing me the pro line it’s just so pigmented (Yes it is) It’s just so different from Korean makeup because we like the natural no makeup makeup look (Yes) So but this is this is insane (oh yeah) Picked up my mom’s powder They are super friendly over there uh… right now I’m going to check out the anthropologie because they are having that sale On the sale products so lets go over to Anthropologie Goals I love this couch Look they also carry Rifle paper cards which is one of my favorite brands of cards And they also have the phone cases. This is the one I have I’ll show you… see? I got the same one Back home from shopping and it was a very successful one I think I’m gonna do a try-on haul when I’m in Korea uh… But after a long day I’m so hungry so I picked up a salad and uh some bread I have some like you know carrot cake and cookies that I need to finish from yesterday So I’m gonna just snack on that and get my editing done tonight Um I might go out later tonight because my friend is having like a little like goodbye party because she is leaving San Francisco uh but it depends I am gonna hang out with her on Monday But we’ll see It depends on how tired I am but I’m gonna eat my salad because I’m I’m starving This is the grilled chicken chipotle salad I used to get this all the time in college. And when I was um meeting up with Rebecca I was too full from (gregore?). So I didn’t get a salad I just went with a soup But I’ve been craving this so finally having salad Alright guys I am exhausted so I’m just gonna stay home and sleep early today. Tomorrow is daylight savings So I gotta wake up a little earlier than usual. Uh Janice and I decided to go get coffee and pastries in the morning so I gotta wake up early So I thought it would be fun to do a get unready with me And I’m gonna start with the Green tea lip and eye remover I finished using it. I wanna throw it away But I’m gonna take it back with me to Korea so I could include it in my March beauty review Which by the way I keep forgetting to do a review For the Troiareuke Soul Cushion Uh Im gonna try to do it in a vlog but if not I’m just gonna include it in my March….March beauty review whew…. Next I’m gonna be using the Cosrx moisture pads I have been loving this it’s like a very simple way to remove makeup And it makes the oil cleansing so much easier And it like does a pretty good job at removing my makeup so… See? Ugh So these are all the products that I brought with me because I can’t live without it I’ve been using these patches often these days because I’ve been breaking out um and then I have my hair products and my hair curler Just in case you guys were curious! All right, back to the skincare Let me quickly wash my hands because I touched the camera and my camera is not very clean Alright, so I’m gonna use the accent oil cut cleansing this is my favorite oil cut cleansing oil cleanser So on dry face I just apply it All over And then I’m gonna wet my hands with lukewarm water And then massage it onto my face Aw, I should’ve tied my hair Oopsies After that I’m just gonna wash it all off. Ok I’m gonna tie my hair because its just getting a little too difficult I’m gonna pat it dry a little bit And then instead of doing a sheet mask I’m gonna be doing the pore control mask I love this its such a cute small size This is good for pores and acne Alright so I’m just gonna let this dry and then wash it off later um it usually takes me like 15 minutes so I’m gonna end the vlog here today I hope you guys enjoyed the vlog and I’ll see you guys in tomorrows.

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