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Hello friends its Allison I hope you’re
having a super happy and super merry and jolly day so far clearly I am just
embracing this time of year and thriving I mean frankly I just can’t stop
celebrating all the Christmas magic in the air and as you can see I’ve already
decorated quite a bit and you’re probably thinking girlfriend why are you
shopping for more Christmas things today but this area behind me is pretty much
the only area of our little apartment that is decorated so I wanted to see
what a few stores have in stock and see if we can sprinkle some more Christmas
magic around my little home so that’s what we’re gonna do today and I’m gonna
stick to a budget I’m only gonna try to spend $100 that’s what I did for my fall
decorate with me video and it was a really good challenge it might be like a
little bit more flexible this time because it’s Christmas after all and
it’s the best time of year so I think we can be a little more generous with the
budget but I’m gonna try and spend all my life savings on gingerbread and
snowflakes and Christmas treats so up for the challenge I think I want to do
like a little hot cocoa bar and maybe add some little Christmas Flair to our
bedroom as well but we’ll see what sticks out to us and I’m definitely
gonna get a holiday drink as well to make this Christmas shopping day
complete here is my little outfit of the day for Christmas shopping thank
goodness it’s actually chilly kind of in Florida today so I really am gonna get
in the Christmas mood it is currently 65 degrees and it’s
already almost 11 o’clock so that’s really rare for us so we’re just
thankful we are gonna take it and be thankful and I’m wearing this cozy
little turtleneck it’s like a rollover it’s not quite a turtleneck but this
cozy sweater and then I have my comfy jeans on from Express and these fun
little Chiquita booties I popped on some red lipstick because I know my outfit
isn’t super Christmasy but red lipstick always adds some Christmas Flair so bright yeah I just parked out her yet and I
forgot to mention that I already bought a 40 dollar tree skirt so I really only
have $60 left with my budget which I know is still a great amount of money
but with with Christmas and just decorations it goes so fast especially
when there’s so many cute ones oh my goodness the cuteness is unreal
voila Wow I love this candy cane Garland so much these mugs are only three
dollars what they’re so cute I love the shape of
them as someone who’s obsessed with to-do list and planning I love these
little weekly planner guides and recipe cards so stinking keel angels are target is truly popping right now I have
to just swallow my pride and blog in public which I’m always scared of doing
but we’re being brave brave demon of fresh pine tree I get down ringing
I think opal house is my favorite collection at Target but it’s
neck-and-neck with hearth and hand by chip and Joanna Gaines you guys know I
love them an angel choir singing one day I definitely want to do a little
tree forest on our dining room table but right now we really don’t have a formal
dining room but I think that would look so so magical they have this little section which says
under $20 which is super helpful for us on a little budget my favorite kind of tree trimmings are
the flocked ones with the fake snow on a I just think it looks so so magical
my mom’s in giving tradition it’s to make gingerbread houses on Thanksgiving
so I’m gonna wait and not get a gingerbread kit but I always make a
gingerbread house at the beginning of December or the end of November at
Thanksgiving and it actually serves as a super cute decoration if you do a good
job making it super cute we don’t really have a theme or any ornament on our tree
but these little woodland creatures are just making me melt
I’m also grabbing supplies because I’m filming a cozy Christmas Coffee DIY
video soon and this is one of the ingredients I need whenever I look for
the classic Christmas cookies and like this they’re always out of stock these
are actually super fun especially for my Star Wars lovers aka my husband but I
won’t decrease this points oh my gosh I just turned around and look what I found
they were right behind me I’m so happy I don’t know which ones I should get I’ve
never seen the health ones before that’s super cute
trees are snowmen oh my goodness someone I wish you guys could vote right now but
you’ll see this after I already buy them it was too hard to choose so I’m getting
both okay hi I am out of control I just got
out of target and I spent all my money and target so yeah I was gonna go to
other stores but your girl spent all of her money but I got so many cute things
I could not wait to show you I feel like I got a pretty good bang for my buck
like I said that $40.00 tree skirt really did me in but I was still able to
grab a lot of fun things and I got those cookies I am pumped but if you want us
to meet pop over to other stores like home guides and Hobby Lobby world market
and stuff like that like if you would like to still see their Christmas
decorations and like what I would buy and stuff I might not necessarily buy it
because I only need so much but I can still take you through the store and
like do a little fun shop with me so let me know if you still want to see that
but I am out of control but I think you’re really gonna like what I picked
out so before I do my little Christmas decor haul I wanted to thank Lola for
sponsoring today’s video this product is for all my ladies out there because Lola
is a female founded company offering feminine care products right to your
door and these aren’t just your normal typical feminine care products no these
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bother to disclose the ingredients but Lola is super super transparent with
their ingredients for all their tampons pads cleansing wipes etc and other
brands have been known to make synthetic ingredients into their products and we
don’t want that we don’t need that it is not good for you especially in such
sensitive areas of your body so no thank you I will stick to Lola and their
packaging is so sleek and beautiful I love this little part on this box it
says this too shall pass and until it does
we’re here for you love that also Lola is found
by women for women which why should it be any other way my favorite part about
Lola though is that for every purchase they actually donate feminine care
products to women in homeless shelters throughout the US and I just think that
as incredible and so meaningful because a lot of women who are homeless
unfortunately don’t have access to these products and she’s so awesome that Lola
is making that step in being generous in that way so super excited to be working
with them today and if you want to try it Lola for yourself which I really
think you should you can get 30% off your first subscription just go to WWE
and enter the promo code Allison for a discount so thank you again to Lola for
sponsoring today’s video and let’s get into our little Christmas decor haul oh
boy here we go so many goodies it’s crazy
I’m so happy though alright it is all time I have my receipt it was kind of
tricky to calculate as I was shopping because I bought some groceries as well
and stuff for another video my coffee video and I’m not gonna count that for
my decorations cuz that’s a whole other shipping but yeah we’ll see exactly how
much I spent I’ll have to do some math unfortunately but I’m really excited so
let’s start with the big things I got these two pillows that were each five
dollars each and they were in the dollar spot I don’t think it’s called that
anymore it’s called like spots corn or something like that the little dog name
I’m not sure but they slayed it no pun intended
they slayed the decorations this year whoever designs their their dollar spot
merchandise or picks it out they have fabulous taste but I really love this
pillow it is kind of like simple and it’s cool because you can put it on this
side too so if you wanted to do this side you could or the Polka Dot side so
I like how it is double sided that’s really nice touch and no it’s not like
the best quality ever but for five dollars it’s pretty dang good and then I
also got this marry and write one too and honestly like this isn’t really my
style usually I go for the more neutral decorations like that one the last
pillow I just showed you I love that because it was just white with the
little details and the polka dots like that’s kind of a little more subtle but
this one is merry and bright it is in your face but I just love the pom-pom
trim and it goes well with our tree skirt so I like it and I think I’m gonna
put it on our bed so that we’ll have like a little pop statement in there
because we’re not going to have too many other decorations so the next thing I
got was this beautiful candy cane banner that I showed you and I am just in shock
that this was three dollars I mean it looks expensive and especially compared
to some of the other banners that they have it looks like way more handmade I’m
gonna go get my scissors real quick like I’ll show you another one I got which I
actually might return depending on how much money I spent if I went over budget
um I got three dollars maybe I could give it to someone but this is so nice
the thing is I already have so many little garlands on my fireplace like
world’s know that’s we’re gonna be doing after this haul I’m gonna be finding a
place for everything look how cute that is
oh my goodness and again such good quality for three dollars I am just in
awe about that so and it kind of guy see did I say
candy cane yeah it’s candy cane but I reminds me of my candy corn one that I
had for fall okay I’m gonna show you these because I want
to actually stick them in the fridge but I got the two Pillsbury Christmas and
then snowman cookies I’m so happy they had them like it was so funny I was
looking at the beet the Pillsbury section and they didn’t have
anything there they had the Star Wars ones like I showed you and then I
literally turned around to look at the milk if I was getting coconut milk and
there they were just right there smiling back at me so I was so happy so if that
happens to you make sure you like browse around a little bit more and I think on
the apps now they say what’s in stock and what isn’t so excited about this and
these were 250 and these this isn’t gonna go on my decoration budget this is
groceries I mean like healthy nutritional groceries we we need to be
so I’m gonna go stick these in the fridge okay I am back the next thing I
got was also $3 and it is this would clip banner so at first I thought it was
just precious little wooden gingerbread banner but then I noticed it had little
clips on each of the gingerbread and you can put pictures or these little recipe
cards that it came with but I think that’d be so cute especially in the
picture idea like you could um if you’re having a little Christmas party which I
might have you can take a little polar out you can get a Polaroid camera out
and then clip the pictures on these little gingerbread guys I think that
would be so cute and again such good quality yet for what it is
these little guys these Garland’s are just killing me oh okay so they just
clip off the string they’re not attached to the string they just clip off of this
string but it but they give you a string to use some kind of nice recipe book
we’ll set that up later I definitely want to try to find a place in my
kitchen just set it up we’ll see a neighbor by the hot cocoa bar who knows
my kitchen is kind of dark like my dream is to have all white cabinets and like
white subway tile and marble one day cuz stuff like this will really pop and a
hot cocoa bar will really pop but for now we’re making magic in my little
darker kitchen but it’s so cute I just wish it was like some windows and stuff
but a girl can dream a girl can dream but I still think it’ll be super super
key oh they do get tangled easily though so watch out okay now
I also got some foodstuff like I said I got whipped cream from a coffee I need
to refrigerate that I got this hot cocoa mix that’s peppermint and it’s just the
wonder shop which is the Target brand name I believe like the Christmas brand
they have so I think that’ll be yummy and it was cheaper than Starbucks one
and then I also got this pyramid extract which is also for my peppers Lopez and I
got these gingerbread peeps which were only $1 and it comes with three of them
but I thought this would be fun for on top of my coffee and I’ve never tried
those before so I’m excited to try them I’m not like in love with peeps but they
aren’t tasty I like like one little nibble off of it and then I’m set I also
got this peppermint crunch it’s kind of like in a
sprinkles bottle which is convenient if you’re just like sprinkle in it on some
cookies or coffee and I couldn’t find candy canes anywhere for the life of me
I checked multiple times and like the Christmas section and then in the candy
aisle I couldn’t find that maybe like someone bottled them before me and it’s
very strange cuz usually there’s like a whole aisle for just candy canes but at
least they had that and then I got two marshmallows for my hot coco station and
then oh I also got this candle from the dollar spot but it was three dollars
they had him different they had a lot of candle options actually they had some
that were more like decorative but I thought this one was super cute and it
smelled yummy it’s gingerbread house which is kind of
surprising because of the color of the glass you would think it’s pine or
something like that oh but it smells so so yummy and I think
it just looks very precious and I go through Christmas candles super super
fast so necessary oh and then I also got this
gift so I don’t know exactly who it’s gonna be for yet but I love these as
gifts um especially for someone like you’re not really sure what to get them
it’s kind of like a really cute general gift or it’s cute if you’re giving a
gift like a whole family where there’s a mom and dad and kids I know I have a few
families like that and in my family that I like to still get them stuff but I’m
not gonna get something for every single person if that makes sense and it’s also
good to kind of have wrapped on there under the tree but in case like someone
shows up and you weren’t expecting them to show up you still have a gift for
them I was feel so bad if I don’t have a gift for someone so that’s a good idea
as well or like co-workers our boss I think that’d be really fun oh and it was
less than $10 it was on sale um but even when it’s not on sale it’s less than $10
it was 949 so pretty good and you get this cute little pan with it also okay
only a few more things and then we’ll start decorating so I got this have
yourself a merry little Christmas sign so this was $5 but that’s not the only
sign that comes with it it actually has one two three four five six seven eight
different signs and you switch it out at the top and I just think that is so cool
and such a great deal I love the design of it it’s very simple and very subtle
this one says better not pout oh my goodness where are my scissors I want to
show you guys all of them and this is something that I know I’m gonna keep for
a long time and for $5 amazing I’ll have to think of how many times I want to
switch it out like I need to put a little reminder on my phone like switch
out your sign just something new okay so we have better not pal and then we have
a believe in the magic of Christmas which I love you guys know I love magic
so cute and then have yourself a merry little Christmas
which I showed you first and then we have joy to the world I’m just gonna
show them like this right now and it’s thicker paper quality so hopefully the
last a bit longer and then we have this fine old-fashioned Christmas tree farm
five miles cut your own how cute and they’re both they’re all double-sided so
and then we have Dasher dancer Prancer vixen comet Cupid Donner Blitzen so
precious and it’s so subtle it gets Christmasy but it’s cool not cheesy and
then we have oh boy then we have snowflakes that stay on my nose and
eyelashes oh wow then we have 12 drummers drumming I’m
not gonna read that all but you guys know this song so so cute it’s gonna be
just hard to decide which one I should put up first can you guys please vote
down below what I should change it to or which here which one of these signs is
your favorite okay so two more things I also grabbed this joy what is safe yeah
so I ornament banner and it’s all wooden with like the little twine string and
it’s super super cute now I’m trying to give you the best look cuz I don’t think
I’m gonna open it I actually think I might return it um just because I don’t
know where I’m gonna put it ended I don’t know I don’t know it’s cute it
actually goes with fire let me I’m really well because I have some pink
over by my desk and there’s pink ornament so it does go well by you know
we’ll see once we start decorating we’ll make our decision if we feel like it’s
necessary or not but if it’s not at all just for sure okay last thing are these
dish towels and these were $5 as well but it did come with two and this one
actually goes really well with the pillow it matches which I appreciate you
know but then so this one’s just the polka dots with the little pom-pom
Ireland or trim and then this one has just little it’s kind of like a map in a
sense it has like these little buildings and trees and yeah it’s just super cute
and I like the coloring of it so gonna put these on her a little oven bar so
yeah that’s it now let’s tally up and see the damage I did okay I only spent
72 dollars and that includes my tree skirt so that’s actually really amazing
like I’m like did I miss something because it gives like that’s a lot more
than 72 dollars worth of stuff but pretty happy with that and that means I
am gonna go somewhere else and spend the rest of my money we’ll see we’ll see how
it looks once we start decorating but I hope you enjoyed that little haul now
it’s time to get creative and figure out where we want to put all this angel choir singing singing for you how many Christmas Garland’s on a
fireplace at one time is too many asking for a friend
I’m really not sure is this overboard guys tip it overboard
I’m out of control of telling you okay I randomly thought of another idea
for these little gingerbread klitz if you didn’t want to use it as like a
little recipe hanger or photo hanger so I thought it would be cute to kind of
clip them on your tree like they were ornament I have to find a good spot
where it actually would stay I didn’t try this yeah I’m literally
experimenting as I speak with you but I mean that’s cake you I don’t think I’m
gonna do it I don’t know maybe this really is a work in progress
and once I film a home tour like a Christmas decor well there we go
hi we don’t need to be that close to my face um but once I film like a Christmas
home decor house store apartment or like some of the stuff that I’m putting down
right now might be in a totally different spot but it’s a work in
progress you gotta experiment I’m walking around thinking about what’s
happened to me okay so I’m thinking of doing the little coffee hot cocoa
station right here by my KitchenAid but I also have this little section we have
like in our living room and it’s kind of like a little bookcase
slash bar area and we have all of our books but I also could do the the hot
cocoa station here so I mean it’s not that’s practical because I mean the
kitchen isn’t far at all but it’s not in the kitchen and that’s where like I
would boil the water for the hot cocoa and whatnot so I don’t know decisions
decisions I also thought about putting the hot
cocoa stuff up here on the shelf where we actually keep our coffee items
because that really it goes well and I love to mix a little hot cocoa in my
coffee this time of the year but I don’t know I don’t want it to be too cluttered
and I kind of want it all to be like so that it looks like a little station and
this is kind of like I like the symmetry going on here but I don’t know it’s not
obvious nothing it’s like a hot cocoa station you know what I mean it’s just
falling short it does it doesn’t look cute to me
I also need to get my Christmas mugs out because that’s what really nice just
needs to tie it all together it’s just way too cluttered for my
liking I am just really showing with this coffee bar thing I may need to
sleep on it and I might just need to accept the fact that it’s not really
working in my kitchen but I don’t know I need to put more brainpower behind it
trying to get some inspiration from Pinterest and I think I need to pull out
like some of my entertaining stuff like my cake stand maybe I like some kind of
tray I mean most of these ideas are for parties but I want one that’s just like
in my kitchen oh look at this this is so cute I mean she’s got that cute white
kitchen but maybe I could do something like that my getting to something we’re getting there
it definitely looks a little cluttered right now and I think I need to like
prop this sign up maybe like I should hang it on the backsplash or something
but we’re getting there I still have to work on it a little bit
but I think I need to spend more time getting inspo but this tray like
definitely helps kind of unify it and make it look a little more put together
but I don’t know it’s cute maybe it looks better with just one mug comment
down below if you have any ideas but by the time I do my house tour I should
have it solidified okay friends that is all I have for now clearly I need to
brainstorm a little more on where I want to put a few things but looking happy
it’s looking so festive and happy and I really hope you guys like hanging out
with me today going shopping and decorating can’t wait to do it again
soon and have a beautiful day Oh


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Edward Lee California USA

Nov 11, 2019, 1:30 am Reply

Allison you are amazing and your channel is so sweet and the reason why we love your channel is because you are awesome and you are sweet person with your good Heart God bless you and God bless your family as well I just subbed to you girl keep it up for a amazing content 💕💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤🤩🤩🇺🇸🇺🇸🖐👍🏼

Erika Lynn

Nov 11, 2019, 1:38 am Reply

I love that you budget yourself! Definitely check out Dollar Tree; they have so so much Christmas decor (and all seasons!)❤️

Helena Andrews

Nov 11, 2019, 1:59 am Reply

Hi Aliison, I think you did a great job picking those cute xmas decorations for your home. You should move your blender out there and place your coffee station since you don't like clutter.


Nov 11, 2019, 2:03 am Reply

For the cookies, I was yelling, “Get both!!!”

emma nguyen

Nov 11, 2019, 2:22 am Reply

I feel like in that bar bookcase area you can put a chirstmas scene like santa and raindeer or like the nativity?

Hannah Troyer

Nov 11, 2019, 3:01 am Reply

Thank you for this video 😍 it gave me a lot of inspiration 😍😍 love you decor 🎄

Victoria Del Valle

Nov 11, 2019, 3:15 am Reply

you’re so cute, your christmas energy is contagious! Please do vlogmas 🙂


Nov 11, 2019, 3:50 am Reply

I've been in and out of the dollar spot at multiple Targets this whole month gathering alllll the Christmas decor, and have never seen that candy cane garland! Dang it…now I need it!

Justine Erin Nicole

Nov 11, 2019, 4:11 am Reply

I can't wait to decorate for Christmas now ❤️💚🤍 you got me in the mood lol. Love your cozy home 🏠 ahh!!

Katelynn Souder

Nov 11, 2019, 4:44 am Reply

You seem so much happier in this vlog! Your personality shined a lot more and you cracked quite a few jokes 🤪 I love the little gingerbreads on the tree super cute !!💗

Carly Morton

Nov 11, 2019, 5:25 am Reply

I'm the same, way to scared to vlog in public atm 🤭 I'm so awkward lol

Bento Life

Nov 11, 2019, 5:32 am Reply

Please use reusable bags!!! No plastic please!!🙁🙂🛍

Xexe Leilani

Nov 11, 2019, 5:51 am Reply

Florida: 65° that’s so cold. Montana: it’s -11° that’s pretty good. l live in Montana lol


Nov 11, 2019, 6:35 am Reply

Please do other stores if you can 💗

Kimberly Esmee

Nov 11, 2019, 6:48 am Reply


Ali Marie

Nov 11, 2019, 8:02 am Reply

where is the tree from?!

Sadaf Amir

Nov 11, 2019, 8:17 am Reply

Plz tell the editor u use for ur vidoes❤❤❤btw love ur videos

ruchika sen

Nov 11, 2019, 10:00 am Reply

Those coffee mugs looked super cute on the coffee shelf, adding that lil christmas vibe :')

Cheryl Mendez

Nov 11, 2019, 11:16 am Reply

Your "rolled over – not really a turtle neck" is called a cowl-neck.


Nov 11, 2019, 1:26 pm Reply

I love the hot cocoa tray! So cute. 😊 This video has me so excited to decorate my place for Christmas ahhh! 🎄❤️


Nov 11, 2019, 2:32 pm Reply

This is the cutest video! Target literally did amazing with their “Dollar spot” merchandise this year!

isabella Fuentes

Nov 11, 2019, 3:12 pm Reply

Im a great fan of your channel❤️❤️


Nov 11, 2019, 4:02 pm Reply

i’m going to be sooo extra for decorations 🤣🤣

Trendy Talia

Nov 11, 2019, 4:04 pm Reply

This was a great haul! I need to run down to Target and check out their dollar spot, they have a lot of cute Christmas items that I am loving. Thanks for sharing! 🥰🎄✨

Sabrina Ochoa

Nov 11, 2019, 4:05 pm Reply

I love that you partnered with a feminine care product!

Amelie Mccullough

Nov 11, 2019, 4:36 pm Reply

Hi Allison! Wishing you a great day and it would be awesome to see what else is out in other stores (only if you feel comfortable in filming)

Amanda Sotolongo

Nov 11, 2019, 5:07 pm Reply

Love this video! I just posted a clean and decorate for Christmas with me on my channel also. If any small youtubers want to support each other ❤️🎄 I’d love to make it to 200 subbies before Christmas!

Diniti Fernando

Nov 11, 2019, 5:19 pm Reply

I like this video thank u allison🌹👩😙

Jamie Lee Ashton

Nov 11, 2019, 5:59 pm Reply

I can’t wait for Christmas 🎄

Ari Smiths Lifestyle

Nov 11, 2019, 6:29 pm Reply

Love your decor and it’s nice to know you did it on a budget like most of us have to. Just subscribed. I also have a lifestyle channel if you want to check it out. 😉

Jenna B

Nov 11, 2019, 6:36 pm Reply

I ran to target for that box with different signs that you showed and couldn’t find it anywhere 😞😞


Nov 11, 2019, 7:09 pm Reply

I just started my channel and I would love it, if you could check it out ❤️

Gisselle Lopez

Nov 11, 2019, 9:48 pm Reply

Where did you get your pillow that you swapped on your bed ? The one of the two hands holding ?

Lauren Kaufman

Nov 11, 2019, 10:58 pm Reply

Do you have a PO Box?? Incase some people want to be your secret Santa?!💕😊

Snickers And Sarah

Nov 11, 2019, 10:59 pm Reply

I like the joy to the world sign

Brooke Sexton

Nov 11, 2019, 12:16 am Reply

Believe in the magic of Christmas

Jacy Varnell

Nov 11, 2019, 1:43 am Reply

I am trying to hold off until after thanksgiving to decorate


Nov 11, 2019, 1:45 am Reply

Dont think I didnt see that Warby Parker box…you should do a video on their amazing glasses!


Nov 11, 2019, 2:28 am Reply

Hi Allison,
Your ideas are are so much fun and festive. It's inspiring to watch. Have to get to Target!!!

Chris No

Nov 11, 2019, 2:39 am Reply

7:49 to 9:48 is a Lola sales rant. If u want to skip 😜

Michea Johnson

Nov 11, 2019, 3:47 am Reply

I’d definitely put the sign on the reindeer names, it’s so precious. Also, I’d return the ‘Joy’ banner if I were you: I have it and I’m not a fan. It’s just not as cute as all of the other Dollar Spot banners I have.


Nov 11, 2019, 4:24 am Reply

I was so excited to find the candy cane garland (Banner) to my surprise it was only 1 left ❤️🤍

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