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Shin Chan – Waking Up in the New Apartment – English subs (Japanese version)

dame dame dame dame otona
wa nande mo dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame hora mata Shin-chan dame dame kou shinakya dame dame dame dame dame dame minna to onaji nante ya nano ni dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame machigai darake no dame dame kougeki iu koto kikinasai! are mo dame dame dame kore mo dame dame dame kimi no tame dame dame e? nande? are mo dame dame dame
kore mo dame tokidoki sore tte otona no tsugou nan janai no?! piiman nokoshicha ikemasen! oneesan nanpashicha ikemasen! opantsu kabuccha ikemasen! okatashi shinakucha ikemasen! ora ima yarou to omotta no ni… nani ka ga hen da na
otona wa hen da na!! nano ni dame dame otona
wa nande mo dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame kora kora Shin-chan dame dame oomedama dame dame dame dame dame dame urusai na dame dame youkai dame dame nanka you kai dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame ora ashita kara ganbareba ii ya ne… Why do grown-ups always
say, “Don’t do that!” Don’t do that! Don’t do that!
Don’t do that! No, not like that, Shin-chan.
You have to do it like this. Don’t do that! Don’t do that!
Don’t do that! Why do I have to do things
like everyone else? Don’t do that! Don’t do that!
Don’t do that! And if I mess up, here comes
the “Don’t do that” Attack! Do as I say! You can’t do that. You can’t do this. This is for your own good. Don’t do it. Huh, why? You can’t do that.
You can’t do this sometimes. But I’m not even an adult. Can I not eat my green peppers?
Absolutely not! Can I pick up some hot babes?
Absolutely not! Can I wear my underwear on my head?
Absolutely not! Can I up clean the room?
Absolutely not! But I was just about to do it… This is weird.
Adults are weird!!! But still, why do adults
always say, “Don’t do that!” Don’t do that! Don’t do that!
Don’t do that! Hey, Shin-chan, don’t do that!
Do you hear me? Don’t do that! Don’t do that!
Don’t do that! Don’t tell me to shut up. Don’t call me a witch or
say, “What do you want?” Don’t do that! Don’t do that!
Don’t do that! Maybe I’ll try to behave
starting tomorrow… Crayon Shin-chanOne day, a warning was sent saying that
there was a bomb at the Nohara’s house.
A bomb?! Don’t worry, I’m here!Action Mask found the bomb.But now, how are we going to deactivate it? Like this! Be careful, Hima! Okay, now it’s my turn! What a waste of time. I’m
gonna prepare some tea…At that moment, Action Mask realized……that the real bomb
was in the teapot.
Our hero ran as
fast as he could…
What are you doing?That’s why the Noharas were
forced to leave their home…
Lucky for me, it was just a dream…“It Looks Like It Will Fall Apart Again”Waking Up in the New Apartment“It Looks Like It Will Fall Apart Again”Where is the toilet, the toilet? I can’t hold it in anymore! Shinnosuke, what are you doing?Sorry!Here it is, kid… Made it just in time!No, you didn’t.Did you wet yourself?It’s like I spilled soup in my pants…But who would think of moving the
toilet to a different place?
Yesterday we moved to this house…I forgot all about that…Pajama…Sorry!What are you doing stepping
on me and searching through everything this
early in the morning? Well… Wake up, darling! What’s wrong? It’s so late! Is your back aching? Yes… I made such a big
effort while moving… I have some ointment. Where is the medicine chest? Let it be! I have to leave. Gimme my suit. Y-Yes. Let’s see… And my underpants! Oh yeah. Underpants… You wait! Here it is…“Everyday Items”What? It’s wrinkled! You should have hung it up last night! Hey, why don’t you take a vacation day? I have a really important
meeting that I cannot miss… Shall I make you some breakfast? There’s no time for that… Calm down! Don’t you worry,
I’ll eat it for you, dad! Thank you. Have a nice day! Cheer up! We have to pay for a new house! A salaryman’s life is really hard… That’s so true… Well… Let’s go back to bed. Shinnosuke! Kindergarten! But the bus didn’t come! Shin-chan! Today the bus isn’t coming since
we didn’t give them our new address! What a mistake… I’ll bring you! Hurry up, get ready! Wake up, Hima! Go on, quick! Say: ah! Where did I park the bicycle? I left it at our neighbor’s house! Shall we walk then? You kidding? We’re further than before… Then let’s take a taxi. No way, that’s too expensive. Nothing fits you… So tell me, what are we gonna do? Shin-chan. You won’t go to school
today, we’re exhausted after moving… And that’s why Shinnosuke won’t
be able to attend class today. Yes. I’m sorry. Excuse the inconvenience… What an irresponsible mother I have… Hey! I had no other option… I have a pile of things to do, and all
that work has to be done by me alone… And I only have two hands… Yes! And two rolls of fat
on each side of your body!“KAPOW”Well, all my tasks are written down…
Now it’s time to do them.“Greet the New Neighbors”“Change the Postal Address”“Send Postcards”“Pick up the Bicycle”“Relocate the Boxes”Which one should I take first?Buy Action Mask’s new spatial base.Did you really think
that was going to work? It was just a joke! It’s gonna be impossible to
finish them all today… These two are today’s tasks. Let’s go now!“Relocate the Boxes”, “Send Postcards”I could have guessed that. She’s so lazy… These mattresses are in a sorry state… I can say the same about you, mom. What are you suggesting, little guy?!This is so small that we’ll have to
come up with something to survive…
I know! What are you doing?You’ll see.That’s it. Now I cover it
with the sheets and…
Look! A couch! Cool, isn’t it? What a luxury! But it’s a pity it doesn’t have springs… It’s not a trampoline, Shin-chan. We can watch TV from here…
And I can take naps here… But you don’t really need this…
You fall asleep anywhere… Sorry about that. So, Hima, you also like it! Me too! You’re cheating, Hima! Come on, let her be,
you’re the older brother! Be nice, I’m going to take out the rubbish. Okay! I’ll make a seat that’s
gonna be much better than that! The waste disposal point is a bit far…What’s this?What did you do? This is my castle! You idiot! This is already too
small for you to be putting everything in
the middle of the room! Stop! That’s a wall. The
door is over there… It’s locked with a key, so I need
the password: Misae Nohara is…? Young and pretty!Wrong.Intelligent and kind? Big-bottomed? That was close. She’s an
old big-bottomed witch. Don’t you dare to say that again! Stop now! It hurts… I found my toys… I have even more tasks now… Greeting the New Neighbors“It Looks Like It Will Fall Apart Again”Shinnosuke Nohara, for the World Record! A promising future for this swimmer. Shinnosuke! I’m leaving you alone for a while, okay? Where are you going? I’m going to say hello to our neighbors. But why? Well, it’s polite to do
so when someone moves in. What an excuse! I don’t believe you.
What you really want is to abandon us. What nonsense you’re saying… We moved because, from the beginning,
you intended to leave us here… Himawari, did you hear that?
We’re gonna be abandoned… Where do you get those ideas from?
Stop, or you’ll wake Hima up! How could I abandon my little kids?
We’ll always be together. Always together? Sounds tiresome… What? And now you complain… Mom, I’m going with you! You? Do you know how to greet new people? Of course. Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Shinnosuke Nohara
and I’m five years old. This is my mother. She’s a scrooge and has a big ass. Hey, kid! There’s no need
for that many details. Let me speak, and you just smile, okay?! So boring! If it’s boring then don’t come. I’m leaving! Mom, you’re forgetting this! You’re right. You never
know what may happen. With this… No way, what are you thinking? It was just in case… Let’s start with this one. Nobody’s home. I hear something! Let’s escape! It’s coming! What do you want? Why are we escaping? Good morning. I am Misae Nohara. We just moved here. Nice to meet you. Well, it’s just a free sample
from the market, but… A little gift. Thank you. Damn! A graceless neighbor here… Where’s Shinnosuke? No way! What’re you doing sneaking into my room? I knew this would happen. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry… So Shinnosuke, don’t you
have anything to say to him? Yeah! You should tidy up your place! Insolent brat! I didn’t mean that! Well, the thing is that I study all day. I have already failed the
university access exam three times. My name is Yonro.“Yonro”So, if you fail again…四郎 (Yonro) in Japanese – 四 (Yo) means 4Yes, I know, I’ll have failed
4 times, same as my name. But please, don’t joke about it. My parents were really
cruel naming me that… We’ll pray for you to fail again! No way! Sorry! So now I can’t set my studies aside,
so please don’t make any noise! As you wish. What did he say about setting aside?
I don’t wanna be set aside… Well, see you! And study hard! That’s what I was going to do! Hey, it’s over. Go back home and stay quiet. I don’t want to. Go back home! No way! I said: Go-Back-Home! Forget it. Go now! No! Goooo! Noooo! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m
sorry, I’m sorry, I’m…“Nushiyo Oya, Owner of the Apartments”Finally, it’s almost done! My 3D
Denture’s Tower – Senior Edition. The challenge is finishing it in less than
15 days, and I’m about to achieve it. Here I go with the last one! Who did this? Action Jump! Shut up! It’s over! Come on, stop now! Missed it. I won. Why are you jumping so much? There’s someone below, mom! Shinnosuke, the landlady lives in
the floor below, don’t make noise. The… landlady? The owner of the apartments… Yes? Hello, landlady! So is she the moaner? She
doesn’t look like one! Not moaner, I said owner. What’s wrong with this kid? He’s stomping on the ground non-stop. Yes, that’s true. And this woman was also
mirroring me non-stop. And you think I do that for fun? You should know that it
echoes a lot downstairs, and I want silence on
my property, okay? I’m sorry. From now on we’ll be extra careful. Kids are always causing trouble… She also likes to slam the door… Sorry, Sir! Nice, now that I’m calm
again, I’ll start it over. You must be careful, this
is not like our old house. Even walking must be done in silence. And how can we walk silently? So slowly, like moonwalking. I see, but I’ve never been to the moon. Then it’s like walking in slow-motion. Mu-um is it o-kay li-ke thi-is? You can talk normally. Well, I’m gonna cook dinner. Again! Shinnosuke! Silence, please!“It Looks Like It Will Fall Apart Again”Crayon Shin-chan
The End


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