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Shankar Heights 1-3BHK Apartments at Ambernath West, Mumbai – A Property Review by IndiaProperty.com

Hello and welcome to a brand new property review with indiaproperty.com The property we’re looking at today is Shankar Heights by Laxmi Kamal associates Shankar Heights is located in Ambernath West right behind Father Agnel High School and Junior College It is located at a distance of 2kms from Ambernath station and roughly 8.5kms from Kalyan station Ambernath is mainly popular because of the 10th century Shiv Temple that sees a lot of pilgrims coming and going In recent years, it has also developed as an industrial hub mainly for pharmaceutical companies, a lot of which have offices and manufacturing plants here Thane City is located at a distance of 30kms from here and Titwala is 15kms There are several schools, hospitals and shopping centres within a 5kms radius of this particular property Let us now discuss the amenities The amenities offered at Shankar Heights include a small landscaped garden, a tennis court, a jogging track, a kids play area, solar lighting units for common areas, two lifts for every building, full parking for all members, and a fire-fighting unit for all the buildings Let us now take a look at a sample 2BHK flat in this society Please note that any furnishings you might see in this flat may not be provided by the builder We’re now in a sample 2BHK apartment in Shankar Heights This apartment has a super-built up area of 985 sq ft and a carpet area of 696 sq ft The living room is 15’x10′ in dimensions The walls have all been done up in a standard oil-based distemper paint And the floors are covered in fully vitrified tiles The living room has french windows at one end which come with grills apart from the sliding panels The french windows lead out to a balcony which overlooks the hills nearby And there’s a lot of greenery, mostly, considering this area has not been developed extensively so far Let us now take a look at the kitchen The kitchen with dimensions of 8’x9′ is only moderately spacious There’s a main countertop with a stainless steel sink at one end And there’s a parallel countertop right in front of it There are conveniently placed electrical points to install a fridge, a microwave and maybe a water purifier And there’s also a loft in which you can store kitchen essentials Apart from these, the kitchen wall has been done up in designer dado tiles up to the lintel level There’s enough space to store a fridge, and other kitchen appliances There’s also space to store kitchen essentials You can have kitchen baskets built into the storage space which is below the granite countertop There’s also a small flowerbed area that you can access by opening up the french windows As mentioned before, there’s also a grill right outside, which is not something that you see in every flat Let us now move to the secondary bedroom The secondary bedroom is 12′ 6″ x 10′ in dimensions You can comfortably accommodate a small bed, a wardrobe and a study table in here But that won’t leave much space to move around However one good thing about this room , is as you can see, there’s a lot of sunlight streaming in And its around 5 o’ clock right now The french window at one end of this room leads out to a small flowerbed area, which is once again, guarded by a grill That area can be used for a good evening cup of tea Electrical points are located at convenient locations and there’s a point specifically for cable and telephone connections in this room as well Let us now move on the master bedroom The master bedroom with dimensions of 11′ 6″x 9′ 6″ is not much larger than the secondary bedroom The only difference that I really see between these two rooms is that this room has an attached toilet and bath and a window that faces north instead of west The attached toilet and bath has skid proof tiles on the floor and designer dado tiles on the walls The sanitary fittings and the plumbing fittings look just okay, not very good quality I would say Similarly, the door of the bathroom does not seem to be of very good quality I mean, PVC doors are in the past now But I guess if you’re looking for a bargain, you have to settle for this Apartment from these, the switches also seem to be of okay quality In the passageway that leads from the living room to the bedrooms, there’s also a common toilet which is identical to the attached toilet except for the fact that it has an Indian style loo That brings us to the end of this video property review We hope this review is helpful to you Whether looking for any kind of property Land, residential, commercial or farmhouse India Property has it all Thank you for watching


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I think u ought to mention the rate at the time of review of the flats


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what is the price of this property?Do they have a single bedroom too?

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Can u tell us the price of shanker height flat of 2bhk and 3bhk.


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Price of 2bhk ?


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2:16 talk about some breakage and lickage also…

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Sir please price bataey

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Cost of 2 BHK please

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