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Shadowhunters 3×04 Behind the Scenes “Thy Soul Instructed” (HD) Kyle’s Apartment

it’s episode four and once again Simon has nowhere to live they’re gonna turn lane move it yes to figure out where he’s gonna stay and this big concrete jungle of Manhattan I just need a place of my own I don’t want to have to explain why I have a fridge full of blood or how I never eat I talked to some people from set deck when they were building that room and she was like what would be in there that Simon would really freak out about there was like a fake David Bowie picture in there that I thought was pretty cool until you realize it’s not David Bowie it’s some guy dressed like teether Bowie Les Paul with original humbuckers but they had a pinball machine and then they had it also littered with these cool little bike gadgets for Kyle because Kyle was supposed to be like a bike messenger when Simon walks over to the record player the first time I tried not to laugh because all that’s there are Olivia newton-john records there’s just a pile of them it’s all Olivia newton-john all of them this place is awesome and I guess Simon was like my type of music I’m staying here Kyle ends up offering in a place to stay do you know anyone who needs a place hey man it’s no pressure just this seems like we’d get along [Music] you


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