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– [Pear] It’s not the main door. Let’s see. (screaming) (techno music) (laughing) Hey hey, what? Okay, yeah, it’s Pear. You are forcing me to
play The Apartment 2. Stop knocking! Who is knocking? You keep knocking when I’m trying to talk. Who is knocking the door at midnight? Should I check the cams,
or I should check the cams from my laptop before I open the door. Cool, is this like a Five
Nights at Freddie’s thing? Cigarette butts! I don’t smoke, what’s going on? All right, oh, here’s the laptop. Am I high fiving the
laptop, is that how I do it? Oh! Oh, why does he have a chainsaw? Or maybe he wants to craft
me a nice chair or something. I should barricade the main
door to buy myself some time? Ah, you guys! You guys are forcing me
to play these scary games. Okay, so there’s a dude with
a chainsaw outside my door and I have to barricade, ooh, what’s that, I don’t,
can I grab that, what is it? Oh, I grabbed it but I
don’t know what it is. Great idea, I’m just gonna hide in here. Argh! Okay, so where’s the main door? Is this the main door? Okay, which one’s the main door? What am I barricading? What do I? (glass breaking)
Oh! What, what, what? Breaking glass where? I didn’t, I didn’t touch anything. I refuse to think that this
guy’s gonna try and kill me. I think he’s bringing a chainsaw because he wants to craft me a nice chair. What the! Was this open before here? Was this all open? I can’t see anything, it’s so dark! I don’t understand, okay. How am I supposed to do anything
if I can’t see anything? There’s a line, there’s
a line between too dark and dark enough so that it’s creepy. Okay, he’s still there, he’s not moving. So maybe do I not have
to barricade anything because he doesn’t really
seem like he’s moving much. So I guess, I think we’ll be okay, it’s gonna be fine although maybe I should go check out
some of these other rooms here. I didn’t open up this door, hopefully it’s not the main door. Let’s see, Oh! (screaming) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! I hate it when shadow man poops. Why is Shadow Man pooping
in my, in my bathroom? I’m really happy that he
decided to flush though that’s very considerate of shadow man. I’m glad that he flushed because it’s gross if
you go into the bathroom and nobody’s flushed and
there’s just, you know, something floating
there, I don’t need that, don’t need it. Is this the door? Okay, oh, another, another
bathroom with no toilet. Just, wait why is there no toilet? That’s what, that’s the
question I (screams). Okay, okay, okay, why
is he playing a flute? What’s with the skull playing the flute? What is even happening in this game? Shadow man pooping in my, in my toilet. I’ve got skull flute player in my mirrors, I don’t need any of it, I don’t
even know what’s going on. This is the weirdest game. If this were my apartment, like seriously, I would be out, I would not even stay. I would just be like,
nope, I’m done, I’m done. I would jump out the
window and I would say, later shadow pooper and
skeletal flute player, I’m done. Why was there a skeleton
playing a flute, or a horn or something I don’t know,
what am I even doing? Why is it so choppy? I don’t even understand, when
I get close to here it chops. What is it, what is it what, argh? You guys! You guys I don’t understand,
okay so is this the main door? Press E to barricade door, I need planks and a hammer
to barricade this door. Oh, oh okay, okay. So we saw some planks in that other room. The bathroom with no toilet
which is a little weird. Why is there no, why is there
no toilet in that bathroom? Are you supposed to poop in
the shower or the bathtub? Because that’s kind of unsanitary, if you’re pooping in the bathtub, I’m definitely not
gonna take a bath there. That is the last place
I’m gonna take a bath. Okay, so here we go, okay yeah, see. There’s just a shower and a bathtub. Okay there, we got the planks. Got those. All right, lets bring those. Okay, wait, wait. Do we need to find a hammer now? Where’s there a hammer? Yo, MC Hammer time in the toilet. Oh what’s this? Wait, that looked like
a tablet or something. Although the shadow from
the tablet is still there but the table is not, I picked
it up but the shadow stayed. Is that part of the game? Is that part of the game? Press E, I need planks and a hammer. Okay, I need to find that hammer. Oh, MC Hammer parachute pants time. Where is the hammer? Knowing this game it’s
probably in the toilet because every horror game
now, you go to the bathroom and you have to dig around in the toilet so I don’t know why I’m not
looking in the toilet right now. I can’t see anything. The hammer’s probably in here, it’s probably in here somewhere
and I cannot see a thing. I am walking, I can see the
lit up areas of the room but otherwise I can see nothing. I just don’t understand. Okay, it’s so choppy. I should hide somewhere. Okay, okay why? I’m gonna go to the closet, I’m gonna go to the closet,
I’m gonna hide in the closet. I’m hiding, I’m hiding,
you can’t touch me. Can’t touch this. What? Oh oh, no, no, oh, ooh, I don’t need any, no
chainsaws, no chainsaws. Don’t chainsaw me. It’s fine, ooh, ooh! No, no. Please don’t come in here, please! Ooh, I don’t like these games. Okay, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Okay, okay, okay, okay,
okay, maybe it’s fine. Maybe it’s fine, I am not going back in. Just definitely gonna go back in. Okay, I can’t stay out there. Okay, it sounds like he’s out here. Ooh, ooh, it sounds like
he’s walking on top of me. Maybe he’s in the ceiling or on the ceiling, above the ceiling? I don’t know, in the attic! That’s what I’m trying to say. Okay, lets look at the
mirrors, not the mirrors. Oh, he’s in the house. He is in the house. Ooh, ooh, there he is. He’s stuck, ooh (screaming) Ooh, ooh, ooh, okay, where’s
he going, where’s he going? He’s walking, okay! Okay, close, close, close,
close, close, close the door. Close the door! Close the door, I’m pooping.
I’m pooping in here. You can’t come in here, I’m pooping. I’m pooping, I’m pooping! Okay, okay, okay so it’s cool, it’s cool. When Pear comes in here
to poop, he can’t come in. Okay, I think he left, okay good. Good, I should call 9-1-1, for what? You know that’s gonna do nothing. In these games that does nothing. I need planks, and I
need to find that hammer. Where’s the hammer you guys? Oh my God! Okay, everyone knows in these games, even if you find a phone
it’s either gonna be dead or it’s not gonna connect or I don’t know, someone answers on the other end and then as soon as they say, we’re on the way, they get murdered. Okay, why are the shadows
from the planks still there? Like when I pick stuff up,
the shadows are still there. Does that mean something? I mean I feel like it might mean something since there was a shadow
man pooping in my toilet. How does a shadow man have to poop? What does shadows eat? There’s so many questions,
I have so many questions and no answers. First and foremost, where’s the hammer? I need a hammer. Does anybody have a hammer, please? I could use a hammer right
now, that would be awesome. Awesome, please, hammer time. Wait, wait. Oh, oh. Is this something? The little hand symbol came up, like I’m high fiving. Apparently I just like
to high five things. Nope, that wasn’t a hammer. I am picking things up but I have no idea. Is there an inventory button? Not that I can find. I am just picking random
crap up from my apartment. Whether it does me any good or not. Oh wait, I did pick up, that’s right. I did pick up the phone earlier. Now that I think about
it, I can call 9-1, 9-1-1, nine whatever, you know what I mean. I could call 9-1-1. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I saw a little hand symbol. Come on, why is it get so
glitchy when I get closer to that table, it doesn’t make any sense. Okay so I, okay so I got that phone out of the bathroom earlier so maybe I could call 9-1-1. Again, not that it would matter because once again
something will go wrong, it always does. I play these games,
something always goes wrong. Cool, am I high fiving the chair? Oh, I just picked something up, what did I pick up, I have no idea? I have no idea because it doesn’t tell me. I just, was it a stick? Was it a broom? A kazoo? Like, in this situation
you need to tell me what I’m picking up because I can’t see because it’s so dark. What?
Okay it was just a drip. Just a drip drop, nobody. No shadow man pooping in
the toilet, thank goodness. (screaming) Okay, so I got the cell phone right here where the shadow is. What, oh, the battery is
dead, I should find a charger. Why didn’t you tell me that before? Argh! Seriously this game
should not be that hard. There’s like three rooms total but every time I get
close to certain things the game kind of like starts stuttering. Okay, obviously this is
where all of my food friends get eaten so yeah, this is
the horror room right here. A lot of you would say that’s the bathroom but no, the battery is dead,
I should find a charger. Thank you, thank you. I can’t, can I just slap some soap on it, will that do it? Where is there a charger, I
have looked in every room. I have looked and I have looked. The only room I can’t
figure out anything in is the dark room, the dark
room I can’t see a thing. Argh! Okay, so stop glitching. Oh wait, wait, wait,
there was something here. I think I grabbed it, did I grab it? I think I did. Okay let’s see if it
was the, it was, okay! Apparently somewhere along the line I got the hammer, yes. The door is barricaded, eat it, eat it! You wanna get back in, no! Although he is carrying a chainsaw so, that’s yeah, he could just cut
right through those boards, so why am I, why am I
barricading the door? If he can just chainsaw
his way through this and on top of that there’s
already a door there, so if there’s already a
door just lock the door. Like, putting more, I
just, the logistics of this doesn’t make any sense
to me, I’m just saying. Like I get it, you want
to make more stuff for him to have to, oh oh, did
he get in the house? I don’t understand. Ooh no, no, no, I think I saw him. Wait there he is, ha! You’re on the other
side, you can’t get me. Ha ha, what the, what? (screaming)
(chainsaw engine roaring) No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Don’t chainsaw me, argh! What the? What? What is the point of barricading the door if he can just walk right through it? What, this game doesn’t make any sense. Thank you for forcing
me to play this game. Not! Peace out! (techno music)


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