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Sell for Just 1% in NYC with a Discount Full Service Listing Agent – Discount Real Estate Broker NYC

For years, frustrated New York City home sellers
have had no choice but to pay 6% in commissions. As a result, NYC real estate agents have become
the wealthiest brokers in the world, often earning more money than investment bankers. Having a professional agent can certainly
be helpful to the busy and overworked NYC home seller, but is that convenience really
worth $100,000 or more in commissions? We don’t think so. At Hauseit, we make selling your NYC property
so much less expensive. Through our 1% full-service listing option,
we offer sellers substantial commission savings while also giving them the time savings and
convenience of having a traditional, full-service listing agent. To get started, visit our website to book
a free, no obligation consultation. A highly-rated, Hauseit affiliated agent will
visit your property to offer a thorough valuation of your unit and to answer any questions you
may have. Once that’s completed, your Hauseit affiliated
agent will take photos, draft a floor plan and prepare your listing’s description. Your agent will then fully market your home
by listing it on RLS and over a dozen major websites like StreetEasy all at once, giving
you full exposure to both unrepresented and represented buyers. Hauseit sellers can expect their full-service
agent to take care of the entire sale process, just as you’d expect from an agent who charges
you 6% in commission. Your agent will take care of everything from
private showings and open houses through to screening offers, negotiating and preparing
the board package. When it comes to commission savings, convenience,
and your chances of success, Hauseit’s 1% full-service listing option is about as good
as it gets here in New York City. Visit https://www.hauseit.com/fsbo-nyc to save on
commission today.

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