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Section 8 Housing Norfolk Nebraska

Hello You came across this video looking for Section
8 Housing in Norfolk Nebraska. I’m here in the beautiful main lobby of
the Odd Fellow Rebekah Manor. Right now I know 2 things you are most likely
looking for. #1, I know most of you are looking for a place
to live either for yourself, or a loved one. And #2 I know you also have a lot of questions,
which is very understandable.   A few of your questions might be about the
security of our building, where the laundry is located, are the utilities
included in the rent, and is off street parking available? Our website will answer all these questions
and many more. Below this video you will find a link. Click on the link and I will meet you at our
website, tell you about all the improvements and remodeling we have done in the last few
years, about the amenities we offer and answer all the other questions you have. Look our website over and get started on your
application Today! We have qualified people to walk you thru
the process, and we do not charge an application fee! Click on the link below and I’ll meet you
at the website! Thank You!

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