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School bus conversion small home | tour | Off-grid family tiny house

Welcome to ordinary extraordinary and we’re gonna show you a tour of our tiny house bus today. So come and have a look We started this project over two and a half years ago And we did it because we wanted an adventure of a lifetime with our two small kids [Upbeat music] In the beginning we had a good friend of ours do a lot of the grunt work But it was the last 40 percent or 50 percent we actually had to finish ourselves with some great friends helping us and it was massive There’s a steep learning curve so and a few mistakes along the way Welcome to the bus, let’s start the tour So first thing we’ve got is our shoe rack, which is a really nifty little cupboard hidden away cupboard So it also has all our messy shoes and it also has a nice little basket where we can put our phones and our wallets and our little knickknacks and it’s hidden by a nice little curtain Then we’ve got our driver’s seat which I had nothing to do with. Tim? So we’ve left the driver’s seat mostly how it came A lot of buttons, it’s a Japanese Hino Blue Ribbon some of the knobs and buttons are still got Japanese writing, so I’m not sure what they do The kids love to sit here as well and that’s lots of fun for them But it can be a bit of a problem because they press these switches and I don’t know what half of them do so Sometimes I’ll be driving along and realise that my indicator is not working. That’s because they’ve isolated the battery that’s for the lights I love driving the bus! Welcome to our living area as you can see, it is pretty spacious. And this is something that we intentionally designed We originally when we were looking for bus vehicles we were looking for and actually ready-made and everything that we saw online had Not much more floor space. Everything is quite Built out and because we have two small children We thought that was really impractical and so we intentionally did this design and we made this couch The size of a normal bed so that it can be used, and a really high quality foam And then this side can be used with a bed for a small child now if we’re coming to the lounge section We have a lovely little bookcase where we can hide some books and a nice little lamp for night times and Underneath here we also have some power and more storage. So underneath these is huge amounts of storage as I can show you. One of the best things that I didn’t even realise when we were doing this bus is the overhead locker storage We kind of ummed and ahhed about it for a while But it’s actually our most accessible storage and it’s really easy to organise, so we sort of just have little Baskets all along here and it makes life so easy living in a small space as a family So when we originally built the bus We had an idea of having a pop-up table a table that went up with little legs and then it down and Tim actually built one but after we had done some of the finishings we just realized how much we loved having open flexible space and Instead we decided not to install the table But we actually bought an adjustable table that goes up and down and most of the time we actually sit outside to eat dinner so we have the option of bringing the table in here to all eat or Sometimes Tim and I put the table up here and play board games Most of the time we actually leave it outside and this is just the kids’ play area This is our kitchen It is a little bit of a minimalist type design which we love a really good friend of ours made it Who’s a cabinet maker and is very skilled So we really wanted to have a big bench top so that we have flexibility of what we do with it Whether it’s preparing food, I really love baking and making bread or if it’s doing washing or other home duties And we went for a bigger type sink and this was recommended to us by people who live on the road full-time just because it’s a good place to put your dirty dishes in here and wash them and just for storage and Then on this side we’ve got a really great big oven which is big enough for me to make bread and other things that I love baking and It’s got really really easy sort of pullout drawers systems On both sides so we can have all of our food storage And it’s a really really easy sort of top soft drawer opening system. Thanks Rob. When we travel our kitchen is actually really easy to pack down because we just put these clips on Make sure all overhead lockers are up Everything’s screwed on up here and we just close this and put our kettle somewhere else So the kitchen’s really easy so I actually got some friends to help me do the cushions and I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to do it but these Friends are awesome and the tutorial was really easy So we made these with some really nice quality foam and just got some of this material and it gave me some confidence Because originally I was going to get the curtains outsourced But after we did the cushions we thought why not try to the curtains so we decided to go with a Swedish blind type model and using washed old blankets to make these curtains and we’re actually Really happy about them because it was a lot of work because there was i think 11 curtains to make and my mum really helped, with some friends and even installing them was a bit of a mission, but they just work so easily and Yeah, every morning and night We just have no problems putting the curtains up and down and I know until we’re just gonna really appreciate them Let’s go check out the rest of the house Having small children it was really important for us to have different rooms in our bus and so this is our boys’ room and As you can see, it’s quite a cozy little space of two bunks Tim has created a clever little system for making it safe for when our boys get into bed So we pop them in and then we pop in these little poles to keep them from rolling out. They have a lot of fun in these bunks coming in and out Aren’t you boys meant to be sleeping? “Its a bunk bed!” One of the most surprising things for us is some of the spaces of storage that’s being easier than we anticipated and Underneath these bunks we built-in storage which isn’t actually that easy to get so we put things in there. We don’t use easily but strangely underneath the beds Are actually the drawers that we use for their clothes and they’re really easy and accessible and we accessible it all the time. This is our bathroom space we did this in the later part of the build and We probably should have done it at the beginning as I learned afterwards But it was a really tricky space to do because we wanted to make sure we did it at a really high quality so we got no Water damage and to make it really functional So we ended up getting a custom-made steel shove made and then Tim and a friend actually fitted out the hole all the plumbing and the shower system and we decided to keep the window in because I really like light and I don’t like dark and moldy spaces and the window opens right up and we have these really clever little Walls going in and so it keeps the water in We decided to go for a composting toilet because we wanted to not have a buck water system and we didn’t want to need all the water and We want to be fully off the grid and to be able to go off the grid for ages. We have a fantastic nature loo composting toilet which has a fan in it and it is actually odourless which is amazing When we were designing the bedroom, I really wanted a cozy little nook as our feature and this bedroom has been all of that Actually it’s a really really light Lovely space to be and in it The design is quite a cabin space because there the wood in here is a lot of more of a pine color than the rest Of the bus and again, we’ve used all upcycled woolen blankets, and I’m just really happy with the space. It’s really warm It’s really comfortable and it actually operates as two other spaces which we can show you We’ve also got some storage up here, which we haven’t really needed to utilize fully because we haven’t filled it up yet But it’s nice if I’ve got some extra books. It also operates as our music room because we have a good time on the piano and it’s so nice when we park up somewhere with a beautiful view or as as we have our beautiful view here, to be able to do that as a family And now I’m going to take you to our most secret room of the house is the secret office so when we were designing this we knew that one of us would probably be working part time and This space has two doors Blocking it from the main living area so it can be quite quiet if the kids are in the house and it has been great Thanks so much for watching our tiny house tour And if you want to stay in touch and see the journey unfold Just hit subscribe, hit subscribe and follow us in our weekly videos


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Awe little sweetie guys. They look so happy in there little bus. Which is awesome by the way!


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I subscribe to your channel.I am also a YouTuber. ❤


Nov 11, 2019, 6:57 pm Reply

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Inanna Ishtar

Nov 11, 2019, 1:24 pm Reply

What a great experience for your twins. I hope you are able to stay on the road for a long time for them. Boys love being active and sitting in school all day is just now the best thing AND they have each other to play with. Thanks for sharing, this bus is one of the best conversions I have seen.

Kitten Girl

Nov 11, 2019, 12:39 am Reply

Love the openness and windows of your bus..and your little boy is adorable.

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Thu Huyền

Nov 11, 2019, 6:21 pm Reply

Your bus is one of the best designed ones

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Nov 11, 2019, 9:21 pm Reply

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Nov 11, 2019, 5:09 pm Reply

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Vonda Martin

Nov 11, 2019, 1:01 am Reply

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