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Sapphire Apartment Tour with Bonus Room

Hey, guys! I’m Kristen. I’m the Leasing Director here at Bowman Pointe. Today, we’re going to be walking through one of our special Sapphire units. This unit is normally 580 square feet, but this one is special. It is 680 square feet and we will see why in just a little bit. Standard with all our apartments that comes with your utility package, you get an alarm system when you first walk into your unit, which is right here. We also allow you to set and disarm your alarm from your cell phone. So, that’s a really neat feature to have. Also, when you first walk in, you have a little coat closet right here where you can store your brooms, vacuums, and coats for the winter. I’ll take you over here to the bathroom. Our bathrooms at Bowman Pointe have spa showers with rainfall showerheads that come from the ceiling. You can turn these on at the same time or one-by-one, if you like. So, you have the rainfall, you have both of them, or you can turn on the wall, if you like. Also another feature we have in our bathrooms here with the Sapphire is a little laundry chute, which is really awesome to have. This actually connects over to your master closet so you can transfer your laundry back and forth, without having to lug your hamper through your apartment. Now, we’re going to go into the kitchen where we have tons of cabinet space in the Sapphire. Actually, we have the most cabinet space out of all of our floor plans in the Sapphire unit. You have a nice big pantry space right here. Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and designer backsplashes continue through the kitchen as well as the bathroom. Then, you also have a nice little feature for your sink where you have a double-spray: one, normal, one, also, for your more tough stains on your dishes. We have your living room space right here. This unit does not have a balcony or patio space, but there is tons of extra space around the property that you can always go to and get a little fresh air. Right over here, we have our media wall which actually allows for you to mount your TVs on your wall. That way, you don’t have any cording hanging down. Everything is housed within this little cubby hole right here. Then, also, that saves you space because where you would have your TV stand, now you don’t really have to have one. You can just mount your TV on your wall and save some space in here. There’s a nice little eat-in bar that you can put some bar stools at and have some eating area. But, you can also put, over here, a nice little bistro table if you have one of those for more defined eating space. Then, the bedroom is right in here. We will get to the bonus at the very end. You have a nice big bedroom in here. You can easily fit large furniture, a queen-sized bed if you have that. You also have the media wall in the bedroom so you can mount your TV. If you don’t have your own washer and dryer, that’s okay because this unit actually features a stackable washer and dryer. This is the neat little hamper I was telling you about. So, this actually opens up to where you can throw your laundry down in there. Or, if you like, you can open it up from the bottom, and pull your hamper out that way. You have tons of hanging space in your closet, as well, even space down on the floor for shoe racks. So, now we’re going to look at the bonus of this room. We don’t have very many of these on the property, so this is a very special unit. When you walk in, you actually have a nice, big space. This is not considered an extra bedroom. So, you’re actually kind of getting a two bedroom for the utility package pricing of a one bedroom. This is about 100 square feet or so. You could fit a nice little office in here. If you would like to use this as extra closet space or even a guest room, you can definitely do that. So, if you would like to apply for the Sapphire with a bonus room, this is a 680 square-foot apartment. It leases out for $968 a month before the $50 utility package. Just as a reminder, with that utility package, you get your Fidelity HDTV cable, high-speed Internet, water, sewer, trash, pest control, and security alarm. If you would like to apply for the apartment, go to BowmanPointe.com. Click the “Apply Now” tab. Go down to “Phase 1.” It’s Apartment 1031 and you can apply online. Thank you so much. Have a good day!


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