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Sanskuri Homes 1-2BHK Apartments at Kiwale, Pune – A Property Review by IndiaProperty.com

Hello and welcome to Indiaproperty.com The property we are looking at today is located in Vikas Nagar, Kiwale Kiwale is located on the outskirts of Pune district towards Bombay This particular property is known as Sanskruti Homes and has been developed and built by Sanskruti Developers The property is located directly off the Mumbai Bangalore highway and is roughly 1 km from the Mumbai Pune Expressway It also happens to be 1.5 km away from National Highway 4 Akurli station is roughly 7 km from here Dehu Road station is roughly 1.5 better from here and Dehu Road market is roughly 1 km from here the amenities offered at Sanskruti Homes include solar water heating for all the apartments full parking for all members and a lift that services the entire building Let us now take a look at a model two BHK apartment in this building We’re now in a model two BHK apartment in Sanskruti Homes This two BHK apartment has a carpet area of 590 sq.ft This does not include the 112 sq. ft. of balcony area The saleable area of this flat is 912 ft.² We’re now in the living room and the living room has dimensions of 12’2″ X 16’6″ There is an 8′ x 4′ terrace attached to this living room One thing that I really like about this room is the fantastic cross ventilation There’s a large window at one end and towards the other end is the kitchen and the dry balcony of the kitchen All of this can be seen as a straight airstream So there’s air flowing throughout this space at any given point in time As you enter the house do notice the door which seems to be a good-quality and the fittings of the doors also seem to be a good-quality This seems to be consistent throughout the flat The floor in this entire apartment has been done up in 24″ x 24″ vitrified tiles, and the walls have all been done up in an oil-based distemper paint Let us now move inward to the kitchen and the dry balcony area The 10′ x 10′ kitchen is moderately spacious if not a little old-fashioned, There’s a granite countertop at one end of the kitchen which ends in a stainless steel There’s plenty of space to install a refrigerator and microwave here Considering there’s a large window right in front of the cooking area you may or may not want to install a chimney An exhaust fan however would be advisable The wall in front of the cooking area has been done up in designer Dado tiles and right adjacent to the kitchen is a balcony which is 10′ x 4′ in dimensions You can install and run a washing machine in that balcony and also use it to store your kitchen essentials or maybe dry your clothes Let us now move inward to the bedrooms The 10′ x 10′ secondary bedroom is once again not very large but it does feel quite airy because of the large window here and here There is another attached terrace of 8′ x 4′ which provides for an excellent view outside Since you can see the Mumbai Bangalore highway from here, It provides for a great view There’s no noise considering the highway is more than 100 meters away As of the shabby state of the flat, do not let it bother you considering this place is still a work in progress Let us now move to the master bedroom The master bedroom is also 10′ x 10′ in dimensions The only difference that this room has with the secondary bedroom is that it happens to have an attached toilet and bath There’s a common toilet and bath directly in front of the master bedroom which happens to have an Indian toilet Both, the attached toilet and bath and the common toilet and bath have skid proof tiles on the floors and designer Dado tiles on the walls The fittings also seem to be of good quality Coming back to the bedroom, the bedroom has two really large windows that I really like because of the earthy feel that they provide Looking outside, you can see greenery and a road that leads to the highway Apart from these there is also a very picturesque view of rural Maharashtra That brings us to the end of this video property review We hope this review helps you in your course of making a decision Whether looking for any kind of property land, commercial, residential or farm house Indiaproperty has it all Thank you for watching

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