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Sanderson Apartments Grand Opening Celebration

(delicate music) – I think home means to me
what it means to everyone else. It’s safe, it’s
comfortable, it’s welcoming. – Home is more than a
place that we design, it’s about the experiences
that people have, and their memories. – Home is a stable platform from which you can build the rest of your life. – Every night, there are
more than 3,300 people who are without a home in our city. – This idea of becoming
homeless just seems like it shouldn’t happen,
but there are many, many pathways to becoming homeless. – The mental health center
of Denver took a leap and was one of the first participants in the affordable housing
toolkit and the fact that they took that step and came through the back-end of that with
an actual development I think is an amazing thing to me. – Before the development plan, it was just a piece of dirt, it was
just another piece of dirt along Federal, and now
it’s gonna be many homes for many people and effect them
for the rest of their lives. – Sanderson is a shining
example of what’s possible when people, policies and
resources from the housing and healthcare fields,
both local and federal are flexed and combine to
focus on improving the lives of individuals and families. – This is the first time a
community mental health center has delved into low income
housing tax credit development. – Hopefully this will be one
of many mental health centers that put together this
type of supportive housing. – This is something that,
while it’s hard to do, can be done again and again. A community like Sanderson
Village doesn’t happen easily and it takes many, many people. – As you can tell, it
takes a village to make something like this happen. – I appreciate the Mental
Health Center of Denver and how they’ve always
offered that support. – What’s been special
about the Sanderson project is the commitment that
everybody involved has had for it, that we’re
creating homes for people who have been without
them for the longest time. – I think it’s a opportunity
to start my life over, is what I think. – It’s really hard to get
well if you don’t have a place to live. – It is about a range
of supportive services for people who need housing. – Sanderson apartments is
really on the cutting edge of providing trauma informed
care and really creating an environment that
everyone wants to call home. – [Narrator] We designed it
specifically with the residents in mind and able to engage
in services that would help them recover their lives. – At every turn and in every
room, your jaw is going to drop open just a little bit
further when you see what warm, welcoming, thoughtfully
designed space this is. – This is a community and
this building and the people who are in it are a part of that. – So projects like Sanderson
apartments are making a real difference in all of us, certainly in those that we are targeting. – I finally got an opportunity
to get my life together. And this is it. – I hope we all hold
in our hearts right now the residents of this building. – So believing in people
makes all the difference. And that’s what we’re here to celebrate. – With Sanderson apartments,
the city of Denver is showing the rest of
the country how truly to begin to disrupt, to
obliterate, to abrogate that cycle that is so
expensive and so ineffective but truly impacting the lives of those who are chronically homeless. – Home is the building
blocks of everything, it’s the place we can come
back to and figure out what we’re going to do the next day, and the rest of our lives. (delicate music)

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