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Sai Crystals 1-2BHK Apartments at Ambernath East, Mumbai – A Property Review by IndiaProperty.com

Hello and welcome to a brand new property review with Indiaproperty.com The property we are looking at today is called Sai Crystal This property is located off B cabin road in Ambernath east Ambernath station is roughly 2.5 km from here and Kalyan station is roughly 8 to 9 km from here The upcoming new international airport in Navi Mumbai is around an hour’s drive from this location There are several schools, colleges, hospitals and marketplaces located within a 5 km radius of this property Sai Crystal consists of four buildings of which one building has been developed so far all of these buildings are to have seven floors and the ground floor will be reserved for parking There is also a large and community events area on the ground floor Other amenities include a garden and a kids play area There are 125 one and two BHK flats available in Sai Crystal The not so good thing about this locality is that the approach roads right now are really terrible But that should not be a problem in the upcoming years considering the number of residential apartments coming up in this area Let us now take a look at the model two BHK apartment in Sai Crystal Please note that any furnishings you see may not be provided by the builder We are now in a model two BHK apartment in Sai Crystal This two BHK apartment has a saleable area of 910 ft.² and a carpet area of 627 ft.² A similar one BHK would have the saleable area of 625 ft.², and a carpet area of 431 ft.² The first thing you notice when you enter this flat is how well space has been utilised here The dimensions of the living room are 16’10” by 9’10” which is moderate for a 2 BHK flat The dining area has placed separately away from the living room towards the window Which is something different from what you see in most of the flats And in spite of all this room having a sofa set and a niche for a showcase there’s still plenty of space left to move around Large windows next to the dining area let in a lot of light and I’m sure they’ll also let in a lot of air once you open them up All of the floors in this flat have been done up in 2’x2′ vitrified tiles and the walls have been covered in an oil-based distemper paint Another thing you need to know is that the arch-way that you see that leads to the dining area will not be provided in the flat you buy but you can have one constructed separately The entrance to the passageway has been done up in granite, which is another really good thing Let us now move inward to the passageway and check out the kitchen and the common areas With dimensions of 9′ x 7′ 2″ the kitchen is kind of squarish There’s a service area or a flower bed area which can be accessed through a french window There are two countertops in the kitchen, one is the main countertop which has a stainless steel sink, and the other countertop runs parallel to it There’s space to install a fridge and a very conveniently located electrical plug point for the fridge as well You can install more kitchen appliances here such as a microwave and a water purifier, and maybe also a chimney, but space saving techniques would be best used for this kitchen As you can see, the kitchen wall has been done in designer Digital tiles upto the lintel level There’s also space to build a loft where you can store more of your kitchen essentials Do note, that kitchen drawers will not be provided by the builders, and you’ll have to have them installed yourself Right in front of the kitchen is a wash basin, on either side of which are separate toilet and bath That is a really good thing in a 2 BHK flat, the toilet and bath are separate Let us now check out the bedrooms A thick sturdy wooden door leads us to the secondary bedroom All of the doors in this flat are of really good quality, by the way The secondary bedroom has dimensions of 10′ 4″ x 9’4″ The one interesting thing about this room is that instead of utilising the flowerbed area, the builders have actually incorporated that into the room which makes the room look more spacious than most of its counterparts in other constructions too Perhaps other constructions could take a lesson from this and utilise that space in the room as well As you can see, there’s a Queen sized bed and a wardrobe installed here, and this room still has some space to move around Once again, the archway that you see in this room has been constructed separately, And the room that you’re going to get will have no archway, so it will actually be more spacious than this room The only complaint I have against this room is that there’s just one electrical plug point which is located next to the door There could be one more plug point, which could be located next to the bed maybe Let us now move on to the master bedroom The master bedroom has dimensions of 12′ by roughly 10′ and is quite spacious If you look around, you’ll see that there’s a king-size bed and a large wardrobe installed here and there’s still plenty of space to move around In fact you could probably install a desk next to the large French window and there will still be plenty of space to move around One good thing that I like about this room is that there’s a small balcony attached to it and it looks quite nice as a part of this bedroom There is also an attached toilet and bath which comes with antiskid tiles on the floor and designer Digital tiles on the wall The bathroom fittings also seem to be of good quality That brings us to the end of the video property review of Sai Crystal We hope this review is helpful to you Whether looking for any kind of property- land, commercial, residential or farmhouse Indiaproperty has it all Thank you for watching


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