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RR Buildings Shop Tour

what’s up guys it’s Kyle and today for
tools day we’re doing something special we’re finally doing the shop tour so what’s up guys this is pretty cool
because I think since I’ve been on YouTube I’ve been asked to do a shop
tour of my personal shop I built this thing about four or five years ago on my
nights my weekends and I know a lot of people gonna say hey what did that thing
cost I don’t know because I didn’t want to know I just wanted to do it right I
wanted to do it so that potential customers clients whatever they could
see it they could come and walk through it and you know really feel the space
because most people don’t know what size is until they’re in it and they can
touch and feel it so I want to do shop tour kind of as a celebratory hundred
Kay thank you and let’s just go through the shop I’ll take you through I’ll show
you what I’ve got and hopefully this will turn into something that when we
hit another milestone I’ll come back through and show you what has changed
because I’m constantly changing it I’m constantly trying to make it better make
it my shop and grow into it because I’m gonna be here for a long time so what
you guys will notice here first is this is kind of just my little office area
I sit here a lot when I’m either on the phone with a client a customer or I’m
just chilling on a Saturday literally I like to come out here when I can and
just sit and think about things tinker but this is where you know just a lot of
catch-all stuff goes stuff that I either receive or whatever tools come and go
and that’s kind of where I look at them and play with them over here on this
side this is this is actually probably the first thing that I bought when I did
the shop was this set of tool benches and these are store lock they’re custom
made they make these down and like I think it’s Joliet Illinois so it’s very
close to me I went I did a factory tour I picked out the bench set I wanted
these things are like super super heavy-duty you can like stand on these
drawers I probably will never I probably will never fill them up I mean I’ve just
got random stuff in here I’m not like super organized as you can see here I
just got a bunch of random stuff thrown about it’s like I come home I got tools
that I’m not using for the day or that I just got and I’ll just throw them here
pretty cool and a little something about me that maybe most people didn’t know
but this picture reminds me is I used to be a pole vaulter in college and that
was kind of my crew coach their kids and some of my teammates I was a four-time
all-american pole vaulter so pretty cool I’m proud of that and went to North
Central College in Naperville so big shout-out to the Cardinals here I you
know I kind of keep my I got some plaques for actually that’s here you go
that’s our building that we’re in right now that was kind of like the first
building that I submitted for a building of the year back in 2014 I mean that’s
my shop it got a first-place prize building of the year in the nfpa and I’m
pretty proud of that obviously so that’s really cool to have but we also won the
next year too for a building we did for a buddy of
mine who owns a car dealership and that was like his play building but anyway
enough about that I’m proud of that stuff I got a cool sign here that a
buddy from Instagram made me so I try to you know people make me things I’ve got
this sign here that that somebody made me make her experiment he’s over on
Instagram dude this is like a really sick sign that he made me to you know I
just tried to show that stuff off I’ve got people send me the shirts which I
love and I try to show that off and I kind of forgot to tell you I do a
sticker swap every Sunday night so if you’re not following me on Instagram
Sunday nights I try to do a sticker swap live that’s kind of where it started and
here’s like some of my stickers right here I send these out to people you know
on Instagram followers or whatever we do a sticker swap you can see down here
literally I keep all of that stuff just because I think it’s really cool that
people you know want to be a part of this and I’ll show you a little bit
later my trailer where you can see all those stickers but it all started right
here on this post this is kind of where I was gonna start it all and you can see
I got a bunch of stickers kind of set up around their stickers all around this
post I just kind of ran out of room real quickly so I was like I need a better
place to show this stuff off and that’s where I moved into my trailer which I’ll
show a little bit here but I’m kind of moving
on I have not done a whole lot of woodworking projects and I love doing
that but I just haven’t had the time and I actually took a little bit of time and
I made this charging station it’s like the only thing that I’ve actually made
furniture wise in here and I just kind of throw my you know my Milwaukee into
Walt batteries now I’ve got Hitachi and Makeda and other things that are just
you’ll see I mean batteries everywhere but this is kind of a cool memento if
you guys have been following me since the direst uh build series
this is his like one of the first prints that he had done and he he he mounted it
on the building as we were building it as you can see it’s all dirty because it
fell off one night in the rain and I just said I got to keep that of course
and here you got your the first ever redheaded stepchild
Martina’s m1 I keep that in here and then I’ve got a couple signed redheads
here by Marc Martinez so that’s kind of cool just mementos that I I mean I’m not
gonna swing that thing ever these are both custom hammers that my buddy Marc
gave me so I’ve got the tool benches here where I just keep you know
batteries and whatnot miscellaneous tools and kind of this is where you know
when tools get sent to me I just basically set them down here and then I
as I get time I try to get through to them but yeah I don’t even know I’m
gonna show you guys this but it’s kind of lame because I literally have done
like nothing with this space I always thought it was gonna be like maybe it
was gonna be my office but I don’t think I’ll ever sit out here and do work like
business work I’ve got a nice office in my house so I don’t know what I’m gonna
turn this space into it’s really you know I don’t I got this fridge here I
don’t even really I mean I keep some water in it I got clearly I’ve got some
cheese I don’t know what I’m doing with cheese in here and hot dogs frozen hot
dogs I have no idea that’s embarrassing but you know I just I keep everybody’s
hats people send me some hats and stuff I think it’s awesome I want to keep that
stuff so I don’t throw anything away clear
I’m not a hoarder but as you can see some of this stuff has literally been
sitting in this shop okay so maybe I am a hoarder
this TV is probably ten years old and I just can’t get rid of it I don’t know it
probably cost me twice as much as a stinking 50 inch screen cost today let’s
go ahead and head into the trailer I don’t normally have my trailer home but
since it’s here we’ll go ahead and walk into it and you can definitely see here
all of the stickers that’s the sticker wall I’m talking about it’s pretty cool
I have customers a lot of times they’ll ask me wire why do you have stickers of
all these other contractors in your trailer man I just think it’s cool I
think the community that’s been built up on social media has really you know
inspired and made a lot of people better people so I think this is awesome and it
just kind of represents this whole community so if you’re interested hit me
up DM me or whatever and I’d love to put your sticker up on the wall because I
think it’s awesome so this face up here I don’t know exactly what I’m gonna do
with it once again and to be honest maybe that’s where down below in the
comments you guys give me some ideas my wife said I should put a bar up here but
I’m thinking second-story bar I don’t even drink that much so it doesn’t even
make sense but maybe a little studio recording or
something cool up here I don’t know it’s just I kind of like it I always thought
that I would put a sweet railing up here which I should have a railing and maybe
a little room back in the corner but then the rest of this just opened for a
cool little spot it’s just cool to look out kind of into the shop because it’s
obviously just a good view from up here so pretty cool thing here Beecham barn
you might have seen this in some of the videos but my buddy rusty he’s out in
North Carolina and he’s got a brand called Beecham barn obviously me being a
barn builder we kind of just connected and that’s where my surfing rooster hat
comes from that’s a collaboration I did with rusty and he got this thing made
with the beach in barn are are pretty cool when we announced the Hat that we
we put out and it’s a cool hat so I’ll throw the link down below if anybody’s
interested I don’t care it’s not about making money it’s just a cool hat
so that’s really all that’s up here hopefully one day I can make this space
cool and I think that’s where maybe the next video at another milestone maybe
I’ll have done some of this and my motivation will be that milestone in
kind of some of the comments that you guys give me so definitely let me know I
I have no idea what it could be but it could be something cool let’s go
downstairs the next thing if nothing else maybe this motivates me to either
do some organization or finish these stairs let’s go over here this is
actually kind of a cool story because this is the reason that I was able to
build this shop was because my wife had a horse coming home and it was her horse
that she grew up with so the horse came to my wife after being gone at college
her parents sold it it came back to her the person sold it back to my wife and
this is a multiple world champion showman horse his name’s buddy I don’t
know what ton about horses but he just slobbered all over my hand he’s a really
good horse and so this space is actually my wife’s domain she loves it she loves
coming out here and I could care less but I’m happy that she’s happy so let’s
get out of here and let’s get back into my space okay so this is kind of just my
tool storage it’s once again somewhat lacking stuff comes in out of the
trailer I throw it on this tool racks and you know whatever I don’t need all
of these tools every day on the job site so this is kind of where they go in
between uses some are doubles some I don’t use hardly at all anymore whether
I’ve changed you know paths from back in the day remodeling or whatever I do have
a little bathroom it’s nothing crazy but you know it’s nice to have when you’re
out here literally a sink someone gave me so it’s not that great but it’s
awesome and obviously where you got to do your business back here and maybe you
guys can help me with this but I’ve got all of the air air hoses are all lined
in the shop walls for future air I guess and I don’t know what kind of compressor
I want to do so honestly it’s not something that I’ve really spent a lot
of time thinking about but maybe you guys can help me with that and let me
know what the best shop compressor is nothing special in here let’s go ahead
we’ll go up on this side in this mezzanine real quick and I’ll show you
what I got so this is another one of those catch-all places clearly Kyle
can’t let things go because I’m looking around and I don’t hardly ever come up
here a lot of fasteners extras pieces you know just parts and stuff of the job
they will they’ll get put up here and they’ll just go to die like I haven’t
laid hardwood flooring in forever but here’s my Bostitch hardwood flooring
nailer and maybe someday I’ll end up doing it but for the most part these
tools are corded tools pneumatic tools things that have just kind of had better
days I’m kind of funny here I got this sign I mean this goes back real
renovators roofing there was a point where I thought I was gonna be a roofer
man well I’m not gonna offend anybody but I’m not a roofer that’s not what I
love I love building buildings so nothing really cool up here got this
sweet Christmas tree it just showed up at my house one day
my mother-in-law dropped it over and I guess maybe we’ll put it up and then
after Thanksgiving so pretty soon so let’s go over here we’ve got the the are
our buildings you know workout room this is where we got to stay fit stay healthy
that way we can stay safe on the job no that’s actually all a joke I probably
should use this more as I get older but things are always going and we’re always
busy but this is kind of the space that my wife and I thought we’ll go ahead and
use this little area in the shop it’ll give us a place to you know hit the bike
the treadmill pump some iron you know do those curls but I really don’t use it
that much and I should actually one of my dreams with my shop when I was
growing up and I remember when I started to build this was I wanted a basketball
court I wanted to be able to shoot hoops inside because I did love basketball I
still do and I wanted a space to park a motor home because I always wanted to
travel to the Rockies in a Motorhome so I I think I’m living the dream here
because I got I got my hoop and I got my motor home now it may have been a while
but kind of want to take a take a shot real quick if I can find a ball around
here my kids up right here here we go let’s see hopefully you cut out all those missions
let’s keep up with this tour here so back here once again is one of these
things that I don’t use all the time if you want I’ll tag the video for this if
you don’t know what this is it’s a Swenson shear and I’m not talking about
the pink bike it’s this orange and black thing it’s used to cut ribbed profiled
steel you can see that pretty cool tool but this is my commercial break here
it’s a Tapco maximum XL 12 foot 6 break I got it in an auction and so if ever
I’ve got to make some quick bends this is where I do it and we’re just gonna
walk around the motor home here got my dolly snow blower got this I don’t even
know this random shelf that’s not even full we got I don’t know this is oh I
know what this is so my major goal and you can see here
I’ve got a lot of random materials leftovers I got trim pieces I got all
sorts of stuff and I try to keep the extras but I don’t really have a good
space for it so I’ve got this large shop but I don’t have good storage my goal is
to put up another shed at some point right over here where I’m gonna keep all
my extras because I’ve got my lumber I’ve got the sonotubes that we use for
all of our piers I don’t even know why I’ve got like 20 extra tool belts these
are like all of the like $50 tool belts that I used to buy now I just wear the
diamondbacks they’re way better quality and they’re hopefully gonna last a lot
longer because I don’t know why I have these but I got Windows these are my
Windows that I keep in stock for the building’s old windows boxes of silicon
I’ve got my old corded Dewalt miter saw my old Porter Cable jobsite circ saw so
like I just really need to clean house find a good place find a good home for
some of this stuff this is kind of where the boxes of garbage go and then when
there’s a nice day outside I’ll I’ll usually recycle or burn the cardboard I
know someone’s gonna hate me for burning cardboard but nobody picks up recycling
here in the middle of the country that’s kind of the shop tour really the only
other couple things with God is you know this is my truck you guys have seen it
it’s not really a shop tour you know obviously we got the Motorhome it’s kind
of hard to miss I don’t really want to get into that we’re not doing a
Motorhome tour today but I did want to point out the love rack you guys if you
haven’t I did do like a little installation video of the lever a queer
got it surrounded by some lights for the tools day videos but it’s just a cool
it’s a cool set of shelves you can just push and pull and you know kind of get
in here and you got all your stuff on certain racks and it just is a nice kind
of nice way to organize and they just look sick so I’ll tag that video too if
you want to check it out but a couple specs about my shop so I know a lot of
you might be like that’s all cool Kyle tell us about your shop it’s a 60 by 88
18-foot tall sidewalls I’ve got a 24 foot wide by 16 foot tall three-inch
thick garage door and I’ve got a 16 foot by 16 foot 3 inch thick garage door so
that was kind of the maximum thickness high efficient door that I could get at
the time I’ve got my radiant tube heater that’s what heats this shop it’s super
efficient probably maybe I’ll spend about $500 a year keeping my shop heated
to about 55 60 degrees all winter long here in Northern Illinois so it’s very
efficient I’ve got an R 25 in the wall I got an R 45 in the ceiling and I’ve
house wrapped the entire building so this building was built before we were
doing the concrete pier so it is embedded post in the ground it makes me
cringe thinking about that because they will rot out at some point probably in
my lifetime I hope not but the reality is we try to keep post out of the ground
for that exact reason but other than that that’s really I got the porch that
wraps around the shed and you know I just built this thing in order to show
off to my customers or future customers hopefully what we were capable of and to
give myself a place to you know run my business out of and my wife to have her
horse in a place for the kids to play so hope you guys enjoyed this video let’s
get to 200 K and see what I can do next and what kind of milestone video I can
get thanks a lot for all the support and if you haven’t already hit that
subscribe button make sure you guys drop some comments down below on what maybe
you want to see next time tools a day otherwise will you guys have a good time
and we’ll catch you next week


Henry Rodgers

Nov 11, 2018, 8:37 pm Reply

Don't worry about the naysayers when it comes to a Premier . If it's a live show where people can comment and ask questions with you answering them then it's great . Many you tubers have live shows and it's nice to know when the live show is going to be on . Some you tubers have a live show every week and they are not loosing any subscribers . As a matter of fact they are gaining subscribers . If anyone unsubscribes you because of a live show than they are idiots . You have one of the best channels on you tube . You are a hard working man and you take time away from your work to make your videos .If people don't appreciate that then they can go and stuff themselves . I for one look forward to any kind of video or what ever you put out . Thank you very much for your hard work in putting out your videos . If people aren't happy than don't watch . It's as simple as that . I like your weekly tool discussions as well .

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How far do you guys travel to build? Reason I’m asking is in the next few years I want to build a 60’x100’ shop/ home. In Minnesota.

Jordan Brouwer

Aug 8, 2019, 3:20 am Reply

Auction the clutter and donate the money to some start up businesses? Keep the high quality content coming, I’ve learned more than any school taught me! Thanks

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Aug 8, 2019, 1:26 pm Reply

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SSB 1986

Sep 9, 2019, 7:26 pm Reply

What state are you in? What do you think about metal post building 30×30

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Sep 9, 2019, 1:34 am Reply

I like your shop but it's like mine as I am the only person who can find anything in it.

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Sep 9, 2019, 8:06 pm Reply

Maybe make Vertical Carousel rotates like on wallies cartoon in his little house, and for compressor California air (https://www.californiaairtools.com/ ) its the one with less noise, hose kits all over , pipe whole shop and central vac system for wood and dirt. ect ect ect–Good shop just need tweeking.Wish i had that much room i have to move everything to do 1 thing then move all carp again for next phase, u can lay yors out nice !! And trailer to camp out in when wifie mad at yaaa???

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Dude this is chaos, you need to take a weekend or three out and get it organised. Sell what you don’t need and organise the rest.

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Oct 10, 2019, 6:35 am Reply


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Antibody Entertainment

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nice shop, as for things it could use there isnt much, given that is really a personal chouice. I would add a dedicated sound proofed compressor room with a 200gal compressor(nothing is more annoying than a loud compressor in a shop) if you are running lines. you could use some shelves and storage organization it looks a bit like a mess, but I bet there is a method to that madness.

Gabriel Luna

Oct 10, 2019, 11:33 pm Reply

World of Electricians sticker with a Mexican flag

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