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Rosslyn Key Townhomes Tour | Arlington VA Townhomes for Sale | Arlington VA Real Estate Agent

How’s it going everyone? Matt Leighton. It
is July, it is hot. We are in Rosslyn, Virginia. We have Rosslyn
Key Townhomes behind me. Really cool, brand new community. 25 townhomes.
4 levels, 2 car garage. All of them have an elevator. Most of them have a rooftop deck.
Really cool community. Just doing an informal video here. We’re going
to get a walk-through tour. So, let’s head on in and check it out! So here we’re at the back of the community
we have a few that are still left to be done. I think nine have sold already (as of July
10, 2015). I imagine a few more are going to go pretty soon. One really cool thing is that there is going
to be a walk-through here right behind me to Clarendon Boulevard so you are on Oak Street
right now. You’re kind of off of Clarendon Boulevard but you’re so close that it almost
feels like you’re right there. You can see it right behind me. When JBG was doing Sedona | Slate they actually
had plans to put in a townhouse community but you know one thing lead to another and
they sold it off to an independent developer Madison Homes. Who has actually done Ballston Greens. They’ve
done other projects in the area. I’m going to stop right here so you can get a glimpse
of the 2 car garage behind me. Then there’s also a deck off of the dining room area. That’s a little bit about Rosslyn Key. They
are starting around $1,370,000 and going up to close to $1,600,000 for the larger models. If you have any questions or you want more
information about Rosslyn Key or other townhomes in Arlington, Virginia, my contact information
is below. Thanks for watching! Until next time, create
a productive day. Take care.



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This was beautiful!

Nexus Holidays USA

Oct 10, 2017, 10:02 pm Reply

You should get a gimbal for better videos. The houses are beautiful but your videos are a bit shaky 🙂

Matt Leighton

May 5, 2018, 6:03 pm Reply

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