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Roland and Madison share their Property Planning Experience With You!

Hey guys, I’m Roland and this is my
beautiful fiance Madison we’ve just bought our first home out in
Cheltenham, which is really exciting. Few more days and we’ll settle. We just want to tell you a little bit about our experience with Property Planning
Australia, I guess why we went down that path. So, why did we why did we go down
that path? Well, I guess it was a good way for us to be on the same page about the decisions that we wanted to make. We both had our own ideas of what our future home would be and they didn’t
necessarily a hundred percent align. That’s a good way of putting it. Yeah, the process really helped us to figure out what were our non-negotiables as
individuals and as a couple as well. Which really helped to, what felt like
fast-track our decision. And provide a lot of clarity that we previously didn’t have. So, going through the Property Select Plus process we’ve
Property Planning Australia was it really helped us figure out what we wanted for
a start, where we were looking, why, what we would compromise on what we wouldn’t, as
Madison said, but then it was also around what’s gonna actually be a good
investment because we wanted to live in it, but we didn’t want to get a place
that would be great for us to live in to then 5, 10, 20, 30 years down the track
come to sell it and it’d been a really bad buy and that was probably a fear of ours
and whilst we have a reasonable understanding of the property market we
really didn’t understand what made a good investment. You have lots of people telling you different things you as to why they think
investments are good or not, but this process was backed up with the facts. The research, the analysis
and I think they really put the science behind it, for me, in terms of
the reports. So, there’s a full property analysis on any, once you get to the
stage where you’re looking at properties and you know what you want, and you’re
looking and then there’s a place that you think you want to really look at and
consider making an offer, there’s a process where they will do a full
property review analysis on that one property and the amount of detail they
went to, it just blew me away and that gave us all the insight to feel, this is
the right decision and that was probably the hardest thing, even though on the way
to the agents office Madison was like “is this the right decision?” You know we
had the facts there to assure ourselves that it was! Yeah, abolsutely. And I think we were never told, ‘this is right or this is wrong’. It was just about telling us what our
options were and it was up to us to make that decision. So whilst it wasn’t my
original idea to go through this process I had a relationship with David for some
time it was definitely my better half’s push to go and get some proper education and I just after going through
it, I mean the cost versus the clarity, the peace of mind and the potential
return that you’re gonna get versus the risk of getting the wrong investment
just outweighed, you know the investment feels tiny. And it’s not
just the decision leading up to the buy, it’s the advice on how to buy as well. Whether we would have gone down the path of having to go to an auction or do some negotiating, I think that was really priceless insight, how to manage that. Yeah, I mean
the team have got all these booklets and pamphlets, that they’ve
prepared for us around you know checklist when negotiating, what to be
prepared for, different tacks that you can take. What makes a good buy, a good buy.
They have a checklist of you know what makes an A-grade Street an A-grade Street, so it’s just great for us to know that, and we really wanted to
understand it on the first property because now we know and moving forward,
we probably will still get the guys to you know probably still go through it
again but the logic was, we want to learn it, we
want to get it and understand it rather than potentially paying someone else to
do everything and not know that it was necessarily the right thing for us.
So, can’t thank you guys enough David, Jacqui, Anne-Marie and everyone on
the team that supported us, thank you so much If you guys want to come help us
move, yeah that’s it guys if you’re considering going through this process,
we couldn’t recommend it any higher than obviously we already have, check it out.

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