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Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E77 (11 Feb 2020)

Hello there, welcome along to
Tuesday’s House Of Games. Four famous faces are playing
all week. At the end of the week, one of them
is going to walk away with the House Of Games trophy.
We are one day down. Let’s meet our players once again.
They are Vick Hope, Gethin Jones, Nicki Chapman, and Tim Vine. Welcome, welcome, everyone.
It was fun yesterday. Vick, you started unbelievably. Five points after round one,
but tailed off slightly. It turns out I don’t know where
anything is in the world. You know what? The good news is
nobody knows. So long as pilots know, that’s all
we need. Yeah. Gethin. A slow start. Shall we take a look at the weekly
leaderboard as it stands? Sure. We know who won yesterday,
that was Mr Tim Vine. Vick, you came second,
and Gethin and Nicki, that’s nice, a joint bronze you’ve got there. We were having a lovely time.
We had a great time, yes. The points, they were just sort
of duking it out, buzzing, buzzing. The two of you and me
were just going, “Oh, that’s Tim, that’s Vick.” Almost like a viewer. We have
impressive bookends, don’t we? Vicky, if I may say so,
you have impressive bookends. Now, yesterday, Tim took home
a House Of Games smoking jacket, looked pretty pleased with it. Shall
we take a look at today’s prizes? Shall we?! Yes! The dartboard’s back! Oh, now, come on! I think that’s the
dartboard they’re getting excited about there. Nicki, there’s
the salt and pepper shakers. I’m going to say they’re good,
they’re one of our good prizes. There’s the coasters.
Some people have taken home the tie. Why on earth would you want that?
What would you go for, Nicki? There’s a pillowcase
and duvet set as well. I think it’d be the dartboard. You’ve got to get
the dartboard, right? Yeah. Tim Vine, what a win yesterday.
Are you happy? Very happy with that, very happy
with the smoking jacket, yes. Looked good on you. Been wearing
that for the whole time since the end of that show. Great win for Tim yesterday,
great performance from Vick as well. But who’s going to win today?
I wonder. Shall we start? Shall we get on with it? Shall we press the buzzer,
see what our first round is? Today, our first round is… Fingers on buzzers, I’m going
to ask you some questions but I need you to give me
the answer in the past tense. So, for example,
if the answer were Vick Hope, you’d have to say Vick Hoped. She did. OK, Vick Hoped. Let’s see your first question. BUZZER Nicki. I’ve got to say it in the past
tense? Yes. It was Iggy Pop? In the past tense?
WRONG ANSWER BUZZER Iggy Popped! Gethin. I’m going to steal the
answer. Is it Iggy Popped? It is Iggy Popped. APPLAUSE So, that’s the perfect start…
Got you. I now understand the rules. Nobody knew the answer at all, so you told them
all the answer by getting it wrong. Here’s the next one.
Come on, Nicki, you can get this. BUZZER Yes? That is Nicki. Paddington Beared? Yes, Paddington Beared or
Paddington Bore, I suppose. We’ll give you that. APPLAUSE Next question. BUZZER That is Tim, just beaten Gethin.
Gordon Banksed. I can’t take that, I’m afraid. Yes, Vick. Would it be Gordon
Banked? Let’s take a look. Well played, absolutely!
Gordon Banks becomes Gordon Banked. Here’s the next one. BUZZER
Yes? That is Gethin. Tauntoned. RICHARD LAUGHS I don’t think it is! Tauntoned! It’s not, I’m afraid. Yes, Vick? Can we say Glastonburied? Ah! We could say that. It’s not. That’s wrong as well. I think the answer is simpler.
Yes, Tim? Bathed. Is that right? Bathed is the right answer. Bath to Bathed. I’ve got to say, Gethin, Tauntoned
is one of my favourite answers! LAUGHTER Yeah, it’s the past tense of
to Taunton. We won’t Taunton you about it. Hey! Hey! Next question, what is the past
tense of this answer? BUZZER Yes? That is Tim. The Cured. Is it? The Cure becomes The Cured,
well done. APPLAUSE Final question in this round –
that’s a shame – is… LAUGHTER BUZZER That is Tim again. The Flew. The Flew is the right answer. Well
done, Tim. The Fly becomes The Flew. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we, at the end of that? Very close between everybody there,
well played. Shall we play another round?
Our next round is… All In The Details,
this is a pairs game. The player in last place gets to
choose their pair but there’s three of you
in last place. Nicki, you chose yesterday,
didn’t you? I did. So, Gethin, would you like to choose
your partner in this round? It worked with me yesterday,
so I might stay with Tim. You’re going to go back with Tim. So, Gethin and Nicki,
change places again. TIM: Welcome home, partner.
Thanks, Dad. Vick and Nicki. I’m glad I’m with you!
Me too, me too. That might be the last time
we see that pairing. Now, this is how this works. Before the show, you did a little
bit of homework and you had to give clues to something historical,
to fill in some clues, essentially. What we’re going to do now,
you’re going to have to guess what your partner
was given clues for, OK? Vick, we will start with you. OK.
Before the show, Nicki completed some clues that
should lead you to… Oh, no… I am so sorry. I am sorry also.
TIM: I apologise as well. This sounds like it’s going to be
a fun round, doesn’t it? Nicki completed three clues
that should lead you to a person. Historical person? Yeah. Oh, no. I’m going to be saying their name
in my mind, and I hope you can read my mind because you’re not
going to get it from the clue. GETHIN: That’s cheating!
Here are the clues. OK. Oh, I think I… No. LAUGHTER You need MORE? I might need more.
The next clue… In the 19th century? Oh, God!
And your final clue… The clues are not always correct. But everyone tries their hardest
all the way through. So, born in the 19th century,
president of the USA, and he invented banknote? This is so embarrassing. I don’t
know that many US presidents. And I’m assuming the banknote clue
might just be that they’re on it. 19th century? I’m just going
to say Theodore Roosevelt. Was it Theodore Roosevelt, Nicki? No. It’s not.
WRONG ANSWER BUZZER In rap music, they call
banknotes Benjamins. Benjamin Franklin is on it. OK. Was it Benjamin Franklin? Yes. Benjamin Franklin was the answer.
You’re thinking of the Benjamins! He was never a president.
Was he not? He was one of the Founding Fathers. 18th century he was born in, he invented the lightning conductor. Did he? Yes, the guy with the kite,
and all that. So, none of those clues
really helped. I’m not surprised you didn’t get it!
But he’s on the 100 bill. OK. Gethin. Yes?
Tim has completed three clues. TIM: Oh, dear. And they will lead
you to, hopefully… ..an artefact. So, what is this
artefact, please, Gethin? Those two clues are the same thing,
essentially. Essentially, yeah. And… Nicki, do you feel a bit better
about your clues? I do! All my three last words, for two of
them to be “also” and “actual” is such a waste. LAUGHTER I’m feeling quite relaxed
about the fact if I don’t get this, I’m not going to be judged at home.
No, you’re not. I mean,
I don’t even know where to begin. Would you like to abandon this? Yes. I don’t even know what the thing is,
really. Oh, OK. I think I know one aspect of it.
That makes sense. Tim, with respect,
that comes across. LAUGHTER You’re not hiding that particular
light under a bushel there, Tim. Tim, why don’t you tell Gethin and the rest of the nation
what the answer was. Well, it was the Rosetta Stone.
The Rosetta Stone. It was discovered in the year 1799. NICKI: Close, then! It is about 2,200 years old. And it famously features
Egyptian hieroglyphs. It’s in the British Museum. It’s worth having a little look at. Now, Nicki. Yes? You have got to guess something that
Vick has given us the clues for. A historical event is
what you’ve got to guess and Vick has filled in three of
these clues for you. Interesting. The last one is absolutely correct.
A historical event? Why would the monarch be involved
into counting people? All I can think of is Henry VIII
because he counted all his wives. I might have to give up, I’m afraid. I was going to say, my sense is
there may not be useful clues there but I don’t know the answer. Vick, can you talk us through the
clues and tell us what the answer is?
Yeah, I could be wrong but I thought that this event was to do with the census. The thing that came
out of it I think is currently housed at Salisbury Cathedral but I do know that this was… Ah!
Have you got it? Yes, of course! It’s the same surname, right?
It’s the same surname, exactly. And, then, the Jay-Z hit features
Justin Timberlake and it’s called Magna Carta
Holy Grail. So, the answer was…?
The sealing of the Magna Carta. The sealing of the Magna Carta. Did you get that at home?
Well done if you did. The monarch involved was King John.
It took place at Runnymede. And it is referenced
in the title of a Jay-Z album. The whole album, yeah. Exactly. Tim.
Gethin has filled in three clues. I am looking forward to it.
He was furious with yours! So, I assume
he’s helped you out here. Gethin’s clues will lead you to… ..a building.
Here are Gethin’s clues. Now, that narrows it down
for you, son. And your final clue. There has to be somewhere that you’ve heard of… I mean, you’d hope so. And it’s…
Come on, Tim! I’m picturing a Buckingham Palace
type of thing, which might be my guess
but I haven’t said that yet. Contains 78 windows, maybe? No, it’s got to be smaller
than that. I think it’s going to…
OK, I’m going to go for… ..Hampton Court Palace. Gethin, what was the answer? Man! You said it as well.
It wasn’t Buckingham Palace? Yeah. Buckingham Palace was
the answer. Oh, no! 78 windows? I thought you’d never guess that.
It’s so massive, isn’t it? 78 bathrooms. Oh, sorry. It’s got over 700 windows. When
you’re filling the clues in, though… Its gardens
are located on the site of a mulberry plantation. Did you know that? No. And in the forecourt,
amongst other things – The Changing Of The Guard. That is the end of that round.
That was worth doing, wasn’t it? Nicki and Gethin,
swap back places, please. This is normally the point at which
I have to go to the leaderboard but I can exclusively reveal
it’ll be identical to what it was before that because
no-one has scored anything. Let’s take a look at it anyway. There it is. APPLAUSE It was really high-scoring
yesterday. Today…less so. Our next round today, though, is… Now, fingers on buzzers. In this, we’re going to show you
the lyrics of some famous songs but we’re going to show you those
lyrics in the form of little drawings
and illustrations, OK? You have to work out what
the illustrations represent, work out what the song is. The first song is from the year… ..1955. And these pictures represent
the lyrics to which song? BUZZER Tim. Rock Around The Clock. Is it Rock Around The Clock?
Let’s have a listen. # One, two, three o’clock,
four o’clock, rock… # APPLAUSE
How about that! You see how it works? One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock, rock.
Lovely. That’s the song. Well played, Tim.
Your next song is from… ..1956. What is this song, please? BUZZER Tim. Blue Suede Shoes. Must be, surely,
let’s take a little listen. # Well, it’s one for the money # Two for the show # Three, get ready, now go, cat,
go… # Very nice, Tim, well played. I’ll be honest with you, when it
came up 1956, I thought Elvis. Oh, OK. You’re good on the ’50s ones so
far. Well, that’s my era! There you go. Your next song is from the year… ..1998. What is this song, please? BUZZER Gethin. Ain’t No Mountain High
Enough… No, it’s not right. VICK: I know what this is!
It’s not, I’m afraid. WRONG ANSWER BUZZER BUZZER Vick. It’s Savage Garden, isn’t it?
It’s that one that… I don’t know, sorry.
But thanks for buzzing in. Sorry! You just want people
to know your frustrations. Anyone? Shall we have a little
listen to what this is? I wonder if you got this at home. # I want to stand with
you on a mountain # I want to bathe with you
in the sea # I want to lay like this forever # Until the sky falls
down on me… # Truly Madly Deeply.
You’re right, it was Savage Garden. Final song in this round
is from the year… ..1968. 1968. We’re in Tim Vine
country again. What is this song? BUZZER Yes, Gethin? All Sit Down by James? From 1968, All Sit Down by James? I should have probably looked at the
year first. It’s not, I’m afraid. BUZZER Tim. Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay?
Let’s have a little listen. Is it Sitting On The Dock
Of The Bay by Otis Redding? # Sitting in the morning sun… Beautiful! Sitting when the evening comes. GETHIN: Not James, then!
Watching the ships roll in. # Watching the ships roll in # Then I watched them
roll away again… # Well played, Tim Vine, Sitting On
The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding. That’s the end of that round,
really good round for Tim there. Let’s take a look at the scores. Still one point for everybody
apart from Tim. He has six. Well played, Tim. APPLAUSE It’s the 1 Club! The next round today is… Tablets out, please, for this.
I’ll take my tablet out for this one as well.
That’s why we call it The Rich List. What I’m going to do
is show you some categories. You need to give me a correct answer
in that category to score a point. However, if you write the same
correct answer as one of your opponents,
you will lose that point. All right, so you have to have
a correct answer but one that nobody else says. I’m also going to
write down a correct answer and you mustn’t get the same as me.
Here is your first category. Write me down a correct answer
in this category. So, the kind of original kind of
football league teams, the oldest football league teams. So, you need a correct answer for
that and one that nobody else says. TIM GROANS What do you reckon at home? Vick, what are you saying? I’ve no idea
when football teams began but I’ve put Newcastle United. Is that a correct answer? WRONG ANSWER BUZZER Not a correct answer. Unlucky.
Gethin, what have you said? We’ll find out very shortly.
Everton. You’ve gone Everton. Is that the correct answer? It is. Wow. A point to you, Gethin,
if no-one else writes Everton. Nicki, what have you gone for? Well, I’m very close but whether I’m
right or not is a different matter because I’ve gone for
Liverpool. Liverpool, says Nicki. Is that a correct answer? WRONG ANSWER BUZZER Tim, what have you gone for? I’ve gone for Bolton Wanderers. Ah, Bolton Wanderers says Tim.
Is that a correct answer? It is, very well done. So, that’ll be a point for Tim
and a point for Gethin, unless I’ve written the same as one
of you… You’d better not have. ..gentlemen.
TIM: Bet he has! I went for… ..Bolton Wanderers, sorry, Tim.
Gethin, you’re the only person to get a point there, well done.
Wow, thanks. APPLAUSE Let’s take a look at the answers
you could have given. I nearly went for Blackburn Rovers.
TIM: Yeah, same! Did you? Nearly! Well done, if you said any of those.
Next question, next category. Write me down a correct answer
for this, please. Oh, man, OK. And that is according
to the IMDb website. Just the first name, you mean?
Yes, I would think so, yeah. I know what everyone’s going to put. Yeah, I was just thinking that.
We were all thinking it, weren’t we? What do you reckon at home?
Great question, that. Mm. Gethin, we will start with you. I started with Paul Rudd,
who dated Phoebe for a while, but I can’t remember his character. So, you’ve said…
I’ve gone with Richard. Tom Selleck’s character.
Yeah. So, Richard. Is Richard a correct answer? WRONG ANSWER BUZZER
What?! He was around for ages! I’m amazed. It’s an incorrect
answer, I’m afraid. Nicki, what have you said?
I haven’t a clue, so I put the cafe owner
of the coffee shop. VICK: Gunther. I couldn’t think of the name. GETHIN: He’s referred to as the cafe
owner, I would give you that. OK, if Gethin would give you that,
cafe owner, was he in more than ten episodes? Of course he was. Well done. Yes, Gunther is the name.
Thank you. Tim, who have you said? I’ve put Eric. You know, Eric. LAUGHTER I mean, worth a try, right? I think he went to the cafe a couple
of times. Oh, ERIC, you mean! Eric. I don’t know.
Is Eric a correct answer? I honestly don’t know.
WRONG ANSWER BUZZER Vick, what have you said?
I put Emma, Rachel’s daughter. Oh, Rachel’s daughter. Because I
was thinking about Ben, Ross’s… Ross and Rachel’s baby. WRONG ANSWER BUZZER No? That’s incorrect as well.
Eight episodes. Oh, no! So, Nicki you’re the only
one who got a point, even though you just put “cafe owner”.
Thanks to Gethin. Other than the fact that I wrote
Gunther on it, so sorry. Oh, no! THEY TALK OVER EACH OTHER Now, we asked for people who were
in more than ten episodes. I’m being told that Richard
was in ten episodes. Wow. I mean… More than Emma. When it’s not your day on this
show… They’re a bit harsh. Tell you what I’m going to do on
that, I’m going to give you a point, Gethin. It’s crazy not to have
a point for that. He was in ten episodes. NICKI: Yeah.
So, if you said Richard at home, I’m giving you a point as well.
Well done. It’s a pleasure. Let’s take a look
at the other answers you could have given, though. Carol, Ross’s ex-wife. TIM: It’s crying out for an Eric,
that list, isn’t it? Emily. There’s Gunther. I know lots
of people would have said Janice. No-one here said it.
Janice, of course! Judy, Mike. That was Paul Rudd. And Susan. I’m so sorry about that. Nicki, tough question. Wow. Next category, give me
an answer for this, please. NICKI: So, they haven’t scored any
points at all in the final? Yeah. TIM: Oh, I don’t know. Everything I’m writing down, I can
feel Richard writing the same thing. What do you think at home? Have you
got an answer? It’s tough, isn’t it, because there are a couple of
countries that famously used to get it, but it’s been going a long time,
so there must be more than that. Nicki, what are you saying? I went with Ireland
because they’ve won a lot but one year they did spectacularly
badly but how badly? Is that a correct answer? WRONG ANSWER BUZZER Not. Good old Ireland.
Never got nul points. Tim. What are you saying? You know when you write something
down, you think you’ve spelt it wrong, so this is… I think I’ve spelt
the country wrong. But Romania. Romania. How do you spell Romania?
It’s not like that, is it? It looks totally wrong.
R-O-M. I thought so. You obviously didn’t think
you spelt it T-U-R… Exactly. My first attempt came out as Turkey. LAUGHTER That’s how bad my spelling is.
Romania, is that a correct answer? WRONG ANSWER BUZZER
It’s not, I’m afraid, it’s not. Vick, what are you saying? I just put the UK. I think we know
the answer to this. Is UK right? It is, so a point to you if
no-one else says it. Gethin, what have you said?
I just thought no-one said Janice and I was wrong about…
I was thinking the same thing, yeah. Were you? Yeah. And then I changed my mind
to something completely random, for no other reason than why not? Iceland. Iceland? Iceland.
Interesting. Is Iceland a correct answer? It is a correct answer,
very well done. So, that is a point
to Vick and to Gethin. If you’ve got Iceland, I am not
coming back tomorrow. Please, please! I’ll tell you
for a fact I haven’t got Iceland. I bet he’s got Norway. So, Vick… ..I went for Belgium. I love you, Richard Osman!
Thank you very much, that’s all I want to hear all week.
That’s all I need. Belgium. I don’t know
if that’s a correct answer. It is a correct answer!
That’s nice, a point to me. I’ll tell you an answer
that is correct, Tim… Hm? Turkey. No! Yes, would have got
you a point. He doesn’t need points, he is fine. These would have also
got you points… Well done at home,
if you said one of those. One point for Gethin,
one point for Vick, that’s the end of the round,
tablets away, please. We have one round to go. What has
that done to our scoreboard? You’re all catching up on Tim,
still on six points. I’m not. Don’t worry. You’re all right! Final round. Is Tim going to win
his second show of the week? Let’s play, shall we?
It’s going to be… Fingers on buzzers, everybody. OK,
you know what’s going to happen. I’ll show you a picture, there’ll be
a clue underneath, smash the answers together. A point for a correct
answer, a point off for an incorrect answer,
and your first category is… Those will be the pictures, clues
underneath, smash them together. Good luck, one and all. BUZZER Yes, Tim? Vince Cable car. Is that right? Vince Cable car, that’s nice to say. My name is Vince Cable Car. Vince Cable, cable car. Smash them
together, that’s what you get. Next political leader… BUZZER
Yes, Tim? Michael Howards End. Is it? Michael Howards End. This catching up with Tim is going
well, isn’t it? NICKI: It is, yeah. Hot on his heels. Very well done,
if you said that at home. Shall we move on to another
category? Those will be the pictures,
there will be clues underneath, smash them together, please. BUZZER That is Vick. Satsuma Thurman. Satsuma Thurman! Nicely done. Good, so good!
Next citrus fruit, next clue. BUZZER Vick. Is it Lemontana? Is it Lemontana? WRONG ANSWER BUZZER
It’s not, I’m afraid. Anybody? The lemon bit is right. Lemontgomery. Montgomery, Alabama.
Lemontgomery. Well done, if you said that. Next citrus fruit and the next clue. Have you got this at home?
Do you know this one? Shall we have a little look? Yeah. I don’t even know
what that fruit is. Oh! Mandarin Tin Tin!
Mandarin, Rin Tin Tin! Well done, if you said that. We should have got that, shouldn’t
we? Mandarin Tin Tin. Next category is… KLAXON BLARES So, who has won?
That’s the big question. Let’s take a look
at our leaderboard. On Monday, Tim Vine won
House Of Games, on Tuesday… ..he’s done it again. Eight points
for Tim Vine! Congratulations, Tim. Nicely done. You’ve won yourself
another prize. What would you… Win it with Howards End! Yeah, you
won it with Michael Howards End. How about that?! Let’s take a look at your
prize board, what would you like from here?
I’d love the dartboard. You’ve got to go with the dartboard! Tim Vine takes home a House Of Games
dartboard, congratulations, Tim. Thank you so much. We’ve got to do
something about Tim Vine for the rest of the week, don’t we?
Two wins in a row for Tim. Let’s take a look at the weekly
leaderboard. So, two days in
and here’s how we stand. Three days to go, plenty of points still to come,
double points Friday as well. Plenty of prizes to come as well. But, Tim, two days in a row,
congratulations. We’ll see you all here, same time,
same place, tomorrow. Ill see you as well, same time,
same place, on House Of Games. Ow! Ooh. CHUCKLING


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