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Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E53 (08 Jan 2020)

Hello, everybody,
welcome along to House Of Games. It is Wednesday, you’ve made it almost halfway
through the week, congratulations. That’s more than halfway through
the week, isn’t it? So really, congratulations. We’ve
got four celebrities in the studio. They’re all playing
a series of quiz rounds. One of them at the end of the week
is walking away with this trophy. Who are our players this week?
They are Rose Matafeo. APPLAUSE Rav Wilding
APPLAUSE Valerie Singleton.
APPLAUSE And Gary Delaney.
APPLAUSE Welcome, one, welcome, all. Now, on Monday, Rose,
a huge victory for you? Mmm. It looked like you were going
to win the whole week. Then yesterday, the wheels
fell off a little bit. They did. I’m coming back with a vengeance.
I needed something to work against, so I needed to feel
like the underdog again. Gotcha. Well, you’re definitely that,
because yesterday, Gary Delaney, I think you got more points
than everyone else put together. I wiped away my Monday shame. So now I’ve got to not let hubris
carry me away. Exactly. So, Rose, you took home a lovely
smoking jacket on Monday. Yeah. Gary took home, I would say,
a less lovely pillow and duvet set yesterday. I was genuinely
delighted with it! Yeah, it’s OK. Shall we take a little
look at today’s prizes? Yeah. Here’s what you get
to choose between. Oh! Listen, chopping board, jigsaw,
there’s driving gloves. The tool box is a really good
tool box. Amazing. But that suitcase, it’s got a
lovely action. Is it just one glove? No, you would get both gloves, Rav.
That’s the good news. Val, what do you think
you’d go for there? Well, if you have
a sort of runners-up prize, I definitely go for the little case.
It’s really good. I mean, you wouldn’t get that lost,
would you, when you’re sort of waiting
for your case to come round? Well, that’s exactly right. I think
that’s fantastic, I love that. When you say runners up, though, are you suggesting
you are not going to win today? I think it’s very unlikely! Val,
I won’t have that defeatist talk! Let’s take a look at the weekly
leaderboard, shall we? You’ve got two points there.
Very close between the others. Rav, you’ve got five points there,
Gary six, Rose on seven. Rav, we’ve had a win from Gary,
we’ve had a win from Rose, time for a win from Rav? Well, after seeing those prizes I’d
love a win! What would you go for? I think either the tool box,
or the chopping board. You’d go for the chopping board?
Yeah, amazing. Wow! Amazing. We can pinpoint the exact moment
Rav Wilding lost his mind! Listen, it’s Wednesday. On Monday, Rose Matafeo
was a big, big winner. Tuesday, Gary Delaney was a big, big
winner. Those two are big rivals. It would be lovely to see Rav
or Val win a show as well. Shall we get on, play Wednesday’s
House Of Games? Let’s do it. Round one today is… Now, in this one, I’m going
to ask you a question. Somewhere inside that question,
a bit of it is in capital letters. And the answer to the question is
an anagram of those capitals, OK? We’ll start with Rose, you’ll see what we mean as soon
as we play the first one. The first category in this round
is… Right! I’m going to give
you a clue to… Great! How long have you lived here?! Three-ish years. Sure, fine! You’ve been here longer than three
years. So I got kicked… I’m never allowed to go
back to New Zealand because I got the rugby question
wrong on Monday. Yes. And I will also be kicked
out of this country because I’m going to get this
so terribly wrong. Well, let’s find out, shall we?
OK, let’s find out. So I’ll give you a clue. The answer will be an anagram
of the bit that’s in capitals. Yeah. That’s Brighton. Brighton,
you would think, wouldn’t you? When you say you would think, it
makes me scared. No, it is Brighton. You can stay in the country! Thank
God! Thank you, thank you, guys! Rav, what is this city, please? Manchester. Is it Manchester?
Yeah, I think so. I think I might have got that one. Val would have got that one. Would you have got both those two
so far, Val? Probably, yes. Well, fingers crossed. This would be a good time to get one
because this is yours. Come on, Valerie! Chaucer… Canterbury.
Is that right? Canterbury, well done. You see I got that one from Chaucer,
not the words! Oh, yeah, yeah.
The same as the other one. I think Chaucer was doing
a lot of heavy lifting in that clue! Gary, what city is this, please? Armagh. Is that right? Armagh is the answer.
Well played, Gary. Armagh. The next category is… So we’ve hidden the answer to these
questions in the capital letters. Here’s yours, Rose. Oh, no! That’s a good reaction! Oh. Erm… That’s… That would be… Something. Fans of the British royal family
may find it hard to wrench themselves away… Oh, The Crown? Oh! At the last second. Is it The Crown? That was really hard. It is The Crown – well played, Rose.
Nicely done. Phew! That was tense!
That was really tense! That’s good, you’re very good
at building up jeopardy! I am! Rav, what TV show is this, please? Wow! Erm… No idea. Time me out. No idea. We’ve got ourselves a little buzzer
race here between the two champions. Oh, Gary wins the buzzer race! Gary?
Father Ted. Let’s take a look. Father Ted is the answer, yes.
Father Ted. Well played, Gary. Valerie, what TV show is this,
please? Oh, is it… ..the one that goes out every night
that I can’t remember the name of? I suspect it might be. I suspect
both of those things may be true! I can’t get it. I can’t get it.
Fingers on buzzers, anyone else? Gary’s done it again!
He’s rigged his buzzer! Rigged! I’ve got my own buzzer!
It’s very handy! What is it? EastEnders. Is it? EastEnders is the answer.
EastEnders. Well done, Gary. And, Gary, you finish this round, it’s been a very good round
for you so far. What TV programme is this, please? MasterChef. Is that right? MasterChef. Well played, Gary. That’s the end of round one,
let’s take a look at the scores. Val and Rav, as with every day
this week, currently tied third. Rose, you have two. Gary,
early leader with four points. Well played, Gary. Round two today, let’s take
a look at what it’s going to be. It will be… This is a team game. The player in last place gets
to choose their partner. Rav, I will ask you to choose your
partner today. Sorry, guys! Erm… Gary. So, Rose and Gary,
if you will swap places, please? Gary and Rav are a team. Rose and Val are a team,
just like yesterday. Now, what happens here
is I’m going to ask you a series of questions, OK?
If you know the answer, buzz in. If you give me the correct answer, your partner then must spell that
answer for the point. Good luck at home, everybody. Let’s
take a look at your first question. Yes, Rose? Broccoli. Is the correct answer. Now, for a point, Valerie,
how do you spell it? B. R. O. C. C. O. L. I. Well played. Absolutely! So a point
to Val and Rose. Very nicely done. Next question. Yes, Rose? Oh! The Odyssey? No. What have I done?
The Odyssey? No, Ulysses! It is not. Rav… Ulysses! Are you going to go for the thing
that Rose just said, Ulysses?! Let’s see if that’s right, Rose! That’s correct. So, Gary, the good news for you is,
to get a point for your team, you have to spell Ulysses, please! OK. U. L. Y. S. E. Oh, it’s not, I’m afraid.
We can’t hand it across, Rose. How would you finish that off?
S-E-S-E? S-E-S-E? S-E-S-E-S? S-E-S-E-S? I think you’re thinking
of Ulyssesess! S-E-S. Let’s take a look.
E after the Y and two double S’s. What a horrible word! S-E-S,
you’re absolutely right. Wow. No points for anybody there. Some
good thievery from Rav, well played. Next question. Yes, Rose? Crescendo. Is it crescendo? It is crescendo. So Val, for a point,
can you spell crescendo, please? C. R. E. S. Crescendo. C-E-N-D-O. Oh, wow! E-N-D-O. Well played. Mwah! Well done
if you spelt that correctly at home. Let’s take a look at the next clue. Yes, Rose? Pterodactyl. Is it pterodactyl? Gosh! Valerie, the thoughts
of the nation are with you! Everyone at home is trying
to spell pterodactyl. Can I spell it backwards? Here we go. I think you can do it. T. Oh! It’s not, I’m afraid. It’s one of those awful silent Ps. At the beginning.
It’s a p-pterodactyl? It is. Shall we have a little look? So… P-T-E, right? R. A? R-O. So many places you could have gone
wrong with pterodactyl. Very well done if you knew how to
spell that. Yes, I could have got… I would have put an A in there.
I’d have put an A in there as well. I would have put
a number of As in there. I’d have probably started with an A! Next question. Yes, Rav? Eucalyptus. Oh! Is correct! Gary, I wonder if you can
spell eucalyptus. Right. Let’s see if I can get one of these.
OK. E. U. C. Euca… A. L. Y. P. T. U. S. Gary Delaney, everybody!
Well done! Eucalyptus. Last question in this round. Yes, Rose? Chameleon. Chameleon is correct. Val, to end the round on
a high, can you spell chameleon? C-H. A-M. E-L-E-O-N. L-E-O-N is the right answer! Well done for the round, Val. Beautifully played. That’s
the end of You Spell Terrible. Rose and Gary, I wonder if you
would swap back over, please. I get my buzzer back, thank you!
Thanks, well done. Well done. Let’s take a look, shall we,
at what that’s done to the score. A very, very strong round for Val,
there. Can we have more spelling rounds,
please?! That was very impressive,
I have to say. Rav, you have two points. Very close. One point between the top three. Val has four, Rose and Gary, five each. Nice. This is close, now. The last two
days, we’ve had runaway winners. But not today.
Round three today is going to be… On this show we can make
questions out of anything. And in this round, we’re
going to ask you some questions and the answers all appear somewhere
in the names of our contestants. A point for a correct answer,
but two points if you get a correct answer when
it’s your name the answer is in, OK? So the first name on the board is… Here’s your first question.
A point for anyone, two for Rose. That is Rose. Fester. Is it Fester? Well done! Two points for Rose.
Very nicely done. The second one
based on Rose Matafeo. Rose again. Maestro. Is it maestro? Very nicely done! That’s a good word to have
in your name! Maestro in my name! I didn’t know I had maestro
in my name, it’s good to know. That’s a very good start
to the round, I must say that. Rav, the next two are based
on your name, Rav Wilding. So one point for anyone, two for
Rav if he can get one of these. Yes, Rose? Aldrin. Let’s take a look. That’s correct, well done. Next one based on Rav Wilding. Yes, Gary? Darling. Darling, is that right? It’s Captain Darling, absolutely. Val, the answers now are all
contained in Valerie Singleton. That’s a long one. I keep calling
you Val, I do apologise. No, if you call me Valerie, I’ve
done something wrong! Oh, really? So you can actually call me
Valerie quite a lot on this show! OK! The answers are in Valerie
Singleton, but what are they? One point for anyone, two for Val
if she can get one of these. Oh, my gosh! It’s God-fearing.
I can’t think of my New Testament. And you know it, Rose?
Do you know? No, no! Oh, I’ve just worked out the answer. This is an amazing thing
to have in your name. And I don’t think there are that
many books in the New Testament, are there? Are you buzzing in,
Val? No. Anyone else? Shall I tell you? Yes. This is
a great thing to have in your name. Revelation! Oh, wow!
That’s a good one. What a great thing to have in your
name! Yes, I’ll remember that. Here’s your next one. That is Rose. Viennese? Is it Viennese? Yes, well done, Rose.
It is Viennese. Val, they must have loved your name,
the question writers! Yes! So much in there. So many letters.
Good questions, it’s excellent. Gary, the final two in this round
will both be based on your name, OK? Two points if you get them,
one point for anybody else. Fingers on buzzers, please. Everything is in the name
Gary Delaney. That is Gary. Green Day. Green Day is in your name,
yeah, absolutely! Well done. Two points for Gary. And final question of the round. Gary? Argyle. Is it? It is Argyle!
Very nicely played. That’s good. Well, we started the round with Rose
getting a maximum four points on her name. We ended the round with Gary getting
a maximum four points on his name. So let’s take a look
at the leaderboard at the end of round three.
It’s still going to be close. Rav with two points,
Valerie four. Look at this – Gary has 10,
Rose Matafeo has 11 points. Our two comics at the top
of the leaderboard! Two more rounds to go. Round four today is… Now, in this round, I’m going
to give you the answer first, OK? I’m going to show you
all four answers to this round and they are… Those are the answers to this round.
Gary, first thing I want you to do, I want you to choose Rose’s
answer for this round, please. OK. Erm… Football and golf. Football and golf is the answer
to your question, Rose. But what is your question? It is one of these. Is the question… Is the question… Or is the question… I’m going to go for the fun one – which two sports have been
played on the moon? Which two sports have been
played on the moon? Is that the correct question? It’s not, I’m afraid. It’s not,
I’m afraid. I can’t pass it over. What would anyone else have
gone for? Olympics. Olympics? Olympics. Olympics. Banned
in Scotland, just because, a guess. Let’s take a look. The answer was… Banned in Scotland! It was banned so people
would practise archery instead. Val, I wonder if you could choose
Rav’s answer for this round, please? I think I’ll go for Humpty Doo.
Oh, I was glad you said that! I think that’s what
I would have gone for, as well. Because I want to see what the
question is! We all want to know! OK. Rav, your answer’s Humpty Doo.
OK. What is your question? Is it… Is it… Or is it… So an Inuit phrase, a novel
from the Forrest Gump author, or an Australian town? Humpty Doo. I mean, it could be anything. You’re right,
it could be absolutely any of those. It’s certainly not a phrase
I’ve ever heard of. But I think I’m being more
drawn to the third answer, which is the town in Australia’s
Northern Territory. It’s got one of those Australian-
sounding names, hasn’t it? Of the three, I think that’s the closest
I could see to being a real thing. Let’s take a look.
Is it the Australian town? Is that the question? It is the question!
Rav, well played! Very nicely done. Rav, I wonder if you could choose
Val’s answer, please? This is what I think Valerie’s going
to be today, so we are the winners. Oh, that’s nice. That is nice. He’s
a class act, Rav, isn’t he? Yes. He’s got very few points,
but he is a class act! I’ll say that! Val, your answer is we are the
winners, but what is your question? Is it… Is it… Or is it… I think it could be either of the
top two. Discounting the third one? What was Beckham doing in 2005?
That’s the point. I saw him going into a tattoo
parlour, I know that! In Tel Aviv. That’s all I’ve got. It’s definitely
the second one, in that case! Oh, I didn’t really see him! It could be that, or the title
of Lithuania… I’m going to go for number one. Is that the question? It is! Nice! Nicely played. Rose, I wonder if you could choose
an answer for Gary, please? I’m going to go with lumpsucker!
I mean, yeah. It makes sense, right? I’m starting to feel you’re having
a bit of a dig at me, to be honest with you! Oh, sorry,
are we choosing something? Yeah! Yeah, lumpsucker.
Lumpsucker is your answer, Gary. But what is your question? Wow! Wow! One of those is a lumpsucker.
But which? Wow. See, the second one seems
so specific, that it might be that. However, that’s the ruse,
isn’t it, to get you in. They try and make them
sound convincing, I know. He-Man, I think I’d remember
if he had a sidekick called that. And the corset, I don’t know, the corset sounds like something
people would make up if you were writing questions
working backwards from the word! Oh, it’s so tricksy! And maybe I’m trying to apply logic
to what is essentially a guessing game, so I’m going
to go for the middle one, even though I can’t say it. Which short bodied, scaleless
fish of the something family is found in cold northern waters?
So your answer is lumpsucker. Is your question the one
about the fish? It’s the fish one. My question is the fish one!
Let’s find out. It is the fish one –
well done, Gary. Well done at home
if you got that, as well. That is the end of that round. Let’s take a look at the scores.
We’ve got one round to go. Who’s going to win
Wednesday’s House Of games? Oh, dead level! Rav, you have three. Valerie, five. Gary and Rose, 11 points each. The final round is of course… As always there’ll be a category,
we will show you a picture from that category, clue underneath, smash
them together, what have you got? Our first category is… Those will be the pictures,
there’ll be clues underneath. Very best of luck to everybody.
Here’s your first one. Gary? Trevor McDonald Duck. Trevor McDonald Duck. Very good! It is Trevor McDonald, Donald Duck.
Trevor McDonald Duck. Early advantage for Gary.
Next newsreader. Rav? Dermot Murnaghannibal Lecter?
Let’s take a look. Dermot Murnaghannibal Lecter! I mean, with respect, that’s how
you play Answer Smash! Wow! Well done, Rav.
Dermot Murnaghannibal Lecter. Dermot Murnaghan, Hannibal Lecter.
Next newsreader. Gary? Jon Snow Leopard. Is it Jon Snow Leopard? It is Jon Snow Leopard!
Jon Snow and Snow Leopard. Here is your next category. Those will be the pictures,
there’ll be clues underneath. LOUD WHISPERING: Estonia. Yes, Rose! Pestonia!
Pestonia! God, Rose! Largely got from Valerie saying,
quite loudly, Estonia! So you’ve helped Rose out there. I had Estonia,
it’s the pesto I didn’t know! Thank you, Val!
Pestonia, absolutely right. Here’s your next Italian food
or drink, your next clue. Yes, Rose? Cappuccino Doubt. Oh! Cappuccino Doubt. It is – cappuccino and No Doubt! Here’s the next Italian foodstuff
or drink, and your next clue. Rose? Biscottijuana. Is it Biscottijuana? Biscotti and Tijuana? It is! Goodness me! Your next category is… There’ll be
a picture of a footballer, there’ll be a clue underneath. Shall I tell you? Yeah. Gary Neville Longbottom. Gary Neville, Neville Longbottom.
Here’s your next one. Time is up! Who has won
Wednesday’s House Of Games? On Monday, Rose, you won by a mile. Gary, Tuesday, you won by a mile. Who has won Wednesday’s
House Of Games? Oh! Rose Matafeo by one point! 14 points to 13. That is a big score, as well. They
are both very big scores, 14 and 13. Rose, you win again!
Wow, that was close. That was tight. That was super-tight. That was
an amazing game for all of us! You were two points behind before
the Italian food and drink round which Val helped you win!
Yes, thank you, Val! Ah, the swinger! Are you going
to share the prize? Absolutely! Which one do you want?
Let’s see what they are, first! You are shameless, Val! Let’s take
a look at what the prizes are. We’ve got the wheelie luggage,
don’t forget. You’ve also got the toolkit,
there’s the chopping board, the driving gloves.
No, I think it’s all yours, Rose! No, Val,
do you want the wheelie luggage? No, come on… I don’t…
I’ve got so many luggage cases. What would you like, then? I’m going to get the luggage case, and if you don’t want to have it,
I’ll take it. What would you choose, Val,
if you were…? Well, if I had won,
I would choose the luggage. We’re choosing the luggage! Me and Val won the game together
so, yeah, let’s do it. Rose chooses the luggage and grants
it to Valerie Singleton, how lovely. Rose, that’s very sweet.
Well, what a show. We’ve just got to get something
for Ralph now, haven’t we? I mean, that would be nice,
wouldn’t it? That would be nice. Shall we take a little look
at the weekly leaderboard? Two days to go on this week’s House
of Games. Valerie, you have four. Rav, you have six. Gary nine. Rose, two points
in the lead with 11. That’s very impressive. We’ll see
you same time, same place tomorrow. We’ll see you, as well,
at the same time, same place on the House Of Games. Everybody will know
what show I’ve been on.


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