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Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E51 (06 Jan 2020)

APPLAUSE Hello, everybody. Welcome along to a brand-new week
on Richard Osman’s House of Games. I am Richard Osman,
this is the House of Games. You know what happens by now. I
invite four players into the studio. They play a series
of very silly games. At the end of the week, one of them walks away with this extraordinary
piece of silverware. Look at that. I say “silverware”, it’s actually
aluminium and MDF-ware. LAUGHTER Who are our players this week?
Why, they are… ..Rose Matafeo. Hello. Rav Wilding. Goodness gracious me,
Valerie Singleton! Hello. And last but not least,
Mr Gary Delaney. APPLAUSE Welcome, everyone, to the
House of Games. I like it on a Monday
when everybody likes each other. Everyone’s, “Do you know what,
we actually really get along. “It’s so interesting,
we just get along.” Rose. Yes.
How nice to have you here. Thank you so much for having me
here on the House of Games. Listen, one of our finest comedians
but I worry about you this week because you are, this is no secret,
from New Zealand. No secret. I just said “yis” instead of “yes”,
I really gave myself away there. Yeah. I’m a bit concerned
about that. How many New Zealand-centric
questions do you have in the House of Games?
Across the whole week? Yeah! Zero! Oh, my gosh. I mean, you never know, you never
know. We might do something. Australia, virtually the same thing. There might be some Australian
stuff. I might be leaving, actually. There might… no! I know things
about other things. We learned some things
about non-New Zealand. Well, we shall find out, shan’t we?
Oh, God, we will. Rav Wilding. How lovely to have you here as well,
sir. Thank you for having me. Now, at the end of every show, somebody takes home
a daily prize, OK? OK. Here are today’s daily prizes.
You can choose between… Oh, look at that! There is the House of Games smoking
jacket, which almost everyone chooses. I have to say, it’s quite
good. Very nice. Very nice! House of Games towel, that’s less
good. House of Games bread bin. I mean, good luck. House of Games shower curtain. Oh!
Weirdly, no-one has chosen. I don’t know why. I could be
the first! House of Games cards. Which do you think you’d go for,
Rav, if you were to win? I’m being pretty drawn to the bread
bin, there, I think. Really? That’s unusual. Wrong choice?
Do you need a bread bin? Yeah, I could do with a bread bin
with Richard’s face on it. Drawn to the bread bin.
Drawn to the bread bin. Finally, we’ve got a title
for your autobiography! Valerie Singleton. Hello. Beyond a pleasure to have
you here. Thank you, Richard. Very nice to be here. One of the
great heroes of British television. Just out of interest,
any of those take your fancy? I think I like the smoking jacket.
Ohh! I mean, that’s the classy answer.
That’s really nice, I like that. It would be a vaping jacket.
How long is it? A vaping jacket. A vaping
jacket. Now, it’s 2019. Where does it go to? Oh, it goes… Good question.
Valerie, it’s a good question. It’s kind of, I never say
“knee length”… As long as it covers my knees,
I can entertain in it. Listen, it wouldn’t cover my knees
but it would cover yours. That’s all right, then.
Gary Delaney. Hello. How lovely to have you here, sir.
It’s an honour to be here. Who do you think your big
rivals are this week? Who do you think’s going to be
a good quizzer here? There’s nobody who I’d
willingly go up against. I think it could be
a challenge all round. I’m reading between the lines
here with Gary. He thinks there’s no
competitors here. Oh, come on!
That’s what I thought, yeah. You covered it pretty well. I’m trying, I’m not going to say
anything cocky now because that will rebound on me
really badly. Mostly I’m just shocked by how many of those gifts
revolve around, like, a shower curtain, which is basically
you in glasses looking at somebody in the shower.
I mean… A towel for helping people dry after
the shower. And a smoking jacket, which is effectively a dressing
gown. There’s a theme behind those, it’s quite concerning, Richard. I have got to say I don’t choose
the prizes myself. And if it were me,
I would choose different prices. But, yeah, I’d have a House of Games
Lamborghini, perhaps. Yes, I like that idea.
We know what’s going to happen. We know what the prizes are,
we know who our competitors are. Shall we play a round?
THEY AGREE Every time I press this buzzer
right here, a new round comes up. I never know what it’s going to be, you never know what it’s going to
be. Let’s play our first round on this week’s House of Games.
And it is… Nice, simple one to start with. I’m going to ask you two questions
at a time, the answers rhyme with each other. OK? So, buzz in as
soon as you see the second clue. Give me both answers.
Get yourself a point. Here is your first set of questions
and they are… BUZZER Rose Matafeo.
The White House. Mickey Mouse. Lovely stuff. Well done, Rose. Here are your next questions. BUZZER Gary.
Mushy peas. Birds and the bees. Gary Delaney, very well played. OTHER PLAYERS MURMUR APPRECIATION Next one. Who is this? And… BUZZER Uh-oh! Yes, Rose. Desmond Tutu. Chattanooga Choo…
Chattanooga Choo Choo. Is it Desmond Tutu and
Chattanananakkanu…? LAUGHTER Chattanooga Choo Choo! It certainly
is. Well done. That’s impressive.
That is really impressive. Next question. BUZZER Yes, Rose. Easy Rider.
Hadron Collider. It is. Well done. Large Hadron Collider. Next question. BUZZER That is Gary.
Nickelback. Stickleback. Well done. ROSE: That’s fantastic. Some of these are fun to say and
you really hit the payload, there. You hit right about the end of where
my musical knowledge finishes. Scraped that. And where your fish
knowledge starts! Final question in this round. Who is this? And what is this song? # A young fighter screaming # No time for doubt # With the pain and…# BUZZER Gary. Johnny Ball. I Want It All. It is. Well done.
I Want It All by Queen. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we, at the end of Round 1? Valerie and Rav, very much, listen,
just keeping counsel, on zero there. Rose and Gary in the lead
with 3 points. In the lead. Well done. Rose and Gary. Round 2 today is… This is a pairs game. The player in last place always gets
to choose their partner. There are two people in last place,
I’m not going to say that Valerie is in last place, I’m going
to give you honorary third. Rav, I wonder if you’d like to
choose a partner for this round. I would like to choose Rose, please. That’s nice, and nobody has to move. Over the years on this show, people
have worked out that thing, if I say the person next to me, I’m going
to stay where I am, which is lovely. Take out your tablets,
please, for Distinctly Average. And I’ll tell you how we play it. I’m going to ask you
a series of questions and the answer for each pair will be
the average of your guesses. All right? So, no conferring. Just
the average of your guesses. OK. Here is your first question.
What might be the answer to this? According to Guinness World records. Rose. I wonder if you can tell me
what you’ve gone for? I went for a crazy guess. OK.
And I really regret it but I went for… 200 metres. Too tall. Rav, are you
taking the average up or down? Average is coming down. OK. And I’ve gone for a much smaller… I think I went too high!
So your average is… Valerie. It’s the sort of thing they
probably sent you to see years back. I’m very, I can never tell
what a metre is. Agreed. I never know, if you say
it’s 20 miles down the road, it doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve no idea about this particular
tree, although I have been into that lovely part
of the world in San Francisco. So this might be a very tall tree. That does sound tall. 572? Gary, are you comfortable with that
guess? Are you coming down? I am going to try and bring that
average down a little bit. So I’m going with -300. But I accidentally mistyped
that as… 100 metres, says Gary.
So, your average is… Let’s find out what’s the answer
and which team has won the point. RAV: Oh! APPLAUSE Nice one. Very well done to Rav
and Rose, there. Here’s your next one. That’s people who paid
to go into the Eiffel Tower, it’s not just people
who looked from afar. Valerie, what are you saying? 220,000. Gary, have you gone up or down
from 220,000? I’ve gone quite substantially up, to the extent that I’m now
a bit concerned. I tried to sort of calculate a daily
figure and assumed it was open 300 days a year, and I think I might
have got a decimal point wrong. I’ve gone for 1.5 million. Oh, 1.5 million. OK, let’s take a look at
your average, Val and Gary. 860,000 people. Rav, what are you saying? I’ve actually used the same kind
of rationale as Gary there. I was working on around 3,000 paid
visitors a day, and around about 300 days a year,
going to 1.2 million. Rose, up or down? Ooh, I went slightly down, but I… There was no mathematical rationale
here, it was purely I just like
the round number of 1 million. 1 million, so I can work out
the average there – 1.1 million. Let’s take a look –
how many people went up, and who has scored the point? Oh! 6.3 million. Are you kidding me? So, Rose and Rav, you get the point
despite being 5 million out. That seems a bit harsh, doesn’t it? That’s loads.
Wow, that is… That’s ridiculous. 17,000 a day, roughly. Wow.
Really? Who pay to go up the Eiffel Tower.
They’re raking it in! Final one in this round. Give me a little guess for this,
please. Hello! A New Zealand special for you.
Hold on a minute! I said there wouldn’t be a
New Zealand question all week. This is mine,
and I’m going to get it so wrong. And a New Zealand question
it’s impossible to get right. She’s a lifelong rugby fan as well,
which is amazing. No! This does not screen
in New Zealand, does it? Hopefully not,
I’m going to get kicked out. My gosh, when was
the first tournament? Rav, are you a rugby fan?
Yeah. You’ve got the look of a man who’s a rugby fan who’s doing
some maths. But idiotically, I haven’t remembered every single
point that New Zealand have scored since 1987. But you know roughly
what a rugby score might be. Yes, I do have that.
Yeah. But then, it is New Zealand,
and annoyingly, they tend to get quite good points. They don’t do well,
or they do do well? They do do well, Valerie. I think we will leave Rav to the
end, because Rav knows what’s what, so we’ll start with Gary
and Val. We will start with Gary –
what do you think on this one? Well, I’ve shown my working. I don’t know much about it,
but I know the ball is that shape. Excellent! I’ve assumed that 50 points
per game is normal, I’ve assumed there’s 10 games
in a World Cup on average, and that there’s been… If it started in the ’80s,
there’s been eight of them, so I’ve made 400 as my answer. So 500 x 8=400,
you’re saying? So… So 50 x… Oh, I’m an idiot!
I mean… Well, there you go, I was trying
to show I’m working out, and I’ve just shown I’m not working
out, which is normally what my physique shows, but now
my maths shows it as well. I’m a decimal point out,
but that’s what I said, isn’t it? 400, yeah, I’m afraid…
Got to stick with it. Gary, given… If I had spent less
time on that excellent drawing… ROSE: Yeah, but it looks fantastic.
It looks good. It looks really good.
Can I get any points for that? I’m being told no.
But the good news is, Val’s answer might be so rogue
that that might be useful. Yes. It would have to be
extremely rogue on that. So Gary… I’m really annoyed
at myself, what an idiot. I was going to say,
better that you went 400. So, Val, Gary has said 400… Mine was a bit rogue too,
in that case – I said 425. RICHARD LAUGHS She’s brought you up a bit. Yeah, yeah, well, that’s right.
We’re going with it. So 412.5 is your average. Can I add a few more? We’ve taken
a guess that New Zealand aren’t very good at rugby,
so we think that’ll pay off. 425. Rose, proud New Zealander. No, don’t come to me! I think I’ve messed this up.
What are you saying? I said 115. Oh! Wow!
I messed it up. Rav, have you gone
considerably higher than 115? I’ve gone a bit higher
than Rose. I’ve gone probably highest… In fact, definitely the highest
of everyone – I’ve said 5,000. 5,000. Which actually may be
slightly higher than the real answer, but…
But this is good, because this will average out.
This is amazing! It’ll help drag us up a bit. I would think 3,000
or something, maybe. It’s in the thousands.
I think you may be closer, Richard. Let’s take a look at your averages. So, Valerie and Gary’s average
was 412.5. 2,557.5, say Rose and Rav. Let’s take a look –
how many points have New Zealand scored in the
Rugby World Cup in total? Ooh! 2,302. We got even closer,
due to my mistake! Nice one, Rose.
Yes! Both of you are absolutely miles… You’re both, by the way,
as far out as each other. In fact, Rav is further out
than you are, to be fair. Two wrongs make a right. How would he have done if
Gary had got 4,000? Valerie, I hate to tell you,
you would have won. You would have been so close
as well. Oh!
Would we? If you’d said 4,000. Yeah, if I could do elementary maths
and wasn’t trying to showboat. That’s the end of that round. Tablets away, please, everybody. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we, after Round Two? Due to Gary’s maths,
Valerie is still on 0. Gary and Rav, you have 3. Rose is our leader with 6 points. APPLAUSE Thanks, Rav. Let’s move
straight along to Round Three, and today, Round Three
is going to be… What we’re going to do now, we are going to illustrate the
lyrics of a famous song. But we’re going to represent it
with pictures, OK? So you have to decipher the
pictures, see what the line is from, and tell us the popular song
we’re representing, OK? Your first song is from… ..1967, OK, but what song? BUZZER Rose. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Is it Ain’t No Mountain High Enough? # Cos, baby, there ain’t no mountain
high enough… # Well done! APPLAUSE See how it works? Ain’t no mountain high enough,
valley low enough… # Ain’t no river wide enough… # ..to keep me from getting to you. Well played, Rose,
here’s your next one. What song is this, please? From 2011. BUZZER Rose? Price Tag, Jessie J. Let’s have listen –
is it Price Tag by Jessie J? # It’s not about the money, money… Wow. # We just wanna
make the world dance… # Make the world dance, of course.
Yes. Ah, forget about the price tag. Well played, Rose.
GARY: Crikey. Here is your next one. 1958. What is this song? It’ll probably be a crooner. You would think so, wouldn’t you? ’58, it’ll be a crooner. I think it’s a thermometer
in the mouth there. Could it be a Sinatra song in ’58? BUZZER
Rose? So sorry. Fever by Peggy Lee. Is it Fever by Peggy Lee? # You give me fever… # Wow. How did you get the fever? Fever when you kiss me,
fever in the morning, fever all through the night.
Oh, well done, yes. That’s clever, isn’t it? Good thinking. Final question for Rose to get
in this round. LAUGHTER It is from the year… ..2000. Reach for the stars, mountain
high… WHISPERS: Val, press your buzzer. Just say that, just say that.
Yeah. Press your buzzer
and say what you just said. Yeah, say the first bit. BUZZER
Val? Reach for the stars, mountain… Is it “reach for the stars”? I’m going to stop you after
“reach for the stars,” Val. Let’s take a listen. Is it? CHEERING APPLAUSE DROWNS SPEECH That was amazing! 1 point! And follow your heart’s desire. Valerie Singleton, as you know,
is such a huge S Club fan. That was… I’m going to say
unexpected, but very welcome. It was indeed unexpected,
I can assure you. Well done. That’s the end of Round Three.
Shall we take a look at the scores? Valerie storming onto the
leaderboard there with 1. Gary and Rav with 3. Look at this – 6-point lead,
Rose Matafeo with 9 points. Thanks very much.
Very impressive. APPLAUSE Two rounds to go.
Can anybody catch Rose? Let’s find out, shall we,
as we play Round Four? Round Four today is going to be… Now, this is another game
played on your tablets. Can you take them out, please? I’m going to give you a category. All you have to do is write down
a correct answer in that category. I’ll give you a point if you give me
a correct answer, however, if you give me the same correct
answer as somebody else, I will take your point away, OK? So you have to give an answer
that no-one else gives. To make it slightly more confusing, it’s called The Rich List
because I have a go at it as well. Oh! And if I write the same answer
as you, you lose your point. OK. OK? Here’s your first category. It comes in two parts.
We are looking for… That’s the 2016 Olympics. The only ball we don’t count
is the shot from shot put, that doesn’t count as a ball. Hmm. Oh, I’m going to be boring. Rose, what have you gone for? I’ve gone for a wild card, and I
don’t even think it’s right, but… You know that rhythmic gymnastics,
where they do it on the floor? That’s a good answer!
Very good. They hold the ball.
Is that a correct answer? It is, well played! That’s a good answer.
Oh, thank goodness. Rav, what have you gone from? I have gone for water polo. That’s in the Olympics, isn’t it? It is, well done. Valerie? I’m not sure if this is
in the Olympics, but I’ve gone for tennis. That in the Olympics. Andy Murray won, didn’t he?
Of course it is. Tennis, is that correct? Well played, Val. Gary Delaney? I took a bit of a punt, but I feel
a bit more confident after Rav’s. Polo. Polo! It’s a different sport
to water polo, that’s the one on horses.
Right. Which they don’t do in the pool,
for various reasons. Ah, yes. Well, I suppose…
Is that a correct answer? Incorrect, I’m afraid.
Oh! No polo. So a point to everyone, unless
I’ve written the same answer as you. Oh! Oh! I was very sure that tennis was in
the Olympics, was I not? I wrote… Tennis. ..volleyball! Hurray, hurray. You’re just allowing
me to have a point, weren’t you? I was not. I thought someone
would say volleyball, I was trying to catch someone out. Well done at home
if you avoided any of these. Let’s take a look at some other
correct answers you could have given. Very well done if you avoided
all our answers there. Next category is… Oh, no! Oh! Ugh! Tom Cruise films, OK. Rav, what have you gone for? I have gone for… ..Vanilla Sky. That’s a good one.
Vanilla Sky! Is that correct? It is. Good answer, Rav. Val, what are you going for? I’m just thinking of him kind of
flying around in an aeroplane, and I put High Flier. High Flier! That is the coolest answer ever! He should be in a film
called High Flier. Is High Flier a correct answer? It is not.
High Flier’s the sequel! Yes, Top Gun 2: High Flier. Gary Delaney, what have you said? Have you said High Flier? No, I should have done.
No, I’ve gone for… I never saw it, but I remember
seeing it in video libraries in the ’80s. I’m pretty sure there
was a Tom Cruise film called Risky Business.
Yeah. That’s what I’ve gone for,
thinking nobody will remember it. Nice. Good choice.
Is that a correct answer? It is a correct answer.
These are good answers. Rose Matafeo, what are you saying? I did a deep cut.
He plays a very disguised role. Tropic Thunder.
Oh! Of course he does, Tropic Thunder. Is that a correct answer? I remembered he was in
Tropic Thunder, because I watched that whole film,
and didn’t know it was him. It’s weird.
Good prosthetic. And that’s why I went for
Tropic Thunder, I’m so sorry. No, Richard!
So sorry. Richard, no!
Oh, no. Only because I thought, I didn’t
even know it was him that was in the film, so it’s
a good answer. I am so… The Firm, The Outsiders…
Top Gun! Top Gun, no-one’s even said Top Gun. I love the fact that
if you had said Top Gun, you would have won a point
in this round. So sorry. Well done at home
if you avoided our answers. Rose, you had so few points to lose! Let’s take a little look, shall we,
at answers you could have given? Mission: Impossible, of course. Top Gun, well done if you said Top
Gun and avoided everyone’s answer. I don’t see High Flier there. Weird, right? I think that was straight to video, so it’s not allowed under these
rules. Thank you, Gary. Final question in this round. Ooh!
Oh, no! Wow. Valerie, we’ll start with you.
Who have you said? Bit obvious, but I’ve put Sweden. Sweden win it a lot?
Is that a correct answer? Definitely won it once. It is a correct answer,
six times Sweden have won it. Gary, what have you said? I’m going
to make myself the villain of this, I’m afraid, because I’ve put Sweden
as well. Oh, no! I thought I was avoiding
the obvious ones, but, yeah. That wipes us out. It does, yeah.
No points to anyone. Not the first time
you’ve scuppered Val. I know, I know. We’re beginning
to see your secret agenda. If we watch the tapes of this back,
and I find out that you whispered High Flier
to Val… LAUGHTER Rose, who have you gone with? Guys, I’m joining the club! Oh, Sweden!
Oh! I’m not the only one,
we all messed up. All the same logic –
can’t go Britain, can’t go Ireland. ROSE: Exactly, yeah. Rav, you are our last hope. Not much of a hope, I’m afraid. I haven’t got a clue about this one,
so I’ve written the word Turkey, which I’m not even sure
is technically in Europe. I mean, it seems unlikely. And I’ve put four question marks
to emphasise the fact I haven’t got a clue.
OK, is that correct? It’s not, they won once.
Oh! Well, there you go. 2003. I said United Kingdom,
and nobody else said it. Yeah, there you go. Have we won more than twice?
Yeah, five times we’ve won it. Wow.
Yeah. Shall we take a look at other
countries that have won it? Luxembourg, wow! Very well done if you managed
to avoid all our answers. That’s the end of The Rich list,
tablets away, please. We have one round to go, one round.
Let’s see who is in pole position. I think we know who it is.
Here’s our leaderboard. Val is on 2 points. She should be on
about 8 if it wasn’t for Gary. Thank you, Richard. Gary, you have 4. Rav in second place with 5. It’s a big lead, 5 points,
going into our final round, Rose Matafeo. Well done, Rose.
APPLAUSE So a five-point lead can be lost
in the final round. The final round is always the same,
and it is always… Fingers on buzzers,
I’ll show you a picture, there will be a clue underneath,
smash the answers together, please. Point for a correct answer. If you buzz in and give me an
incorrect answer, you lose a point. Your first category on Monday’s
House Of Games Answer Smash is… So the pictures will be
people who have been on Celebrity MasterChef,
there will be a clue underneath, smash them together,
and see what you get. BUZZER
Rav? Cheryl Bakerloo Line. Cheryl Bakerloo Line
is the right answer, Cheryl Baker and Bakerloo.
Nicely done. The next one. BUZZER
Yes, Gary? Katy Brandy. Katy Brand and brandy, Katy Brandy.
Well done, Gary Delaney. ROSE: Nice.
Nicely done. Your next category is… Anyone know a bit of it? If you know the singer… BUZZER
Rav? Rigatoni Braxton. Is it Rigatoni Braxton? It is indeed! So good! Rigatoni and Toni Braxton. The next one is… BUZZER
Yes, Gary? Doughnutmeg. Doughnut and nutmeg, doughnutmeg. Well done, Gary Delaney. Your next category is… HOOTER
There are no more categories. Oh! I love how you just sat back
in that round. Well… Not going to lose any points
at all. Doesn’t need to. I’m not going to lose any points.
Let’s take a look at the scores at the end of the show. Good round
for Gary, good round for Rav there. I don’t think it’s going to be
enough, gents, to depose our leader. Let’s take a look where we are. Find our winner of
Monday’s House Of Games. It’s Rose Matafeo! Well done, Rose. APPLAUSE Valerie’s in there. Gary in third place with 6.
Rav, 7 points. A lovely finish from you, Rav.
Well done, Rose. Thank you. It means you’ve won yourself
a prize. Let’s take a look. Oh!
Choose one of these, please. Oh, incredible! Um, honestly, I do need a new towel,
so I think I might… Oh, you’re kidding me! What do you mean?
“I need a new towel.” I need a new towel, I don’t need
a bread bin or a shower curtain or a smok… I do kind of like
the smoking jacket. Yeah, everyone likes the
smoking jacket. Listen, if you want a towel… I think… I reckon I’m going
to go for the… Oh! Oh, have the smoking jacket,
it’s so lovely. I suspect you’re going to get to
pick more than once this week, Rose. No! I’ll go smoking jacket.
Smoking jacket! Rose Matafeo takes home
a House Of Games smoking jacket. You can always buy a towel. You have to wear it for
the rest of the week. I’d love to! Exactly, you can always buy a towel. This is why Val is on,
because that is good advice. Rose, you are our champion,
well done. Let’s take a look at the points
you take into tomorrow’s show. This is our weekly leaderboard. Val, you have 1. Gary, 2. Rav, you have 3. Rose, you have 4. Thank you so much for joining me. We’ll see you same time,
same place tomorrow. We’ll see you as well, same time,
same place, on the House Of Games. APPLAUSE This is great! Do you think, like,
I could wear this out? Yeah! Has anybody had
the smoking jacket before? Yeah, the only time I’ve seen
the smoking jacket with leopard print was Hugh Dennis. Amazing.


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Jan 1, 2020, 10:20 pm Reply

Mundo, you‘re a legend x

Narelle Waite

Jan 1, 2020, 12:38 am Reply

Rose panicking to pick a prize is the most kiwi thing.

Nelson Ricardo

Jan 1, 2020, 1:49 am Reply

I only know Gary, Sarah Millican's husband, from Mock the Week. I look forward to getting to know the Rose, Rav, and Valerie this week.

Artemis Strong

Jan 1, 2020, 2:43 am Reply

Rose is so pretty! It's a pleasure just to look at her face.


Jan 1, 2020, 4:40 am Reply

Rose for Prime Minister

Senna Augustus

Jan 1, 2020, 6:19 am Reply

I love Valerie's bluntness, just "saying as it is".

G-Funk 1

Jan 1, 2020, 6:18 pm Reply

I hate Valarie Singleton for some reason. She seems a right stuck up bitch.

Matthew Lindahl

Jan 1, 2020, 2:41 am Reply

Since when is hockey played with a ball? 😳🧐

Mikko Viinikka

Jan 1, 2020, 11:01 am Reply

"You don't know what it's gonna be, I don't know what it's gonna be." After doing 23 weeks of this, you would've thought he'd know it's always Rhyme Time first.

Fulano de Tal

Jan 1, 2020, 4:36 pm Reply

nice to see the smoking jacket back

Lakrids Pibe

Jan 1, 2020, 11:20 pm Reply

Quidditch as an olympic sport, and they didn't even address it! Hahaha!

Cara Bright

Jan 1, 2020, 6:40 am Reply

not screened in nz but… youtube


Jan 1, 2020, 8:51 am Reply

Rose usually isn't a top competitor on these kinds of shows, so it's nice to see her doing well in House of Games.


Jan 1, 2020, 4:09 am Reply

Rose just killed it in the pop art quiz…. holy bleep

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