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Richard Osman’s House of Games: Champions – S03E99 (12 Mar 2020)

APPLAUSE Hello, everybody. Welcome along to
Thursday’s House Of Games. It is a House of Champions special. Everybody here has won
the show before. Listen, at the moment it’s
The Nish Kumar Show, but today is the day that ends. Someone at the end of the week –
probably Nish – is going to walk away with this trophy. But
it could be one of the other three. It could be Holly Walsh… Unlikely.
APPLAUSE There’s the gentleman
we were just talking about. It could be Sarah Greene. Unlikely. Or it could be Hugh Dennis. They say nothing’s impossible,
but not very possible. Now, listen,
everyone here is a champion, but Nish, a great performance
for the first three days. It’s been super close, and then you
seem to pull away in Answer Smash. Sure. What’s the techn… Is it a
buzzer thing? What is it? I think the… My mother says,
after I… Because when I did this last time,
I did very well in Answer Smash, and my mother said, “You just have a
head for useless things.” That’s nice. Thanks, Mum!
LAUGHTER So, Holly, we were saying
the technique might be, we’ve got to get a slight lead on
Nish before that final round. I mean, you’d have to
get, like, a seven-point lead. I think even three would do it. I don’t know. I think the thing about Nish is,
he is a natural winner at this game. Yeah, listen,
he’s absolutely born in to it. He’s got the speed,
he’s got the answers. He’s the Tiger Woods of this game.
Yeah, he really, really is. Shall we take a little
look at the weekly leaderboard and see where we stand? Oh, dear. Sarah, it’s all right, you
got two points yesterday. I know. You’re on four. It’s pretty tight. It’s pretty tight at the top. It’s not tight. It is tight because it’s Double Points Friday tomorrow. So there’s plenty…
If Nish doesn’t win today – even if he does win today – there’s
still something to play for. There’s still something to play for. Yeah, he gets double points tomorrow
too. He’s going to lose tomorrow. Let’s take a look at the prizes,
shall we, for today. What golden prizes do
we have in store for our champion? CONTESTANTS GASP We have the doll,
we have the hip flask. We’ve got the binoculars,
the tie and the tool box. Not just any tool box –
a golden tool box. I was excited about your doll until
I saw the tool box, Richard. OK. I can only dream.
The tool box is great, right? Hugh, what would you go fo? Well, I have a suspicion that the
doll isn’t really you. It’s just a doll that you’ve bought,
made to look like you. It’s Austin Powers.
Is that possible? No. What’s in the tool box? That’s the best thing about it. It is empty for your own use. You can put anything in there.
That’s very good. You could hide stuff. I think I’d go for the binoculars. Holly, what would you go for?
The hip flask. Oh, really? That’s nice. Shall we play? Please.
Nish has won three in a row. No-one has ever won five.
Can he make it four in a row today? Let’s take a look at our first
round. It is… Fingers on buzzers, please.
I’m going to ask you two questions
at a time. The answers are anagrams
of each other. Here are your first two clues. BUZZER
Yes, Hugh? Organ, argon. It’s the right answer, well played. APPLAUSE
Next two questions. BUZZER
Yes, that is Nish. Byron and Robyn. The correct answer, well done.
APPLAUSE Byron and Robyn. Next question. What is this? And who is this? BUZZER
Yes, Nish? Is it ice lolly and Lily… ..Collins? No! Incorrect, I’m afraid. I can’t remember her name.
Yeah, you were very close. Yeah. BUZZER
Holly? Ice lolly, Lily Cole. Yeah. It is, well done.
APPLAUSE Next two.
What are the answers here, please? BUZZER
Nish? Athens and haste. WRONG ANSWER TONE
Incorrect. BUZZER
Sarah? Athens and hasten. Athens and hasten,
yes, is right. NISH GROANS Well done. Athens and hasten,
well done if you said that at home. Next two. Shall I tell you? Mrs Lovett was from Sweeney Todd. It’s Baker and Break. I was trying to think of
an anagram for pie maker. LAUGHTER “What do they call piemakers? “If only there was a shorter name.” Next two. Shall I tell you? Yeah. Hmm… Oh, wow. That’s brilliant. Kate Robbins is the mother of… Emily Atack? Yeah. Final one of this round.
Fingers on buzzers, please. What are the answers to these two? And what’s the title of this
Nish? Is it D minor and Nimrod? Certainly is. Very well played.
Well done. Nicely done. D minor, Nimrod. Well done if you said that at home.
Well done if you had a good round. Let’s take a look at how we did
here in the studio. Here’s our first leaderboard,
with one round down. Well played, Nish.
APPLAUSE Wow, you’re really turning it round
for yourself. That’s unexpected. He’s won three in a row,
is he going to… He was in last place at one point
yesterday, though, wasn’t he? Round 2 today,
it’s going to be a pairs game. Which pairs game are we playing? Pairs game, the player in last
place gets to choose who they partner-up with.
The three of you are in last place. Holly, I wonder if you would like to
choose who to play with? All three days so far, you’ve played
with Nish. Pretty successful. Yeah. Are you going to stick with Nish or are you going to be wild
and crazy and go with someone else? No, I’m going to be very predictable
and stick with Nish. You’re going to stick with Nish.
Four in a row. This is it. This is a great team.
Unprecedented. Before the show, I asked these four
players to send me the name of a science fiction film
but only using emojis. It might be describing the title,
might be describing the plot,
whatever it is. All you have to do is guess the film
that your partner sent me, OK? So, Nish, you’re going to start. Holly, before the show, sent me
this sci-fi film in emoji form. But which film is
she trying to hint at here? Oh, wow! That’s good, eh? If I’ve got this right,
that is an amazing… I think it’s Men In Black.
Is it Men In Black, Holly? It is Men In Black.
That’s an amazing clue. Really brilliant. Very nice. Yeah, that’s really brilliant. Very, very good. Hugh, Sarah sent me this before
the show. HUGH CHUCKLES No, not that. She also sent me this. It’s a sci-fi film. OK, yeah. OK. What sci-fi film is Sarah
describing here? Er… Is that a robot? It’s probably RoboCop,
I should think, is it? Is it RoboCop? It is. It is RoboCop! Nicely done. HOLLY: I’m glad you went with a
female policewoman. Because cop is of course
a catch-all word. But I thought it was a pilot. I was going to go for mechanical… I was thinking, what’s that?
RobotPilot? Very well played, nicely done.
Well done if you got that at home. Holly. Nish sent me a science
fiction film in the form of these emojis, but
which science fiction film is it? Aliens… Five… Lift. Weight. Wave. It definitely ends “Wave Fist”.
Yeah. Aliens… Part. Could be the plot. Could be
the title. I haven’t got it. But… Oh, no. What do you think at home? Are you close to this one? Any ideas on the other team? Don’t say, but… No, but… Not really. I’m thinking it’s… Hmm… Yeah. Don’t know.
It’s not the title. I’ll tell you,
it’s no RoboCop, is it? It’s no Men In Black as a clue. Shall we find out? Yeah, go on, then. Nish, why don’t
you take us through what it is. Well, I really struggled with it. So the beginning thing, I thought,
that’s sort of an alien invasion. And then the second thing
I was struggling with was… I was like, is that a weightlifter
or a body-builder? Then this gesture… Body Snatchers?
..was supposed to be body snatching. That… I literally couldn’t…
I don’t know how you could… I literally could not work out how
to express this in emojis. It was supposed to be
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.
Do you know what? I don’t know how I would have done
that. That’s a hard one to do. I couldn’t work out how to do it.
Invasion Of The… Yeah. Yeah, that’s hard.
I’ll give you that. Very well done if you got that at
home. If you got that at home, then you are very much inside
Nish Kumar’s brain. Yeah, if you got that at home, you
might actually be me. Sarah, last question in this round. Hugh sent me this sci-fi film. Which sci-fi film is this? SARAH CHUCKLES I can think of other
things that it would be. Um… Oh! No, it’s not going to be…
I thought I had it then. I’m not going to get this,
I’m sorry. I’m going to keep you here
all afternoon. No? Any idea on the other team?
There’s no points for it. Genuinely no idea. Hugh, I’m going to let you take us
through what this represents and then give the answer, because
it’s good. You’ll like it. It’s the story of how this
thing was discovered. The title of the film
and who discovered it. So it’s an apple, a tree…
HOLLY: Gravity. And a guy… Oh, what?! Oh, OK. You like? Oh, that’s great. That’s Newton at the end, going… Well, I guess. Yeah. That’s clever, isn’t it?
That’s really… Yeah, that’s really clever. Very
well done if you got that at home. You could have put in
a downward arrow. I could have done, yeah. But that has a purity to it.
Yeah. That is the end of that round. Let’s
take a look at the scores, shall we? It was a mixed bag. Listen,
some good stuff in there, though. And it’s super close, still. APPLAUSE
That’s nice, isn’t it? Every day has been
kind of like this. Every day. But we’ve got to just get a tiny
bit of a lead on him, is the key. No disrespect, Nish.
No, absolutely none taken. Just got to poke your neck
out in front. Round 3 today,
this is where the fightback begins. Now, on this I am going to show you
three clues at a time, and something links them. You’ve
just got to guess what links them. But I’m only going to reveal
the letters one by one, and we will reveal them
backwards through the alphabet. So the Zs will turn up first,
then Ys, all the way through to A. Buzz in if you’ve worked out what
connects these three words, please. BUZZER
Sarah? Soup. Are they all types of soup? Certainly are.
APPLAUSE There was literally one letter
left in the puzzle! That’s always
the case in this round, though. For whatever reason. Next three. What links these,
please? BUZZER
Yes, Nish? They’re all tennis players. Very well played.
APPLAUSE Nicely played, Nish. Next three, what connects these? BUZZER
Yes, that is Holly. Erm… Wood. Wood… That’s incorrect, I’m afraid. Let’s fill some more letters. HUGH: Even now we don’t know.
No-one? It’s Tom Jones, isn’t it? Oh, names for Tom Jones.
Oh, right. The Voice, Thomas Woodward is his
real name. Wow. He was known as Tiger in the ’60s
and ’70s, apparently. Next three. What connects these? BUZZER
Yes, Hugh? Types of butterfly. Are they types of butterfly? HOLLY: Wow, that is good. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
APPLAUSE Very nice. Also spy names.
They could always be that. Cabbage White? Yeah. “Urgh, I can’t believe I’m
Cabbage White. “I wanted to be the Red Admiral!”
LAUGHTER What connects these three, please? BUZZER
Yes, Holly? They all have news. New York, New Zealand, New Jersey. Is that the right answer? Certainly is. Well done.
APPLAUSE What connects these three? Tough so far. Oh, my God. Whoa. BUZZER
Hugh? Type of hat. Are they types of hat? Well done.
APPLAUSE Here’s your next question.
What connects these? BUZZER
Yes, Holly? They’re all overtures.
Are they all overtures? Incorrect, I’m afraid. BUZZER
Yes, Nish? They’re all archers. Hawkeye, William Tell,
and Katniss from The Hunger Games. Absolutely right. Well done.
They are all archers. APPLAUSE The Archers has changed over
the years. It really has, hasn’t it? Final one in this round. Final one.
Answer me this, please. What connects these three things? BUZZER
Yes, Sarah? Uh… They are all, um, periods
in history. Industrial… Or revolutions.
Industrial Revolution, Aztec… It’s not, I’m afraid, Sarah. Sorry. Just let Holly answer. BUZZER
Holly? They’re all zones
in The Crystal Maze! They’re all zones in The
Crystal Maze, I’m afraid, yeah. APPLAUSE That’s the end of that round.
Three rounds down. Let’s take a look at what it’s
done to the scores. Nish still has that one-point lead.
Five points, Nish Kumar. APPLAUSE Two rounds to go on Thursday.
Can Nish make it four? Our fourth round today is… Now, in The Nice Round I need you
all to give me the name of a person. The way we’re going to
do that is, I’m going to show the name of that person
to your three opponents. Holly, if you’ll pass that
to your three opponents, please. They’re going to see the name
of the same person,
and give you a one-word clue. Pass them on? Yeah, pass them on. They will give you a one-word
clue as to who that person is. Can we look now? You sure can. If you write your words
on your tablets. If you guess the answer correctly,
you score yourself a point. We call it The Nice Round
because you also give a point to the person who gives you
the best clue. OK. Nish, what is Holly’s first word? Holly’s first word is Roman. Roman. That’s a good clue, I guess.
Well, depending on who it is. Sarah, what’s the next word? Hail. Hail, OK. Hugh? Mine’s in a different
language. Because it is Vidi. Vidi. Is it Julius Caesar?
Nish, is it Julius Caesar? It is Julius Caesar.
It is Julius Caesar, well done. And who is the most helpful? Genuinely, Sarah’s one.
That’s what I’d have thought. You’re being kind. No, really. It can only be “Hail, Caesar”.
That’s a great clue. So, a point to Holly and a point to
Sarah. Very well done. Thank you, Holly. My pleasure. Nish. Hello. I wonder if you might
guess the identity of this person, please, from three words
written down by your opponents. You have to guess
the name of a person. You have three clues to help you,
three words to help you. Sarah, what is Nish’s first word? Sparrow. Sparrow. OK. Interesting. Hugh, what’s the next word? French, Regrette. Regrette. So, Sparrow and Regrette. And Holly? Mine was Regretless. Regretless. Erm… I think The Little Sparrow is
the nickname of Edith Piaf. Was it Edith Piaf, Sarah? It’s correct.
It’s the correct answer. Very nicely done. Little Sparrow.
You got your three clues there. You’ve got Regrette, in French.
You’ve got Regretless. And Sparrow. Which of those is the most helpful?
Well, I did get… Sparrow is undeniable. So, yeah. I will say Sarah. That was the best. Everyone’s being very, very kind. Well done, Nish. Sarah. You’ve done well in this round
so far. Now it’s your turn to guess
a person. Hugh, what are you saying?
I’m saying Revolutionary. Revolutionary, says Hugh. Holly? I went Rebel. I mean, it’s similar. And Nish, what are you saying? Cuba. Cuba. OK, so Revolutionary,
Rebel and Cuba. Well, I… So… 50-50. Che Guevara. Or Fidel Castro. OK. I’ll go with Che Guevara. You’re going to go Che Guevara.
Hugh, is that the right answer? It is the right answer.
It is. Well done. Thank you. Very nice. Which of those was the most helpful? I think, yeah, as it could have been
Cuba Gooding Jr if I’d seen you first… Of course, that’s where
I’d have gone. Rebel could be, oh… It’s quite an open book, isn’t it?
I think we’ll go with Revolutionary. Revolutionary, Hugh Dennis,
a point for you. And your chance to get
another point as well because you have to guess the name
of the person… It’s me now, OK. ..that your opponents
are writing down here. See what happens when you write
one in English – you get a point. Yeah. HOLLY: I don’t know how to
spell the word. That’s OK. If it’s understandable. Hugh, you have to guess the name
of a person. A point if you do. You have three words to help you and
your three words are… Holly, what’s the first word? Angel. Angel. Nish? Sculptor. Sculptor. And Sarah? Angel, Sculptor… Press. Press. Angel, Sculptor, Press. Well, I don’t know what… Are they very famous people?
HOLLY: No, it’s just one person. It’s one person, but are all
the people really famous? Listen, I can’t…
I don’t know who this is. I’d have a guess at who this is. Well, I would say, if it’s Angel,
it might be Angel Of The North. And it might be a sculptor.
So it might be Antony Gormley. Are you asking me or telling me? Both.
LAUGHTER I’m telling you it’s Antony Gormley. Holly, is it Antony Gormley? Yes. It is Antony Gormley.
Well played. But who’s Press? SARAH: I was trying to think… It wasn’t that I didn’t want
you to get it. No, no, no. Having given you a point. But I was trying to think
of something that would… You know how the wings in the Angel,
it’s like… I don’t know. I was trying to think of something
with the steel. I don’t know. So you said Press? Yeah, yeah. OK. Hugh, you have a point to give
away, should you so choose. Yeah, the most useful was Sarah’s.
LAUGHTER Yeah, yeah. I would have to say they are… Er… In conjunction with each other… That’s the thing,
they’re hard to separate. They’re very hard to separate. I think I probably won’t
give either of them a point because neither would have got
me there on their own. You wouldn’t have got it
from the individual ones. It’s the combination.
Yeah, absolutely. And then “Press” in the end being
the real kicker. The killer. “Oh, yeah – Gormley.” That’s the end of that round. Well
played, everybody. Tablets away, please. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we, with one round to go. Is Nish going to
win his fourth show in a row? He’s very good on Answer Smash. Let’s see what the scores are like
before we go into that round. Look at that! Holly, you have five.
Everyone else has six points. There’s one point
between the lot of you. APPLAUSE All Nish has to do is slip up
once on our final round. Our final round… Look at him.
Look, he’s raring to go already. Of course he’s raring to go.
I’m tense. Everyone’s in my head. You know what this round is called?
Answer Snish. Answer Snish.
That works. The only good thing about this is he
might get arrogant and complacent. Yeah. I’ll tell you what’s
happening. Mike Tyson used to say, “Look, “I had these people beaten before I
went in the ring.” That’s the point. Every time someone
went in the ring with Tyson,
he had such a fearsome reputation. Then a young gentleman,
who reminds me a lot of you, called Buster Douglas, came along,
right, and destroyed Tyson. That’s what’s going to
happen at some point. Who’s going to step up, who
is going to be our Buster Douglas? We are going to find out,
shall we, as we play… A point for a correct answer.
A point off for an incorrect answer. Three players on six.
One player on five. I say it every day,
anyone’s game right here. Can anyone knock Nish off his
throne? Let’s find out, shall we? Your first category is… Those will be the pictures.
There will be a clue underneath. Very best of luck,
one and all. Here we go. BUZZER
Nish? Barbra Streisand goodnight from him. Almost. It’s not quite. I’m not going to take a point off. BUZZER
Holly? Barbra Streisand IT’S
goodnight from him. Is correct. Well done, Holly.
APPLAUSE A pity you didn’t quite get it,
so I won’t take a point off, because that would be very harsh. Next one. BUZZER
Yes, Nish? Adele Alli.
LAUGHTER APPLAUSE That’s a lovely one to say,
isn’t it? So good. God, how satisfying. So satisfying. Next picture and next clue. BUZZER
Nish? Elton Johnny English. Is the right answer. He’s doing it again. APPLAUSE Next category is… Those will be the pictures.
There’ll be clues underneath. Shall I tell you?
HOLLY: I’m going to… No, I don’t want to risk it.
Are you sure? Yeah. Highly Quillogical. Of course. I was going to say Quillegal. Quillogical is the answer there.
Quill and Highly Illogical. Quillogical. Next picture and next clue. BUZZER
That is Nish. Felt Tipping Point. Must be, surely. Felt tip, Tipping Point, becomes
Felt Tipping Point. Well done, Nish. Running away with it again.
Your next writing implement… BUZZER
Yes, Holly? Crayonderland. I wouldn’t have got that.
It is Crayonderland. Crayon and Yonderland.
Well played, Holly. Next category. OUT-OF-TIME HOOTER We’re done with categories. It was super close going into that
final round again. I mean, he’s nicked it, hasn’t he? It’s got to be four out of four,
surely. We’ve got to get a lead on him
before we get to that final round. Let’s take a look. Is it four out
of four for Nish Kumar? Of course it is. Only by two
points today, though. APPLAUSE Nine, seven, six, six.
Nish, congratulations. Let’s take a look at what champion’s
prize you’d like to take home. Your fourth prize of the week. Tool box, doll, binoculars,
hip flask. Or you might want to ask Sarah what
she would like. That would be… What would you like, Sarah? A tool box, most certainly. It’s going to be the tool box.
I’m after your tool box, Richard. And what are you going to do with
that tool box? Whatever I please. Nish Kumar takes away his
fourth prize of the week, which hopefully is going to go
to Sarah Greene. We’ll see. Let’s take a look at the weekly
leaderboard. One day to go. Double Points Friday tomorrow. He’s got a four-point lead there,
Nish, at the top. Nish, you could be getting five out
of five. No-one’s ever done it before. To do it on a champions’ week
would be quite something as well. Look forward to seeing all of you
for our final tomorrow. Look forward to seeing all of you
for our final tomorrow as well
on House Of Games. APPLAUSE Now, that is a prize. I hope you’ve got
a lot of tools to put in this cos it is a substantial unit.



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