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Review of Studio 99 Serviced Apartments in Chiang Mai, Thailand

so you know the place I’m staying in is
so nice I thought I would take a video of it huge apartment of gorgeous views
pretty much house out the core of the entire program amazing balcony don’t
even need to ever leave here this should open up those windows beautiful view of the mountains kitchenette bathroom is very nice and light grade
and yep give it a walk-in closet so here we are last few hours here in
Thailand but I just wanted to kind of show off the apartment a bit before I
left because was so nice I know the Lighting’s war-whooping here so yeah you
know what I got everything I wanted from here the planner works I just wanted to
get away and clear my head for a little while and I was good you know I think
one of the things that helped a lot is being in a completely polar opposite
time zone to the u.s. so that way people can’t really reach me you know you
realize how much other people’s problems affect you and things like that so I’m
going to try to implement this on your back stateside and stay away from
clients I know it’s kind of a double-edged sword because as a lawyer
you make your money from clients so you need to be in touch with them but I’m
kind of really realizing how a lot of law firms evolved into the way they are
works you know people always complain I can never get a hold of my lawyer well
part of the reason you can’t get a hold of your lawyer often is you’re probably
calling him too much ask yourself before you call him
do I really need to call him or can I figure it out on my own a lot of people
don’t realize that especially if they’re not getting billed by the hour they
think everything’s for free so anyways here’s a little bit of the apartment
beautiful view from my balcony that’s the big mountain off in the
distance I did a friend of mine we went on a little motorbike tour the bedrooms
a bit of a mess because I’m packing really nice walk-in closet it’s a
service department so it’s not a pure hotel but it’s the same thing really
they come and do everything for you everyday Hynes quick shower they clean
the place and whatnot Internet’s really good I found the internet here in
Thailand it’s been amazing even a little hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant has
a really fast Wi-Fi and it’s never like some crappy slow service – so good for
them and good for all the bloggers out here how’s my beautiful view every day
and one thing I really liked about this open concept is that you can kind of see
it’s a double patio door that opens completely so you kind of have this
whole indoor/outdoor experience throughout the whole floor plan as you can see that we have or this
places half the floor so I have half the floor to myself which is why you can
have this whole you know from front to back open feeling
so anyways I’m back next leg of the journey is to calculate India haven’t
been there in exactly one year silver year and that’s going to be pretty
impressive too last time I went there I came back
feeling really cleanse even though the city’s kind of dirty who cares
so anyways I’m going to keep packing and farewell to Chiang Mai I got what I came
for I’m not sure if I’ll be back or not I kind of got my fill from it and that I
don’t say that in a negative way at all but other places to see
so until we talk again bye chain link you

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Robert Phillips

Aug 8, 2018, 2:59 am Reply

It looks like this is well off the beaten path. Did you have any problem getting out to the main road? Thanks for posting this!!!

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