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Residences at Liberty Center | 888 N Quincy St Arlington VA | Liberty Center Ballston Condos

Hey everybody this is your Arlington YouTube
guy Matt Leighton and today we are looking The Residences at Liberty Center Condominiums
in Ballston Liberty Center was built in 2008. It has 233
units on 20 stories. Liberty Center is a full-service building.
You get all the amenities. Like a community room, 24/7 concierge, a courtyard, a rooftop
pool, a rooftop terrace, and a fitness center that is located…you guessed it, on the roof
on the top floor. Ok let’s take a look at the top 3 things
you need to know about living at Liberty Center: best rooftop
— Hands down, Liberty Center has the best rooftop in Ballston. And there’s no argument
to it. Unobstructed views, the pool, a terrace to hang out. And the fitness center is even
up there. It’s the best rooftop in the neighborhood. Liberty Tower Apartments
Connected to The Residences at Liberty Center are the Liberty Tower Apartments. Now some
people think that these apartments are clones of the condominium community but in fact that
is not true whatsoever. Not even close. The apartments have lesser quality finishes, most
have carpeting, the amenities aren’t as good, and there is more noise in the building.
It was the same developer but much more attention was paid to the condo community. The two are
right next to one another and almost have the same name, but that’s where the similarities
end. newest condo in ballston
Built in 2008, Liberty Center is the newest condo in Ballston. And being the newest condo
in a neighborhood you have some expectations to fulfill and Liberty Center really steps
up to the plate and delivers a quality lifestyle in an even better building.

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