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Residence Life at Gonzaga

[ Music ] [ Background music ]>>– the Gonzaga community. It’s definitely very inviting. You pretty much can
just walk up to anybody and they’ll talk to you. There’s such a huge community
and everybody just invites you and welcomes you
here at Gonzaga.>>I really like the size
of Gonzaga, because I feel like if I meet somebody,
I will see them again, and they won’t just, like,
they disappear in the masses, like they might at a
really huge school. But I think it’s
still big enough that I don’t know
every single person. So I really like the size.>>The first day I arrived
at GU was August 26th, and it was really hot outside. It was difficult
moving everything in, but it was really fun. There were a lot of
people on campus.>>All the knights just swarmed
me and, like, took all my stuff and just brought it up
to my room and, like, just set everything up for me. So that was really cool. That was a nice first day.>>Everybody was
willing to help out, lend a hand, help moving in. Holding doors was a big thing. So it was just very
welcoming and inviting.>>I think I was probably
the most surprised by how well I adapted to
living with a bunch of people, because I’m a little
bit independent, and I was a little bit
worried about living in a huge dorm with people. But it definitely
is easy to adapt. They make it pretty
easy here to — to live your life
and to be okay. And they have a lot of options
for different types of people.>>Like, from the first
week, I just instantly, like, became friends with all the guys
on my floor, just hanging out. And everyone just kind
of hangs out together, and everyone’s just
in each other’s rooms. So, you know, even
if I did get stuck with a bad roommate [background
laughter], it wouldn’t be that bad, because
everyone’s just moving around all over the place. [Laughter] [ Music ] [ Background music ]>>I would tell high
school seniors that each dorm has its own
personality, so you just have to match up to what you
feel is best for you.>>You can go to
different parts of campus and really get something else. Like, certain dorms are
really loud and social. Other ones are quiet. You can kind of go wherever you
need to, to get what you need.>>I talked to my roommate
a little bit before, like, on Facebook. We kind of, you know,
got along pretty well, just from texting
and things like that. And, you know, living together
is pretty good situation.>>I never really
had to share a room. It’s definitely a new
experience, but, like, I’ve adapted to it pretty well.>>When you, like, tour,
you need to come on a day where there are classes,
where you can get this feel and the vibe of the school. That’s what kind of sold me
was it fit my personality. So go off of that. And just be very open-minded,
because if you come in here with a lot of expectations, it might make things,
like, rocking. But I came in, like,
totally open-minded, so it really helped me
just to jump right in and accept everything
it had to offer.>>The Jesuit motto is
men and women for others, and all about social
justice and teaching people. So that was — that being part
of Gonzaga and being a part of me is why I chose to go here.>>I knew this was
where I wanted to go to, because it fit me as a person. [ Music ]

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