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Residence Hall Spotlight

Find your home away from home at LCCC’s residence hall in Cheyenne. Living on campus provides a lot of things for students. One, I think first and foremost is the convenience factor of being here. It’s all in walking distance for students to get to class, to get to the many activities on campus, and to mingle with peers and make new friends. At first I didn’t really know a whole lot of people other than the other RAs and then going to the lounge I’ve met so many different people. Great social networking area to meet new people and really experience campus life. And while it is a lot of fun living in the hall and making new friends, it’s not all play and no work. Research shows that students who live on campus tend to do better in class. Because it’s easier to form study sessions. It’s easier to form groups of students who have the same classes. College is totally different from high school because you’re on your own. It’s a lot more responsibility. But by living in the residence hall, students are able to help each other out academically, socially and become more engaged in the college. Students have more buy in to the institution. It’s because they are able to get involved at a higher rate. I think that going to LCCC and being in the residence hall is a really good idea. I’m Lisa Murphy with this Laramie County Community College Spotlight.

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