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Residence Hall Room Set Up

Living on campus is a fun and exciting
new experience for students, but arranging a room can be a daunting task.
Use these tips to take the headache out of moving and to make your room your own.
At South Dakota State University the specifications of our rooms vary by each
residence hall. We have two different styles on campus traditional and
non-traditional. Residential Life provides desks, chairs, dressers, lofted
beds, blinds and trash cans for every room on
campus. Safety rails can also be requested by students to prevent falling
off a lofted bed. On move-in day each room is arranged with identical sides
with beds low to the ground. Here are some options on how to arrange your room.
Arranging the beds in an “L” shape provides the most free space. Bunk your beds
for a more traditional approach. Loft both beds to fit futons, TVs,
refrigerators and more underneath them. Carefully remove the top section of the
bed and set aside. Make sure both braces are in this section of the loft.
Place the section of the bed with the mattress on top of the frame
Be sure to line up the matching pegs and holes. Move the bed where desired in the
room and use a mallet to pound on each corner of the bed to make sure it is
stable and secure. It is advised not to place your mattress on the top rung
especially in traditional residence halls with low ceilings. When assembling
and arranging your room, be sure that unused pieces of furniture stay inside.
Tuck them away until they are needed for the future. Packaging tape should not be
used to hang posters. Doors cannot be covered with numerous
items in case of a fire. Avoid placing window clings on wood as they do stain.
Outlets should not be blocked by furniture. Objects cannot be hung from
the ceiling or light fixtures. To answer any questions you may have contact
Residential Life. We’re excited to have you on campus Jackrabbits!

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Coco Taveras

Aug 8, 2019, 6:49 am Reply

I'm likely to go to SDSU next year! So excited 🙂

You have a lovely university with so much opportunities and such an amazing composition of kind, hardworking individuals.

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