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Residence Hall: Harper Hall

Brian Wolf, and I’m a freshman electrical
engineering major here at Bradley University. And today I’m going to
give you a little bit of a tour of Harper Hall. Well, Harper actually
is really cool because it shares a lobby
with Wyckoff, as well. So over there, there are the
Harper halls, the elevator that leads to them. And to the left over here,
there’s the Wyckoff entrance. So whatever you
need to go to, you can get there fairly quickly. So starting off the tour, you
can see here are the mailboxes. So you actually do share a
mailbox with your roommate. So any letters you receive
will be coming in here. So when Mom sends you a
little bit of a check, it’ll be right in there. And then anything
that won’t fit in that small little mailbox will
be sent to the office here. So most of the time,
there’s an RA sitting here that will collect your
packages, get shipping stuff, anything that you need to. And here we have Taylor today. TAYLOR: Hi, I’m one of
the RAs in this buildling. So like Brian said, you can
check out those packages that are a little bit bigger. We have them locked
securely in there. You can also rent vacuums
to clean up your room and send mail to Mom and Dad
in that slot right there. Something else that’s really
great that this residence halls do all across Bradley
is that on Sunday nights, we have Hall Council. And Hall Council is a
leadership opportunity for the residents
in that building. They get to plan and
organize activities for the rest of that building. So here at Harper-Wyckoff,
both buildings come together. They have an activity
here in the lobby. And thre’s always free
food for everyone. BRIAN WOLF: Thanks, Taylor. So moving on here, one thing
in the Harper-Wyckoff Hall is they have this nice study
room for all the students to use 24/7. So in here, there’s
whiteboards, tables, chairs. Anything you really need to
do to study will be in here. So right now, it looks like
we have some students studying Chem in here. Hello. Hi. BRIAN WOLF: Yeah, and this
space allows for so many people to just kind of hang out
and do what they need to do, which is a really cool
thing about this hall. So moving on, some of my
favorite things about this hall is the security, honestly. There’s a three-step system to
get inside any residence hall. The first one is to get
into the building itself. The second one is
to get to the halls. And then the third one
is to get the rooms. So now, moving on to my favorite
part of Harper, and that’s the game room. So the game room has
TVS all around in it where you can hook
up your game console, xBox, GameCube, anything
you want to do, and just chill out with your friends. So there’s chairs, tables–
anything that you really need. So now moving out a little
bit more, as you can see, there’s the door to Wyckoff. So if you need to get to your
dorm, it’s right over there. So now we’re going to
walk through the lobby and over to the
elevators, and I’m going to take you on
a tour of my room. All right, now taking the
elevators, in order to go up, all you have to
do is tap your ID and click the button
where you need to go. Down in the basement
is actually the laundry for Harper and Wyckoff. So if you’re like me and
you need to do your laundry, it’s right down there. Hey, and welcome to Harper 4. So Harper 4, we have lots
of events that go on here. For example, here
we have a whiteboard that’s lets everybody know
what’s going on tonight, anything that we’re doing. So, yeah, we like to
do a lot of events with the other
floors on this thing. So example– go out to cream,
go get something to eat, eat dinner together. We just like to be friendly
over here in Harper. The bathrooms are
behind this wall. Sorry, guys only. Can’t bring you in there. But yeah. A lot’s going on in here. So coming up here,
we have my room. All right, and
welcome to Harper 406. So it looks like my
roommate’s in here right now. Hey, Brandon. BRANDON: What’s up? BRIAN WOLF: Yeah,
so in Harper 406, we like to invite our friends
over and have a kind of a movie night. So we’ll get some
pizza, hang out, and just watch some movies. One thing that I
think is essential for any dorm is honestly the
fridge, freezer, microwave, and of course the good
old Keurig for getting you through those late-night
study sessions. And my favorite thing about
this room are these closets. All my friends are jealous about
these walk-in closets we get. Your friends are over,
you need to change? Just hop into the closet. You don’t need to worry
about them seeing anything they don’t need to see. And of course, we
have our desks here. Got a whiteboard. Always need one of those. And of course, my
steady supply of cereal. Got to keep that going,
the calories you need. This is Brandon’s desk. There’s mine. Lots of homework gets done. Speaking of homework, I gotta do
some, so I gotta kick you out. Thanks for joining
me for the tour. If you’re ready to sign up for
your housing or want to learn more, go to bradley.edu/housing. Hope to see you on campus.

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