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Replace Your Income with Rent 2 Rents | Jacquie Edwards

Samuel Leeds: So, we are here live with Jacquie
Edwards, and Jacquie is an author, she’s a Rent 2 Rent expert. Jacquie, why don’t you
just tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? Jacquie Edwards: Awesome. I’m Jacquie Edwards.
I am originally from the US. I’ve been over here in the UK for a while now. I started
off as an accountant, but really didn’t like accounting very much. So, I spent quite a
few years actually looking for something else before I finally stumbled on property. Based
over in Oxford now, which I absolutely love. So, my partner and I got into property and
we’re kind of looking for a way basically to get cash flow. So, my main goal was to
be able to leave my accounting job, which I absolutely didn’t like, and to be able to
just have something that gave me a more flexible life where I could be able to travel and just
enjoy myself a little bit more. Jacquie Edwards: You always read all of those
books that talk about how property is really great for building wealth and doing all those
kind of things. Yes, I did some more research, started going to local property networking
meetings and yes, kind of stumbled into it and just jumped in and said, “All right, here’s
what we’re going to do.” I left my accounting job and said I’m giving myself 12 months to
build myself a property business and decided on the Rent 2 Rent strategy ultimately, I
won’t go into loads of detail about why I set up that strategy. But yes, I decided on
Rent 2 Rents and was able to build the business and create my financial freedom that way. Samuel Leeds: That’s excellent. I mean, one
of the reasons I asked you into the show, and thanks so much for coming out, is because
I get asked all the time about Rent 2 Rents. I mean, I’ve built up quite a good portfolio
and some of that is Rent 2 Rent, but you’re the master at Rent 2 Rent. I know you said
you didn’t want to spend a lot of time into it, but why Rent 2 Rent? What was it that
attracted you about that? Jacquie Edwards: For us, the biggest thing
was cash flow. My main goal was to be able to leave my accounting job and I needed to
have the cash flow to replace my income. So, we looked at the strategies that gave us cash
flow and I started kind of before service company which was super cool. Jacquie Edwards: Focus we’re looking at HMOs,
HMOs in Oxford are quite expensive. So, we could have maybe bought one. We needed £100,000
deposit. When we got started, we also had no credibility. I’d never done property before.
So, we were trying to raise funding, get joint venture partners, even getting a mortgage,
we weren’t able to because we just had no experience, we didn’t own our own property.
So, there was no real way to raise any funding. Then we said, “All right, well, what strategies
can we use that we don’t need all of that extra funding and to go through all those
loops?” That was just Rent 2 Rent. Jacquie Edwards: So, we decided that we would
start off with the Rent 2 Rent business. The goal was to get to about £100,000 of income
within the first 12 months and that could replace all of my income, give us that flexibility,
and then move on to buying properties because I think the real wealth from properties is
from owning them in the long term and getting the capital appreciation. I think you need
to have a mix in your portfolio. So, phase one was the Rent 2 Rents, phase two was to
start buying HMOs, and then phase three would be to do whatever flips and start getting
bigger capital chunks. Samuel Leeds: Amazing. To cut to the chase,
you said your goal was to hit £100,000, which is a pretty good goal. £100,000 is a good
salary. Jacquie Edwards: Yes. Samuel Leeds: And to do that from scratch
when you don’t know anything about property in 12 months. I mean, did you achieve it? Jacquie Edwards: Yes, we did. Samuel Leeds: Hi five. Jacquie Edwards: Thank you. It was a very,
very busy 12 months. Samuel Leeds: I bet. Wow. Jacquie Edwards: So, it took a couple of months
to get everything up and running and to build up the momentum with the marketing and figuring
out what was going on. Samuel Leeds: £100,000 profit in 12 months.
How many Rent 2 Rent properties was that? Jacquie Edwards: We signed 10 contracts. Samuel Leeds: Great. Question, how did you
find those deals not knowing anything about property? Did you go on any training courses? Jacquie Edwards: Yes. We did some training,
a really big believer in just making sure you’re educated and knowing what you’re doing
before you get started. I mean, I went to university to be an accountant. I learned
that, this is no different. Samuel Leeds: Did you have loads of money
to start with? Jacquie Edwards: We had some so we … not
loads because I had to live on that for the next 12 months because I quit my job Samuel Leeds: [crosstalk 00:04:24] if you
don’t have enough money to start with? Jacquie Edwards: We had enough for our training
course. So, we did a 12 month mastermind programme. That’s what I had. Then once we started is
where we learned how to raise more funds. So, we were able to use my partners pension
as our investing funds to get started. We set up a SSAS pension and we’re able to loan
half of the money into our property business. I’m trying to think, it was about £100,000
to get started in the very beginning. Samuel Leeds: What would you say to somebody
because people will always find reasons why something won’t work for them. “Oh, it’s different
for you.” I mean, you didn’t have any experience in property, you had to be creative and use
pension to get some money together. What would you say to someone that says, “I haven’t got
any money at all? Could I start a Rent 2 Rent portfolio? Is it possible? Jacquie Edwards: It is. Anything is possible.
I think if you haven’t got any money, it’s all about building up your relationships and
really building the team around you and other people that have money because you’re going
to need your joint venture partners or your other partners in the business. It’s all about
getting out there and meeting as many people as possible to build those relationships so
that you can raise some funds because you do need some money for any kind of property
investing. I mean, you’re running a business, you need your business setup costs, and you
just need to have that little bit of a cache buffer in case something goes wrong. So, no
matter what, you need some funds. If you haven’t gotten any of your own then working with other
people is a great way to do it because there’s so many people interested in property investing
and if you’ve got the time and they’ve got the money but no time, it’s a perfect partnership. Samuel Leeds: Absolutely, and you do need
money but it doesn’t have to be your money. Jacquie Edwards: Exactly. Samuel Leeds: You can leverage other people’s
money, time, knowledge. Jacquie Edwards: Yes. Samuel Leeds: Excellent. So, what advice would
you give then to someone, because I guess if someone had a lot of money, they probably
would not be super inclined to Rent 2 Rent necessarily, but if they haven’t got a lot
of money, if they’ve got nothing or 15 grand or whatever, then there might be more drawn
to it. So, the people who are watching this are probably still watching because they’re
thinking, “Rent 2 Rents, very little or no money down deals. 100 grand a year cash flow
I’m in.” What advice would you give to those guys? Just the beginning steps other that
to getting educated. Jacquie Edwards: I would say, one is taking
action and just getting out there and doing lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots
of viewings because a lot of people come to me and they say, “Oh, Rent 2 Rent doesn’t
work in my area.” My first question is, “Well, how many properties have you gone out to see?”
And they’re like, “Oh, I’ve been see three.” I’m like, “Look, that’s that’s just not enough.
It’s never going to work. You have to just be out there and looking at lots of properties.”
In the beginning, you’re going to sound like an idiot. I sounded like an idiot. No idea
what I was talking about. I’ve never done this before. Jacquie Edwards: I talking to landlords, and
of course, they told me no because I sounded like a crazy person. But the more you do it,
and the more practise you get, and the more times you explain it and look at them and
say, “Oh, that didn’t make sense. I’ll change it a little bit next time. I’ll change it
a little bit next time.” You get more confident and then it just gets easier and easier and
easier, but you have to go through the work in the beginning of building it up figuring
out what you’re saying and how to explain it. Samuel Leeds: Where would you start? You say
view lots of houses. Where would you find those houses to view. Jacquie Edwards: In the beginning, just go
out with agents and just look at the properties there. Samuel Leeds: So, you’ve decided you want
to Rent 2 Rent, you’ve read your fantastic book, which by the way if you’re watching
this and you haven’t read Jacque Edwards book you need to read it on Amazon. A little plug
for you. No, it is great. You’ve read the book, you’re excited, you want to do Rent
2 Rent, you’ve got a little amount of money on none, you’re going Rightmove, you start
looking for properties that what maybe their potential lend themselves to be a HMO perhaps? Jacquie Edwards: Yes. So, if you haven’t got
loads of money, going to agents is probably the quickest way to get started because everything
else, you need a little bit of advertising funds. So, go into the agents, it’s a perfect
way to get started. It’s just looking at properties that could potentially be an HMO, or maybe
even properties that are already HMOs and maybe they’re just not in the greatest condition
or they’re not maximising the rent that they can get. It’s finding maybe three bed properties
that have two reception rooms that you could turn those into bedrooms. Jacquie Edwards: So, it’s looking for where
you can add value to a property or where you can add value to that owner or that landlord’s
life, and then just setting up the viewing with the agent and and again, you have to
practise talking to them. You’re not going to know exactly what to say the very first
time you speak with them, but the more you do it, and especially with agents, the more
properties you see, the more you get to understand your local area as well and see what types
of properties there are, what kind of prices there are, and what different ranges and different
conditions. Jacquie Edwards: So, in the first few months
for me, it’s just a lot of learning and just getting used to everything and building up
that momentum really. So, you might not get any deals for like that first month, maybe
that first two months, but you’ll have learned so much and then you’ll have the confidence,
you’ll understand your area, you’ll understand the prices, and you’ll keep going from there. Samuel Leeds: Absolutely. That’s brilliant
advice. Just do it. Get out there and view the houses. These, the houses that you’re
going to be looking at, presumably they are houses that are up for rent, not for sale. Jacquie Edwards: Yes. Samuel Leeds: Then you’re going to say to
the agent? Jacquie Edwards: My normal kind of story or
my business pitch, because I feel like Rent 2 Rent is a proper property business, So,
I tell them my business is, “I’m a relocation agent. I work with companies in the local
area to help house their employees.” That’s what my business is to them because that way
with an agent, I’m not competing with them. I’m not saying, “Oh, I’m another local landlord.
I’ve got loads spare tenants. I want to put them in this house” So, agent is kind of like,
“Why work with landlords and tenants? What are you doing?” Jacquie Edwards: So, my suggestion is kind
of having that specific business of what are you doing that’s not the same as the agent,
but it’s a proper business that you can explain to somebody and build it up from there. Samuel Leeds: That’s excellent. I mean, I
must say, I do admire the fact that you managed to build that kind of rapport with agents
when they where they were giving you properties. I’ve personally found it very difficult dealing
with agents because they just don’t get it and they are threatened or they don’t understand,
and when you confuse them, you lose them. So, my Rent 2 Rents, I’ve usually found them
direct to landlord. I mean, what advice would you give about rapport building with agents? Jacquie Edwards: Most of mine have been direct
to landlord as well. So, just a couple of agents, and it just takes time and building
up that trust with them. It doesn’t happen overnight. I’d say, start with the smaller
agencies because they don’t have as many hoops to jump through. The bigger ones have their
legal department and the processes they have to follow, and the contracts they have to
use, and they can’t step outside of that, And they’re just not interested. Jacquie Edwards: The smaller ones if you can
talk to that owner, director, operator person and build that relationship so that they can
see what’s in it for them as well because you’re more of joint venturing with them than
just kind of using them as a source or almost. So, they can see that they can make some money,
it makes their life easier, as soon as they’ve got a property, they can just pass it to you.
They make their commission. Everybody’s happy. But it just takes time to build up that relationship,
but once you’ve got it, then you’ve got that sourcing partner that can just keep bringing
properties your way. Samuel Leeds: That’s really where you want
to be. Jacquie Edwards: Yes. Samuel Leeds: Where is the best or what’s
the best way to find landlords direct? Jacquie Edwards: For me, the thing that worked
the best for me was getting the list of licenced HMOs from the council and just sending them
letters because I mean, that was my target. I wanted to have a HMOs, especially in my
area, and it’s growing more now with the additional licencing requirements, and the additional
planning and Article 4 issues. So, starting with a property that was already an HMO, it
had everything it already needed, that licence, the planning permission, the fire safety stuff,
and the owners were open to HMOs. They already kind of knew what was going on. So, it was
targeting them, finding the ones that were really struggling, didn’t know how to properly
manage their property or had some other problem and just being able to help solve it. Samuel Leeds: That’s excellent. Fantastic.
When did you start doing this? Jacquie Edwards: It’s been just about four
years now. Samuel Leeds: Four years? Jacquie Edwards: Yes. Samuel Leeds: What does your strategy consist
of now? Do you still do Rent 2 Rent? Jacquie Edwards: We do. We don’t do loads
of advertising. So, most of ours come through word of mouth now or properties, our landlords
have more properties and they pass them on to us. So, I’ve got a small team that manages
the Rent 2 Rent portfolio. We’re pretty happy with how that’s going and don’t do loads of
advertising. We’ve bought a couple of our own properties as well now. So, we own a few
in Oxford and surrounding areas, and recently, our newest strategy is we’ve just bought 27
acres of land where we are going to start a farm. So, we’re not going to do a big development
on it. We’re going to have our own alpaca farm. That was one of our dreams when we first
got started. Samuel Leeds: Oh, wow. That’s great. But that’s
the thing. Property is a vehicle, and being able to have your own Rent 2 Rent portfolio,
you’ve bought a couple of houses and investments. Now you can start to do that kind of thing. Jacquie Edwards: Exactly. We’ve got the connections
we need because it’s basically just a proper blank field. So, we’re thinking of doing a
bit of container storage on there. I’m going to meet with a few people that do that strategy
that I’ve met through the different property networks, and we might do some glamping pods
and stuff, but I know the people to help us with that now. So, it’s awesome. Samuel Leeds: Excellent. What would you say
your average week looks like now? Jacquie Edwards: It’s relatively relaxed.
I probably spend about 10 hours a week working on my property business on the managing the
actual properties because I’ve got a team that does it. So, most of it is meeting with
them, making sure they’re on track and that they don’t have any huge questions. The rest
of the time I do coaching and mentoring. So, I’ve quite a few online programmes and working
with private clients. Then it’s just relaxing and setting up the farm is basically what
taking up some time now. Samuel Leeds: Amazing. I heard a quote and
it said, if you do in the early days what most people aren’t prepared to, then you’ll
be able to do in the later days what most people can’t do. Jacquie Edwards: Exactly. Samuel Leeds: In fact, you’ve got to that
place, it’s fantastic. Jacquie Edwards: Because it was hard work
in the beginning. I spent a lot of time. I mean, my social life went down. I was spending
more time working on my property business than I had been on my normal job. My friends
had no idea what on earth I was doing, they thought it was a crazy person, but now I’ve
got all my time back basically. So, we travel quite a bit, I’m able to go away and be away
for weeks at a time and and everything still runs without me. Samuel Leeds: Because the great thing about
Rent 2 Rent as I guess is the fact that, and most mostly in property, is you do it once
and you get paid ongoing. Jacquie Edwards: Yes. Samuel Leeds: So, it’s all about cash flow
passive income which is really exciting. What are your plans for the future then, besides
the farm? Jacquie Edwards: That’s pretty much the big
one because there’s so many things. I mean 27 acres is pretty huge. There’s so many different
things we can do on there. So, yes, we’ve got to eat alpacas now, we’ve got to build
up to 30, is the goal, and we’ve got bunnies and yes, we’re going to do the glamping pods.
It’s going to be awesome. I do change. I do get bored quite easily. So, I might be into
something else in a year, but right now that’s the big plan. It is. It’s setting up that
lifestyle business for us was the goal. That’s the lifestyle we’re going to be living. Samuel Leeds: Wow, congratulations. I know
you’ve been successful in what you’ve done, but if you were to speak to your four years
younger self who was just finishing up with accountancy, what piece of advice, one piece
of advice, would you give them? Jacquie Edwards: I would say focus. When I
first first got started before we really decided on Rent 2 Rent, I tried to do every property
strategy. I did a training course, one of those three day courses where you learn all
the strategies, and I was like, “I’m a property investor, I’m going to do all of them.” And
I spent six months running around like a crazy person trying to do every strategy and I got
absolutely nowhere. It wasn’t until I said, “All right, what are my goals? What am I focusing
on?” That I was able to build up that momentum and get a proper business going. Samuel Leeds: That’s right. Great piece of
advice. Fantastic. Today, you’ve been with my certified partners? Jacquie Edwards: Yes. Samuel Leeds: How was that? Jacquie Edwards: Oh, that was excellent. It’s
a really good group of people. We covered a good in depth session on Rent 2 Rent. They
asked loads of really, really good questions and I think they went away with a lot of information
to actually get out there and start getting the Rent 2 Rent deals. Samuel Leeds: They’re good implementers- Jacquie Edwards: Yes. Samuel Leeds: … as you probably picked up? Jacquie Edwards: I saw that because, I mean,
those of them who have done loads of deals and they’re getting lots of sourcing and yes,
that’s awesome. Samuel Leeds: That’s matching it. So, I really
appreciate your- Jacquie Edwards: I’m looking forward to speaking
to them again in a couple of weeks and see how many- Samuel Leeds: … Three weeks time. Jacquie Edwards: … Yes. Samuel Leeds: Now we’re off to the property
investor circle, which is really going to be exciting. Thanks so much for coming on
the show. How would we contact you? I mean, I would say, whoever’s watching this, you
need to get Jacquie’s book. So, if you just search … What’s the name of the book? Jacquie Edwards: Search Rent 2 Rent on Amazon
and my books will come up. I’ve got two of them. Samuel Leeds: Great. How would anyone get
in touch with you if they want to email you or give you a shout out. Where is the best
place to find you? Jacquie Edwards: The best place to find me
is probably renttorentacademy.co.uk is my main Rent 2 Rent website. That’s got contact
form and it’s got loads and loads of information on Rent 2 Rent on there. That’s the best place
to go. renttorentacademy.co.uk. Samuel Leeds: Excellent. renttorentcademyco.uk.
Check out Jacquie Edwards. Thanks so much for coming on the show. Jacquie Edwards: Thank you so much. Samuel Leeds: Yes, exactly. Jacquie Edwards: Awesome. Samuel Leeds: Thanks.


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Yes the master course is 20000 plus VAT from which you learn everything. Her book and her own courses emerged from what she learned there so it’s other people’s knowledge leveraged to then position yourself as an ‘expert’.. so this person is very good at doing that. If you check out her website you will see she has learned the precise steps relating to internet marketing and online conversion too. All costs money to learn but the returns are certainly there. If you have enough money pay for the courses as you can see how this lady became an ‘expert’ in 4 years starting knowing absolute zero. Her one piece of advice should have been buy the courses. ?

Ben Wilson

Apr 4, 2019, 10:03 am Reply

What is rent to rent?

Ben Wilson

Apr 4, 2019, 10:04 am Reply

What is HMO

Tom W

Apr 4, 2019, 8:48 pm Reply

Quit my job like she did. Went on training course like she did. Got half my pension out like she did but it was £5k not £100k so I'm now homeless in a tent.

Hakan Kaya

Apr 4, 2019, 7:39 pm Reply

Great ?
I'm planning to move UK soon
I hope it will help me too

The Devils Pulpit

Apr 4, 2019, 2:55 am Reply

Rent to Rent is simply subleasing a house or apartment. If a place has three rooms then each room is rented out so you have a situation where the renters are living with strangers and the complex issues of this are ignored. In some cases, there is fraud where the renter keeps all the money collected from the subletters and does not pay the landlord at all. Now the subletters are in a very bad situation with few options if any.

Rent to rent creates some complicated issues because if an insurance company finds out they may cancel the policy. In other cases, the local authorities may have regulations regarding the number of people that can occupy a place and since Rent to Rent is attempting to cram as many people as they can into a place to increase profits this could be a catastrophe for landlords. If there is a fire then what? If there is an occupancy permit required then what? And as a landlord, do you feel comfortable not knowing or vetting the tenants occupying your building? The more people living there, the more damage you can expect. That can be expensive.

In addition, banks could cancel the mortgage for landlords. Rent to Rent is really creating overcrowded flophouses. If you are a homeowner and the house next door all of a sudden has 15 tenants you realize the neighborhood is in decline. Your property values are in decline. You have to hope none of those tenants cause any trouble and if they do then what? If you have four or five such flophouses on your block then what?

Rent to Rent puts landlords in a precious position and with Rent to Rent becoming ever more popular I could see the brakes being put on such a practice in the near future.


Apr 4, 2019, 1:29 pm Reply

Nothing about the financial part? How much do you have to rent the place and rent it out for to make 100k a year? You would need about 10k a month. Assuming 100 quids profit a unit, you need 100 units. Thats almost impossible. Most optimistically you can rent 20 units, and so you need to overcharge by 500$ each. Thats sound more possible but it is not easy to get PPl to rent 500$ more than market value unless you are able to score really goooooood deal where ppl undervalue their rental….which is the bottom line


Apr 4, 2019, 11:25 am Reply

Imagine as a foreigner property investor (from the EU) wants to get started with the Rent 2 Rent Scheme in the UK, is it even possible? Is it legal for a foreigner citizen, not UK citizen? Would be glad to get an answer on that one Please 🙂 Cheers


Apr 4, 2019, 5:26 pm Reply

What rent 2 rent mean?


May 5, 2019, 1:03 am Reply

I don’t have a partner with 50,000£ pension to use. What is a rent to rent


May 5, 2019, 11:45 am Reply

very admirable

Phil B

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Jun 6, 2019, 3:21 pm Reply

I'm not planning on starting a property business (actually starting something else), but I'm enjoying listening to you Samuel. You're very switched on, with your head screwed on well. Best wishes. Daniel

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