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Repairs and maintenance of rental properties

Hi’ I’m Micheal and I’m from Consumer and Business Services. I’d like to talk about repairs and maintenance of rental properties. Repairs and maintenance are a shared responsibility. When a tenant first moves in, the property must be in a reasonable condition. It must be clean, and everything must work for example, the oven must be clean and working properly. Landlords, you must give the tenant manuals or instructions on how to use the appliances. For example, how to operate the air conditioner For tenancies that started after 1 March 2014 this is compulsory. If instructions aren’t provided, and the tenant causes damage to something, they may not be held responsible. While in the property, the tenant must keep it in a reasonable condition, this usually includes things like mowing lawns and weeding. What about when something goes wrong and needs repairing. If you’re a tenant, you’re responsible for fixing any damage you or your visitors
cause For other repairs, you need to tell your landlord when there is a problem. It’s a good idea to put this in writing. We have a form that you can fill out to make sure that the landlord knows exactly what needs to be fixed. It’s available on our website and the address will appear at the end of this video. Landlords, you need to make sure that things are fixed within a reasonable time. What is reasonable? That depends on the repair. If it’s an emergency no notice is needed but in general at least 48 hours’ notice is required. It’s always good to put this in writing. Finally, routine inspections are a good time to check if anything needs repairing. Check that the smoke detectors are working Check for possible leaks And always encourage open communication with your tenant. Talk to them Ask if they have noticed anything that isn’t working correctly. a small repair now can stop a costly repair in the future.

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