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Hi folks, welcome back to The Social Television Network. I’m Chris Coraggio here at RV Rental Outlet lot in Mesa with owner Mike Ciardullo. Mike thanks for being here. No problem. You got it. What’s the first thing people do when they come down here and talk with you guys? Everybody wants to go Inside and see what a motorhome looks like. They don’t want to chit chat. Let’s get inside, take a look. Let’s do that. Okay now we’re inside and what is this, what model is this? This is a model 28Z Four Winds and this is our most popular model. Okay, alright and what what what are some of the features we got here. Basically you have sleeping for about eight people depending on how ..8? Well you can take the table here watch this go down this makes into bed these cushions move over, that’s really simple do then the couch over here folds out into a bed, and then of course, this up here. This is cool. Yeah kids love it up here, yeah its a favorite spot. And then the master bedroom is the back. Yep, a queen size walk around bed. Okay and then what we’re we have the kitchen here let’s talk about that, what kinda features we have here? In the kitchen you have on oven, stovetop, and a microwave. The microwave works off of generator power. So no matter where you are at, you have power for that. The air conditioning up here and you have a big flat screen Tv right over here kids can watch DVDs on there. This is something.. And then the bathroom closet space, and in the master bedroom area. Correct, and you have a big refrigerator right there over to the right. So this is the most popular model, yeah and obviously for the reasons you just laid out but what what do people usually tell you when they come down. They kinda check this out. They can’t believe how nice it is inside. There’s other rental companies out there that don’t buy new product, all of our stuff is new every year so we get the latest models from the manufacturers. Okay Mike. What’s the next step for people who really like this. Well we have two different ones, if you’re already into RVing, and you know you’re comfortable driving them just call us to make a reservation will walk you through it. That simple. If you’ve never done it, call us make an appointment come on down and take a look at the different units will even take a test drive. Oh okay you do the test drive, great great. Okay folks so if you’re interested at all just call the number on your screen or you could just click the link we’ve provided. Mike thanks so much, we appreciate it. Your Welcome. We’ll see you next time folks here on The Social Television Network.

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